greg dulli live in nola: teenage wristband

you dont know how much it pains me to listen to this, really, really fucking painful. this being greg dulli live in nola just a couple of months ago. you know the one i was more psyched about than anything than my last kid being born? yeah that show that i didnt bother attempting to purchase tickets until it was too late. yeah, that one. probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. fuckin a… i am not sure if this cd is for sale or what the deal is with it? can someone who’s been to the shows confirm if this is being sold? either way, here is a just a taste of the performance…. sigh….

teenage wristband

the twilight singers live in amsterdam, 11.28.06

top of the morning! i know this is a lot of shit to download but remember if you are using firefox, grab download them all and it will make your life much easier. make sure though that you are on a single page post, not the front page otherwise it will grab everything on the that respective page. in case you havent heard it, here is the first single from their yet to be released subpop record, dynamite steps, which i due out in feb.

blackbird and the fox

1. toward the waves
2. esta noche
3. im ready
4. bonnie brae
5. too tough to die
6. live with me
7. where did you sleep last night
8. ill take care of you
9. sideways in reverse
10. amazing grace
11. king only
12. teenage wristband
13. fat city
14. theres been an accident
15. band intros
16. candy cane crawl
17. papillon – the joker – omerta
18. martin eden
19. dead to rights
20. forty dollars
21. love stoned
22. the killer
23. boogie boogie
24. flashback
25. black is the color of my true loves hair
27. underneath the waves

the twilight singers' "blackbird and the fox"

not too excited about this, but fuck me if i cant listen to it, damn army network! gonna have to find a way. anyway, this is off the singers forthcoming dynamite steps which is due out on sub pop on 2.15.11. not a bad way to start off a monday morning, at least for you all.

blackbird and the fox

you wanna go for a ride?


morning, ladies and gents. im going to be heading out on a fishing excursion here shortly, but wanted to leave with this twilight singers show from the los angeles house of blues in 06. i snagged this from scott ford’s site, so all props to him. scott, amongst other things, is the bassist in the singers, in case you didnt know. thanks to the original taper, too!! these are .m4a and not mp3’s by the way.

1. teenage wristband
2. im ready
3. bonnie brae
4. too tough to die
5. live with me
6. ill take care of you
7. sideways in reverse
8. king only
9. esta noche
10. there’s been an accident
11. band intros/candy cane crawl
12. papillon
13. sublime
14. thats just how that bird sings
15. martin eden
16. fat city
17. the killer
18. boogie boogie
19. flashback
20. underneath the waves

40 dollars on kimmel

candy cane crawl