the holy ghost electric show “pisgah”


happy sunday fools! we moved this past week so its been a wee bit hectic over in van dyke land. if you follow me on twitter you’ve probably heard some of the many stories i have shared about my old neighborhood, which were sometimes hilarious and sometimes frightening. either way, we are now living in idyllic area of baton rouge.

so, im probably 3 or 4 months behind talking about these gents out of oxford, ms called the holy ghost electric show and, what i believe is their debut, the great american holy ghost record show. ive been really digging into it the past couple weeks. this record is really hard to pin down, sometimes its a pretty stright forward rock record, then there are moments of “where did the hell did this come from?” definitely a lot of influences going on here, which sometimes can mean a straight up mess of a record, but in the case of the great american… they know how to take said influences, and make them their own. definitely a top record of 2014.

buy it via their bandcamp page / follow them on twitter, like them on facebook

caleb caudle “how’d you learn”


so my man, and new orleans resident, caleb caudle got the first single off his forthcoming record paint another layer on my heart debuted on blurt today. the record is due out on june 24, via this is american music. havent heard the entire thing as of yet, but heard quite a few songs in the couple times ive seen him play, and yeah this is going to be a great one. i know ill be talking about this a few more times, so ill just leave with the basic info. oh, if you want to read more about the record, etc click here.

party dolls “kindly leave”


well, this is kind of exciting, at least to me, and probably/hopefully a lot of you folks. two of my favorite “newer” bands/artists, the district attorneys and ted stone got together to form party dolls. well, let me clear this up, party dolls are comprised of lead attorney and now lead doll, drew breskin along with frank keith iv and walker beard, tedo stone and jeremy wheatley of crooked fingers. the crew was assembled at last years valentines day show at athen’s caledonia lounge – the other members of the attorneys werent able to make it and thus party dolls was born. its kind of a supergroup, if you will. the record they recorded, which is due out one year to the date they played their first gig, love wars baby via this is american music. thus far i have listened to it a few times, and g’damn if it aint something special. me thinks i need a little more time to let it all sink in, but im damn near positive you’ll be hearing a lot more about love wars baby, from me and hopefully a lot of other folks in the coming days, month, year….

joey kneiser “so many midnights ago” – video

top of the monday. what we got hear is a lovely lil video for the song “so many midnights ago” which is off joey kneiser’s – glossary – moonlight for the graveyard heart. tis a fantastic ep, but his release, from a couple years ago, the all-night bedroom revival, is so freakin amazing, really. guess what? its free via the glossary site – you can also stream that down there.. the new ep, you can purchase through this is american music for a measly 5 bucks….
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kent goolsby “natural disaster”


oh, hey, again! my man kent goolsby, ex-the only sons, has gone solo and is putting out a new record on 8.6 entitled trophies of youth via this is american music. i know it seems like i talk about said label more than most, but its because they keep putting out the some of the best shit out there, and this record is no exception. ill talk more about the record as we get closer to the release date, but lets just say its a good un. btw, if you haven’t checked out the doc feldman record down there, i cannot recommend it enough.

check out his youtube page for a couple of trailers for trophies of youth.
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doc feldman & the ld50’s sundowning at the station – album premiere


a few weeks ago whilst in chicago, i sat in my old go-to bar. i spent many of drunken nights at the rainbo, and as i sat there in 2013, it seemed untouched by the ever changing neighborhood it resides in. i forgot what the bartender was playing, but i sat there yearning for something that fit that occasion. i was alone, the wife was elsewhere in the hood, and i sat there drinking and thinking about my old life. reminiscing, if you will. it was fun, but also mildly depressing, as you realize youre on the wrong side of 30. what am i getting at you may be asking yourself? dont blame you if you were. what i was missing at that moment was lexington, ky’s derek “doc” feldman & the ld50’s new record sundowning at the station. you may know doc from his previous band(s) good saints and his work with kill county. ive heard some amazing records this year, hiss golden messenger’s haw and john moreland’s in the throes, to name a couple, but as it stands right now, this may be even better than both of em. sundowning at the station reminds me of my night at rainbo, or actually my entire adult life. there’s hope, there’s failure, there’s redemption, and then a little hope again, all coming in waves and cycles. common themes, mind you, but when you put them in the hands of a songwriter like feldman, they turn from ordinary to, well, extraordinary, for lack of a better word. the album also features one of my favorite guys and apparently friend of mr. feldman, james jackson toth aka wooden wand – who can be heard throughout the record.

paragraphs, and cohesive sentences aren’t really my thing, but hey here’s a new paragraph just for some emphasis. i have listened to this record about 30 times now, over the course of a 5 day period, and it keeps getting better and better. so, my above statements made about sundowning at the station being better than those two records up there, i can confirm to be true. if life is made up of moments, moments we remember, moments we forget, and moments we have yet to experience, i am thanking doc feldman and the ld50’s sundowning at the station is gonna be part of a lot of these. cant recommend enough, if you havent picked up on that by now.
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what i am listening to right now: tedo stone’s good go bad


top of the saturday morning! been a way for a bit, but things have been going on around here – in my personal life, namely, i got a new gig! no longer will i be working for the army, but a private it company here in baton rouge. it was a tough decision to make, considering i have been in the army contracting system for 10 years, but its time to move on. money isnt everything, but in this case it sure as hell didnt hurt, as i got a pretty nice bump in pay, and me thinks there is room for advancement. either way, i am excited about the opportunity, but also nervous as hell.
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this is american music 2013 sampler


happy memorial day, americans! big thanks for the troops out there. i was too much of a pussy to enter the service. although i was very close to joining when i was 18. anyway, pals of captains dead, this is american music, put out a little mix tape or sampler of 6 songs which are off of the releases they have put out this year. definitely some of the best stuff you’ll likely to hear this year.
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cosmonaut on vacation “up to me”

covac cover LTML v9 pink

happy monday. well at least happy for me cause im off, and its quite lovely here in baton rouge. although i am in the house, so thats mildly depressing. anyway, greg slamen formerly of through the sparks has a new band called cosmonaut on vacation, if you couldnt have guessed, and recently released a single on pals this is american music. the single is a precursor to their upcoming full length record entitled let the moment land which is being released by t.i.a.m on 4.23. one thing they are going to do is record a live ep with les nuby which will then be released after the record comes out. from what i gather quite a few t.i.a.m. bands are going to be doing this as well. great idea in my opinion.

you can buy this single on itunes, listen to it on spotify, etc.
cosmonaut on vacation site
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