the bevis frond "johnny kwango"

top of the morning! i am not sure how the hell this passed under my radar? in all actuality, i am not surprised at all. i wish there was a service that would send me alerts when artists i have listened to either via or spotify or whatever has released a new record. there probably is, but i am not aware of it.

either way, my man nick saloman and his the bevis frond released a new record back in october entitled the leaving of london – his first record in 7 years. only reason why i know about it is cause mary lou lord mentioned it via her facebook acct this morning. mary lou has covered and worked with nick for many years, btw, and its been a beautiful pairing. nick, in my humble opinion, is one of the most consistently awesome yet sadly overlooked artists out there today, and really since he formed the bevis frond back in 1986. maybe he’s more widely known in his homeland, the u.k., cause i dont know too many americans who have even heard of the man and his chosen moniker. such a fucking shame. the guy writes brilliant pieces of music that range for straight up classic rock to psychedelia to poppy sing-a-longs. i would put nick on par with mr pollard as being a master of the obscure hook. you know those ones that are hidden of the first few listens, then all of a sudden it hits ya? im about half way through the leaving of london right now, and its nick at his best. definitely my favorite since what did for dinosaurs, but really he’s only put out one other record since then so take that for what it is.

for the unitiated, i cannot recommend son of walter, what did for the dinosaurs, northern circular and vavona burr enough. in fact, i celebrate his entire catalogue.

you can buy/download the entire 18 song set via amazon for a measly 4.99 – so freakin worth it. or you can purchase it via his bandcamp site.

johnny kwango

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