i really got nothing for you up here today

can one or two of you fine peeps do me a solid? i am testing out this new theme but i seem to be having an issue when viewing it with internet explorer. for those of you using ie, can you either confirm or deny that when you click on a single post, the sidebar is all the way at the bottom of the page? kisses, greg.

oh, yeah if you are looking for an internship and are in the new york area domino records is looking for someone. they are saying that you must be available at least one full day a week, be committed to at least a 3 – 6 month internship, have a knowledge of their catalogue, friendly, focused, blah blah and you must get virtually hard or wet at that prospect of working at domino. if this sounds exciting and you think you are more than capable, email them at radio@dominorecordco.com

i forgot to mention that the teenage prayers are playing at star bar, atlanta, tomorrow evening as part of the atlantis music fest. check em out and report back.

if you are a new yorker, please do go check beirut’s two performances as part of the wordless music series. well, in this case there will be words, but thats really not the point. tonights show is at the brooklyn masonic temple and their performance on the 24th is at ny society for ethical culture. tickets are a measely 25 bucks and doors open up @ 6.30. upcoming participants in the series are grizzly bear on 11.3 and fat cat recording artist max richter, who is making his first ever us concert appearance.

wordlesss music

i cant say i was a huge azure ray fan, but i was a big fan of the ladies of azure ray – orenda fink in particular. well, azure ray is no more, but fear not orenda has a new band, art in manila, and a new record, set the woods on fire, out now saddle creek. art in manila are out on tour, right now, with rilo kiley. orenda will be pulling double duty during the tour as not only the leading lady of art in manila but a member of rilo kiley during their performances.

set the woods on fire

the abomination

art in manila myspace

check out this outtake from 1900’s cold and kind entitled “everybody’s got a collection.” cold and kind comes out on 10.2 and they are playing a few shows with oakley hall. check their myspace page for dates, including info on the record release party at the empty bottle on the 12th.

everybody’s got a collection

the 1900’s myspace

on a presumably cold night this past february in chicago, the men of backyard tire fire took the stage for a sold out show at the double door. that show featured the band playing their most excellent vagabonds and hooligans in its entirity. didnt make it to the show? no problem, they have the entire show available for download on their site, for free bitches! they are starting a fall tour on oct 5 at the university of illinois and along the way they will share the stage with jason isbell, craker, lynyrd skynard, and phonograph. check their site for exact dates. here are a couple of tracks from the show..

vagabonds and hooligans


backyard tire fire site

here is a very cool comp of the originals of some of the more popular nirvana covers. even i have never heard the original “love buzz.” another idea i had been playing with but yet have been to lazy to get around to. someone is always one step of me, or is much more ambitious than yours truly.

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i had a bride, sawed her in half

photo by me

hey! hey! how goes it? oh man goes just fuckin awesome on my end. keep your fingers crossed for me cause its lookin like i am going to be off that god damn 11 pm – 7 am shift and put on a more manageable 3 pm – 11 pm shift. so if you got vibes send em my way, or dont, whatever..

the teenage prayers are kickin off their no sex 15 city in 15 days tour starting on the 14th. if you havent checked em out yet what the hells is your problem. king solomon burke thinks they’re worthy. you sayin you’re cooler than the king? who the hell are you? here are a couple of tracks off their yet to be released record everyone thinks you’re best. check their myspace page for dates.

they play in atlanta @ the star bar on the 22.

im in love again

dreams of the south


the teenage prayers myspace

the deadly syndrome sound like a warm breeze on an otherwise cool night – if that make sense. there’s a very folksie, not jon baez folk but like a califone inspired folk quality about em that just reminds me of an edge of summer/fall evening. their new record the ortolan can be streamed on their virb page.


winter in you

the deadly syndrome site / virb

here is mr isbell and the 400 unit on 8.24 in nashville

this can now be found here.

