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top of the morning! i am not sure how the hell this passed under my radar? in all actuality, i am not surprised at all. i wish there was a service that would send me alerts when artists i have listened to either via or spotify or whatever has released a new record. there probably is, but i am not aware of it.

either way, my man nick saloman and his the bevis frond released a new record back in october entitled the leaving of london – his first record in 7 years. only reason why i know about it is cause mary lou lord mentioned it via her facebook acct this morning. mary lou has covered and worked with nick for many years, btw, and its been a beautiful pairing. nick, in my humble opinion, is one of the most consistently awesome yet sadly overlooked artists out there today, and really since he formed the bevis frond back in 1986. maybe he’s more widely known in his homeland, the u.k., cause i dont know too many americans who have even heard of the man and his chosen moniker. such a fucking shame. the guy writes brilliant pieces of music that range for straight up classic rock to psychedelia to poppy sing-a-longs. i would put nick on par with mr pollard as being a master of the obscure hook. you know those ones that are hidden of the first few listens, then all of a sudden it hits ya? im about half way through the leaving of london right now, and its nick at his best. definitely my favorite since what did for dinosaurs, but really he’s only put out one other record since then so take that for what it is.

for the unitiated, i cannot recommend son of walter, what did for the dinosaurs, northern circular and vavona burr enough. in fact, i celebrate his entire catalogue.

you can buy/download the entire 18 song set via amazon for a measly 4.99 – so freakin worth it. or you can purchase it via his bandcamp site.

johnny kwango

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  1. Hi Gregor,
    I guess the best way to know about Nicks releases at the moment is via the two communities that exist on the internet.
    There is a Bevis Frond community on Yahoo. It has been going for some years now and I try to keep people as updated as possible.
    Following the release of “The Leaving Of London” the band played a one off gig in London at the 229 club in Great Portland Street. I managed to persuade the soundman to put the entire gig on a flashdrive for me. I was too busy selling the merchandise for Nick to record it myself but it was a brilliant gig I can tell you and it is doing the rounds on the community on Yahoo as well as The Bevis Frond appreciation Society, where there is crossover of fans and both are frequented by various members of the band as well as Nick himself.
    We are about to embark on a short European tour which starts this Friday in Holland, winds its way through Germany, pops into Italy for two gigs and then crawls back up Germany to finally finish in Hamburg.

    I will be attempting to sell as many copies of the CD as well as the exclusive EP, plus other goodies like t-shirts, posters etc.
    I know everyone wants an American tour and I have no idea if that might happen or not, but there is no harm in trying to whip up enthusiasm for a tour. The band DO have a new CD to promote, They ARE on tour at the moment, between you and me, I think it all hinges on it being financially viable I guess. So if you want a tour, my advice would be to get a campaign going, hassle promoters, its they who book the bands and get the band over on tour. Nick is all fired up at the moment, so its an ideal time to push promoters over it.

    I am only speaking my own mind here by the way, I have no idea if it will happen. It’s really down to the fans and what they can do.
    Anyway, I ramble enough, nice review of the LP mate.

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