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wilco “im the man that loves you” backstage at fallon

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

dont even look at me, cline…

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wilco – am demos

Posted by gregor on Friday, November 8th, 2013


happy friday peoples! firstly, i still havent sent out thank you’s and shit from the indiegogo campaign, but if you are reading this and you donated and want something from me, email me captainsdead at gmail dot com. secondly, been thinking about adding a bit more content to the site. granted its not awesome content, but trying to bring all my social shit centralized into one place. this may be a good idea or a bad idea? i have a tumblr acct, which my instagram and other random shit feeds into, but was thinking about incorporating all that into the site? thoughts? or should i just leave the site be as it is? i dont know if you care about seeing pictures of my kids, or me drinking beer or pictures of random crap i find on reddit, but maybe you do? so you tell me… anyway, here are some am demos…. keeping on the wilco kick from yesterday.

1. must be high
2. shouldnt be ashamed
3. box full of letters
4. pick up the change
5. passenger side

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wilco – summerteeth demos

Posted by gregor on Thursday, November 7th, 2013

oh, wilco/tweedy, i miss you so much. i get a lot of shit from die hard, yet blind, wilco fans for saying that nels cline ruined wilco, and i usually only say that cause i know it pisses people off, or at least annoys them. kicking jay out of the band, ruined wilco. jeff needs a foil, not yes men, and jay was just that. not discounting any of the other guys participation or input in later day wilco, but me really thinks that jay pushed jeff and was willing to call him out on his bs. none of us really know what went down then, whats going on now, etc… but still, i miss that wilco. change is inevitable, but did it have to be so shitty?


1. a shot in the arm
2. we’re just friends
3. im always in love
4. candyfloss
5. how to fight loneliness
6. tried and true

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jeff tweedy live at the vic in 2007

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

top of the morning, peoples! had a request for a repost of this show, and well im obliging said request. there is a .rar file down there entire thing. just an fyi, it may have some issues, i havent tested it out as of yet.

the whole she-bangs

1. remember the mountain bed
2. radio king
3. the community song
4. john wesley harding
5. the ruling class
6. new madrid

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it came from the youtubes: early sunday morning edition

Posted by gregor on Sunday, April 21st, 2013

jay :(

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tcp d1 04 phonetic alphabet nato irdial

Posted by gregor on Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

tcp d1 04 phonetic alphabet nato irdial just because

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wilco, nick lowe and mavis staples rehearse "the weight"

Posted by gregor on Friday, January 6th, 2012

filmed backstage and the civic opera house in chicago in december… awesomeness

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wilco live on all songs considered, 2011

Posted by gregor on Monday, October 3rd, 2011

blow up wilco, and start anew tweedy, i beg of you. ok, you can keep john and glenn, but the other three dudes gotta go. if you were to tell me back in 94/95 that in 2011 i would no longer give a shit about wilco, i would have slapped ya in the face and kicked in the balls, or vagina. sadly, its gotten to that point though. still with that said, i dont think there was a finer band on the planet than said band from their inception till whenever the hell a ghost was born was released. the whole love, i will admit, is better than their last two, but still pretty forgettable. oh, and for the record, regarding this matter, there is no budging or hemming and hawing, so hold your brea jeff we can still be best friends, please come back…

1. art of almost
2. i might
3. black moon
4. i am trying to break your heart
5. one wing
6. bull black nova
7. one sunday morning
8. impossible germany
9. born alone
10. handshake drugs
11. jesus etc
12. dawned on me
13. box full of letters
14. standing o
15. war on war
16. shot in the arm
17. via chicago
18. whole love
19. 36 inches high
20. heavy metal drummer
21. im the man who loves you
22. monday
23. outta mind

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mermaid avenue demos

Posted by gregor on Friday, July 22nd, 2011

top of the morning. was perusing an older hard drive of mine the other day, and ran across a folder simply labeled “avenue.” decided to click on it, and well what the fuck? it was the mermaid avenue demos, which as it turns out i have never heard. my labeling leaves something to be desired, or at least it did back then. so, anyway, here ya go. sorry no zip for right now. maybe when i get home later today ill upload one.

here’s the zip i kinda mentioned i would maybe do a few days ago…

1. she came along to me
2. all you fascists
3. agin’st the law
4. agin’st the law
5. when the roses bloom again
6. california stars
7. hesitating beauty
8. greenback dollar
9. my flying saucer
10. hoodoo voodoo
11. aint gonna grieve my lord no more
12. give me a nail
13. birds & ships
14. she came along to me
15. i guess i planted
16. eisler on the go
17. the unwelcome guest
18. california stars
19. my thirty thousand
20. bug eye jim
21. sad and lonely

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yankee hotel foxtrot demos

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

top of the morning! during my trip to chicago i found myself listening to yankee hotel foxtrot over and over and over. i dont know if it was just being back in chicago that lead me to listen to it, or just that i hadnt listened to its entirety in a while. probably was a combo of both. anyway, these have been splattered across the internets for what 10 years now? but i figured i would post em just in case you missed out in the past. btw, while the cover says engineer demos, the batch that i have call this collection something different and of course i cant remember what. when i get home ill check on what they’re labeled. either way, enjoy…

1. i am trying to break your heart
2. ashes of american flags
3. im the man who loves you
4. magazine called sunset
5. reservations
6. kamera
7. not for the season
8. alone
9. nothing up my sleeve
10. venus stopped the train
11. rhythm
12. poor places
13. wont let you down
14. heavy metal drummer
15. instrumental 1
16. instrumental 2
17. instrumental 2 – alt version
18. kamera (alternate version)
19. magazine called sunset (alternate version)
20. alone (alternate version)
21. not for the season (alternate version)

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