1. grown

2. god damn lonely love

3. try

4. chicago promenade

5. outfit

6. please be with me

7. psycho killer

8. down in a hole

9. the assassin

10. in a razor town

11. never gonna change

12. brand new kinda actress

13. decoration day

14. danko/manuel

15. jailbreak

16. dress blues

no day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap

has anyone played, well not so much played as clicked around, this game hotel? i happened to catch a brief piece on g4tv the other morning. they proclaimed that it was a great time waster, and while that is kinda true its too bizarre to be fully appreciated. i, typically, dont things neatly laid out for me to understand but this one was just a wee bit over my head.

if you are going to the celebrate brooklyn fest this evening make sure you get to the prospect park bandshell early, like 7 pm sharp, to catch friends of captains dead, the teenage prayers. following the prayers are the big sleep and headlining the evening is the hold steady.

murder from son of the tiger

you cant touch the untouchable

the big sleep site / myspace

dreams of the south from everyone thinks you’re great – unreleased


the teeanage prayers site / myspace

here is the remainder of the gp’s show.

13. dont do it

14. love grows

15. im so lonesome i could cry

16. saturday rolling around

17. steel guitar rag

18. cut across shorty

19. save the last dance for me

20. great balls of fire

21. hang up my n roll shoes

22. lady miss clawdy

23. high school confidential

squish, just like grape

top of the morning y’all. firstly click here! vote for the teenage prayers, por favor. they have fallen 80 votes behind and we need to help make that up. this is the last time i will ever bring it up but please do go vote for these dudes.

secondly, superchunk is streaming “misfits and mistakes” on their myspace page. “misfits and mistakes” is from the aqua teen movie soundtrack, btw.

thirdly, here is the clash performing at l.a.’s memorial coliseum on 10.29.82. its a nice soundboard recording, just to let ya know.

this can now be found here

1. london calling

2. police on my back

3. guns of brixton

4. this is radio clash

5. spanish bombs

6. rock the casbah

7. the magnificent seven

8. janie jones

9. train in vain

10. tommy gun

11. clampdown

12. brand new cadillac

13. should i stay or should i go

14. i fought the law

should i stay or should i go?

san diego, it actually means whale vagina

could she be any more captivating? i dont think so.

the other morning @ about 5 am i awoke to what i thought was an angel singing to me. its kinda crazy what you will think when you wake up abruptly from a slumber – even if it happens to be at work. the song that i woke to was joanna’s stunning “clam, crab, cockle, cowrie.” since then i have found a greater appreciation for her work and started listening in a little deeper than i had previously.

here she is performing @ bottletree in b’ham, alabama on 11.25.06. its a beautiful recording only marred by a couple glitches here and there.

1. bridges and balloons

2. the book of right on

3. traditional scottish song

4. emily

5. monkey and bear

6. sawdust and diamonds

7. only skin

8. cosmia

9. sadie

10. peach, plum, pear

clam, crab, cockle, cowrie from joanna newsom and the y’s street band ep

dont forget to waste 3 seconds and vote for the teenage prayers as the deli’s best nyc band for the month. please click here

here’s another track from their recently recorded everyone thinks you’re great

dreams of the south

**edit thanks to everyone, all 60 of you, who have taken the time to vote for the teenage prayers but dear lord people! there have been more than 1700 of you who have been through here in the past 24 hours and all we can come up with is 60? kinda disappointing people.  we can do better than that.  i just know we can.  thanks in advance, again.

how much for just one rib?

hey whats going on? can you do me a solid? well, actually not me but my buddies in the teenage prayers need your help.  they are hoping to be nyc’s next artist of the month according to deli magazine.  it would mean so much to them and me if you could just take two clicks, seriously like 3 seconds, out of your daily web browsing to just click here to vote for the teenage prayers.  when i say it will take 3 seconds i am not lying.  i figure that with the amount of people that visit here daily we can make it a landslide for the prayers.  again, your pal, me, would truly appreciate it.

as a special gift here are two tracks from their recently recorded everyone thinks your the best – who knows when it will be out.


im in love again

i think the prayers are offering a puppy with every vote or something like that.  if you think your vote doesnt count get that filthy whore of a thought out of your noggin cause it does.