ted leo and the pharmacists live at the magic stick, 4.30.07

3 posts in one day! so i guess you can expect my next post in a month. hopefully not. you can grab this is in flac, etc here or grab the whole thing here. thanks to the original taper, paramnesiac.

1. the sons of cain
2. dial up
3. me and mia
4. army bound
5. where have all the rude boys gone?
6. old souls know
7. colleen
8. the high party

9. annunciation day
10. bomb.repeat.bomb.
11. counting down the hours
12. little dawn
13. the angels’ share
14. a bottle of buckie
15. the unwanted things
16. the lost brigade
17. biomusicology
18. stove by a whale
19. timorous me
20. “if you guys only knew about the week that we’ve had…”
21. dirty old town (acapella)

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