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strand of oaks “jm” and “shut in” via out of town films

sometimes its hard to put into words what an artists body of work means to you. most of the times you read reviews and its purely methodical. there’s no heart, no past history, just what they’re hearing now. sometimes music is a puzzle, and it doesnt make sense, until you put it all together. thats how i feel about mr showalter aka strand of oaks. i have loved, deeply, all his releases, but listen to them back to back and it all begins to make a bit of sense. every record, alone, stands on its own merits or awesomeness, but as a whole… he’s not a one off kind of artist, you have to listen to everything. eh whatever… just watch these two videos.. “jm” is his tribute to jason molina, btw.

buy his stuff via amazon

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joe pug's "not so sure" video

i know ive probably posted this before, but i felt it needed revisiting. while i think pug’s the messenger is kind of hit or miss, definitely more hit than miss, this song is makes up for any miss on said record. lyrically its one of the best ive heard in a long long time, especially “i bummed expensive cigarettes, i wrote john steinbeck’s books, i undressed someones daughter then complained about her looks.” that last line hits me especially hard for some reason, mainly cause i, at one time, was probably guilty of it. in fact i know i was….

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vic chesnutt's "stay inside"

sometimes when i feel like telling everyone to fuck off, and luckily it doesnt happen so often anymore, but today was one of those days, i throw on this song. stay inside off silver lake

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thank you, 120 minutes

once upon a time, mtv actually played music videos. its been a long long time since i visited said channel so maybe theyre back to playing music videos, but i doubt it. anyway, back in 80’s-early 90’s, i actually watched mtv. i went through a metal phase, and during that that time, metal was fairly popular on mtv, and thus i watched it. not a lot mind you, but enough to know i hated trixter, white lion, jackyl, europe, britny fox, kix, the bullet boys, and so on and so on – oh and warrant too. all the while my tastes were changing, but yet i still sort of held on the whole metal thing. changing because of 120 minutes, which aired on sunday nights from like 11 pm – 1 am. for about 6 years it was a ritual, and if i couldnt stay up, i taped it. 120 minutes was truly a godsend and was really solely responsible for my shift in musical tastes. keeping in mind this was way before blogs, the internets, magnet magazine, and other avenues we know take for granted. it was either 120 minutes, local record shops, friends and it helped if they had older brothers and sisters. pretty lame by today’s standards, but i truly miss those days. anyway, here a bunch of videos from 120 minutes during the 85-94 period.

i don think this was 120 minutes, but its dino jr playing on mtv. strange huh?

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richmond fontaine live at a pickathon – videos

like the title suggests, its just couple videos of willy and co playing pickathon from a few days ago.

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all my great reasons for leaving, now i cant think of any

been feeling very nostalgic the past few days, and it doesnt help that i have had high school related dreams the past two evenings. these things happen, i suppose. one of my favorite videos to watch whenever i start yearning for home is that one up there. granted, i do not miss the snow, at all, and i do emphasize at all, i do miss just about everything else about it.

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bombadil's "so many ways to die" video

thanks to earfarm from bringing this little nugget to my attention. as you probably already figured out by now, the above video is for bombadil’s “so many ways to die” off their very awesome ramseur records release, tarpits and canyonlands.

so many ways to die

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just pray for us, pray for sunshine


whenever i listen to mojave 3, or neil halstead, i always think of california. i havent been to cali since i was a teen but i always get the vision of traveling down highway 1 whenever i listen to em. i would love to visit again one day, but until then i always have neil halstead and gang to keep me dreaming. here’s a short mojave 3 set from the moonshine festival in laguna beach, ca on 10.10.04. if you have never been to laguna beach, i can vouch that its one of the prettiest places i have ever visited.

1. see you on the rooftops
2. two stones in my pocket
3. driving with bert
4. sleeping on roads
5. who do you love
6. yer feet

some kind of angel

prayer for the paranoid – probably my favorite mojave 3 track

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