try the holy water, death breath!

Posted by gregor on Friday, August 3rd, 2007

can someone answer me something? why is it, and this only happens half the time, when i update my ipod it sometimes alphabetizes all the “the” artists together and the sometimes, not? also, sometimes i can get it to scroll and the letters will show up on the screen and then other times, again, not. 

i am going to be in raleigh, nc for a day/night next week. can anyone recommend a good place to eat/grab a beer or two or three? keep in mind i will be with a 3 year old. thanks! 

i have been listening to oakley hall’s gypsum strings quite a bit as of late. when it came out last year i listened the hell out of it, then i just stopped. that happens quite a bit and i suppose burnout tends to happen to those of us who tend to be a bit obsessive. as it turns out they have a new record coming out on merge entitled i’ll follow you – its due out on 9.11. i didnt even know they signed to merge, or did i? its hard to keep up.

no dreams from i’ll follow you 

lazy susan from gypsum strings

living in sin in the usa

landlord from second guessing

eyes, lock & steel

oakley hall site / myspace / merge

mary timony always reminded me of a little sprite. like i could scoop her up, put her in my pocket and she would sing me wonderful little sprite songs as we went about our merry way. enough with my prepubescent fantasies. mary’s got a fairly new record out called the shapes we make. i havent heard it but i am sure its grand.

sharpshooter from the shapes we make

friend to jc from ex hex

pats trick from helium’s dirt of luck

mary timony site / kill rock stars 

here’s the remainder of the lyle show from vienna, va on 7.7.97

14. la county

15. this old porch w/ robert earl king jr

16. good intentions

17. north dakota

18. la to the left

19. i cant love you any more

20. it ought to be easier

21. you cant resist it

22. church

23. the road to ensenada

10 Responses to try the holy water, death breath!

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for the Lyle! I hadn’t been too in touch with his stuff, but I’m liking what I hear.

    (I can’t keep up with all the of stuff that you post each week.)

  2. H.S. Bowers says:

    The duo on This Old Porch is performed with Robert Earl KEENE, Jr. He and Lyle were roomies at Texas A&M. He is also a first rate singer/songwriter.

    I enjoy your blog and the high quality shows you post. I reccomend you to anyone who will listen.

  3. Lynchie says:

    Great live show. Good to hear Lyle teaming up with Robert Earl Keen on “This Old Porch”…

  4. kels says:

    Wow! Thanks for posting all the Lyle Lovett. I get so caught up in keeping up with the latest uber hipster indie scenester bands, that I forget how compelling and timeless Lyle’s music is. This will be taking over the stereo for the entire weekend.

  5. gregor says:

    yeah i messed up on the keen and i am man enough to admit it. as i was typing it i was thinking i know this guys name isnt king but kept on typing away. kels, i have been going through alot of older stuff lately cause it is real easy to get caught up searching for the latest and greatest. sometimes to go forward, you have to go back.

  6. El Famous says:

    Heyyyyy Peter, what’s happening? Just wanted to check in see which of the girls on Rock of Love is your favorite. I like Rodeo. Byyye.

  7. gregor says:

    yeahhhh, rodeo is cool but too old for bret. he needs a fine young lady like brandi c – who just finished up her first porno. and what good porno would be without a forced lesbian eat out session? i really dont like her, i actually like the blonde with the tattoos. shes kinda got the gap tooth thing going on.

  8. El Famous says:

    Holy crap. I had no clue…looks like Brandi M. did some film work as well. The one chick w/ the obscenely inflated yabos is from my hometown AND is a fellow alumnus of my college alma matter. I’m so proud.

  9. gregor says:

    dickhater? you should be proud as well as the city. a key to which is coming soon, i hope.

  10. El Yo Mama says:

    Bloomington-Normal…you pud.

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