the replacements paid in beer part 2

photo by laura levine/corbis

morning! well here be part two of the replacements paid in beer compilation. you can find both sets in rar format right down there where it says “both sets.” also, if your in the mood for a good read re: music blogging, esp if you are an artist wanting to get your stuff heard or written about, head on over to good friend of captains dead, culture bully for an article entitled “how to avoid pissing off music bloggers.”

both sets

1. temptation eyes
2. shoot me, kill me
3. route 66
4. kissing in action
5. when it began
6. birthday gal
7. like a rolling pin
8. dont get married
9. cant hardly wait
10. only if we must
11. time is killing us
12. promise you nothing
13. walkin a little closer
14. like you
15. ought to get love
16. 20th century boy
17. run for the country
18. shut up
19. satellite
20. street girl #2
21. answering machine #2
22. sixteen blue
23. we know the night

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