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top of the morning to y’all. firstly, i wanted to mention this, and while most of you may not give two shits, to me, and this here lil site, its pretty awesome. last week, or the week before, whitney from usatoday’s popcandy announced she was going to add 10 more sites to her blog roll, and as you can guess, this here site was chosen to be one of the ten. now, out of all the sites she could have added, and i am sure she comes across plenty of awesome ones, its a pretty big deal – at least to me. to be linked to by a site that is in the top 100 sites in america is pretty awesome. anyway, thats all on that.

the other week, i was having a discussion on facebook w a dear fried named leah regarding records i probably hadnt heard this year. now, this is where it gets fuzzy, cause sometimes i get conversations and people i am having them with confused, but i am pretty certain she recommended that i check out zomes’ earth grind. so, after our conversation i sought it out, downloaded it, but sat on it til last night. i knew nothing about this band zomes, other than there name and the name of the record. so, last night, i laid in bed all by my lonesome, and put the headphones in and dug into the record. i was pretty tired, i must admit, but i made it through 15 tracks. after it ended, i couldnt tell if i just had gone through a dream or a nightmare – both good things keep in mind. its a very droning record, that is mildly mentally taxing – that is if it you let it be. its an instrumental record, and all the songs bleed into each other even if they sound nothing alike. this is like the anti-explosions in the sky – where as i always see/hear hope in an explosions song, i hear/see nothing remotely uplifting in any of these songs, but thats probably not the point. either way, i really dig it. not something i am going to listen to day in and day out, but for escapism purposes earth grind may be my go to record.

btw, zomes is the side project asa osborne of lungfish. i, of course, have heard of said group but have never listened to em. any lungfish fans in the house? worth checking out?

stark reality

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  1. CharlieClown says:

    So USAToday’s taste is as good as mine? Who’da Thunk It? This is one of my favourite blogs – I’m happy to read, consume, digest without ever posting but seems an appropriate moment to say thanks and keep on keeping on. Kudos from the UK.

    Whilst I’m here, dunno if you ever read it, but here’s a link to a blog by the deputy Ed of Uncut magazine. The end of year lists have a Spotify link for his top 100 albums – some great stuff in there and eclectic enough to provide something for all. Well worth a browse.


  2. MarkFromReno says:

    Nice post (and congrats on the Pop Candy virtual ink). I do like Lungfish a lot. They are an acquired taste — at times pretty obtuse — but since you like Husker and things of that nature, you may like ’em. Good ones to start with would be “Talking Songs for Walking” from 1991, or “Love is Love” from 2003.

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