matt woods and adam lee live in baton rouge 1.8.17 – house show

my man matt woods is coming back to baton rouge along w adam lee this sunday at my crib. matt was here recently w austin lucas and was amazing. his latest record, how to survive, was one of my favorites from last year. it probably would have come in at 12, but i got too lazy to do a top 15. either way, its a fucking awesome record you should definitely check out. anyway, he’s coming to town w adam lee, who admittedly, i have never heard of but after checking out some of his stuff, i am definitely digging it.

anyway, believe the evening is going to start at 7ish, i have to check on ticket prices but as w most house shows you know they wont be a lot. click here for more info or email me at tell yr friends!

matt woods bandcamp / twitter / facebook

adam lee bandcamp / facebook / twitter

hallelujah the hills “punk rock’s gonna be great now that trump’s in charge”

photo by matt condon

head on over to their bandcamp page and my favorite record of the year, a band is something to figure out, is free or name your price and there’s a bunch of other stuff you can pick up on the cheap. just do it.

ryan adams live at northstar bar, philadelphia, 9.28.00

this is a soundboard and i was too lazy to change the file names, so if you need info click here for a text file
download the whole thing

1. gimme sunshine
2. amy
3. (chat)
4. oh my sweet carolina
5. just like a whore
6. sweet lil gal
7. to be young (is to be sad, is to be high)
8. call me on your way back home
9. my winding wheel
10. don’t ask for the water
11. born yesterday
12. damn sam
13. bartering lines
14. oh my sweet valentine
15. i still miss someone
16. hey there, mrs. lovely
17. mining town
18. nighttime gals
19. come pick me up
20. (chat)
21. dancing with women at the bar

captains dead’s 6-10 favorite records of the year

there may be a another post which would bring us to 15 or maybe 20 but that is all dependent on my mood. i know i have missed a few things but cant remember right now. so thats where we are.


buy you cant go back if theres nothing to go back to via their bandcamp page and buy other stuff on their site

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buy carolina ghost via caleb’s bandcamp page

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buy red hand and his other records via his bandcamp site

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buy adams’s when i was a boy via his bandcamp page

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sturgill simpson – a sailors guide to earth

buy it wherever you buy stuff

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captains dead’s top 5 records of the year

in particular order… 6-10 will come later today


buy a band is something to figure out via their bandcamp page

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buy hiss golden messengers’s heart like a levee here or here via bandcamp where ever you buy stuff

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a tribe called quest’s we got it from here… thank you 4 your service


austin lucas – between the moon and the midwest

buy it via last chance or where ever you buy your stuff

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buy it via fat possum or leave your house and head to your local shop, or order it, whatever

justin peter kinkel-schuster – constant stranger

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strand of oaks “radio kids” official video

oh man, i cannot fucking wait for this record which is called “hard love” and is due out on 2.17. if you have never checked out strand of oaks, please do so now! check out some of the tracks right down there. their/his entire catalogue, i celebrate to the highest degree. you can pre-order “hard love” by clicking that link right up there.

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frank black live the moore theatre, seattle, 1993


this is commonly referred to as the no big deal bootleg. you can download individual tracks just by clicking on the link and save as, or
download the entire thing here

1. instrumental
2. tossed instrumental
3. czar
4. hang onto your ego
5. i heard ramona sing
6. adda lee
7. old black dawning
8. places named after numbers
9. two spaces
10. dont ya rile em
11. freedom rock
12. fu manchu
13. los angeles
14. parry the wind
15. ten percenter
16. brackish boy
17. this is where i belong
18. everytime i go around here