the replacements’ missing in action

happy thanksgiving, americans! fuck the rest of you guys! kidding, of course. ive had some requests to repost some of the replacements shit i have posted in the past, which is now unavailable, and since i am not doing much other than watching this packer/lions game, i figured what the hell. i know i just posted a replacements show, deal with it. xoxoxo

missing in action info

1. if only you were lonely
2. who’s gonna take us alive
3. temptation eyes
4. run for the country
5. going out of my head
6. trouble on the way
7. make this house your home
8. the ledge
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the replacements’ murder at the maxwell, part two

ok… here’s the remainder of the mats show i just posted. actually there are another 8 songs, a couple of which are taken from mtv… you can download the entire thing via this link.

16. otto
17. im in trouble
18. left of the dial
19. goddamn job
20. answering machine
21. waitress in the sky
22. take me down to the hopsital
23. garys gotta bonder

the replacements’ murder at the maxwell


top of the evening! i have had a lot of mats reposts requests as of late, but i figured i would post one that i dont believe has ever graced these pages. i believe this is taken from the world famous maxwells in hoboken, nj and took place on 2.4.86. i normally dont do this, but im feeling particularly lazy tonight. so part two will be up tomorrow morning, with a zip of the entire thing.

1. hayday
2. color me impressed
3. dose of thunder
4. fox on the run
5. hold my life
6. i will dare Continue reading “the replacements’ murder at the maxwell”

tommy stinson "its a drag"

this is what happens when you dont pay attention, ever! mr tommy stinson released a record last year, and i was none the wiser. said record is entitled one man mutiny and thus far, yeah, its probably the best thing he’s ever released. although, the first bash & pop record, friday night is killing me, is still pretty damn awesome. if you havent heard that one, definitely recommend checking it out. came out in the late 90’s i think, or shit, it may have even been earlier. my concept of time is escaping me in my advancing age. anyway, its pretty much just a straight ahead rock record, nothing too fancy, but damn enjoyable. definitely recommended!

buy it via amazon

its a drag

the replacements live at the ritz, 10.26.87

happy saturday, a-holes! i aint got much going on except enjoying a few beers before i start my medical treatment tomorrow which of course puts on the wagon for 10 days. who knows? maybe ill go longer, i could stand to lose a few pounds. also, me and the wife are supposed to quit smoking on the 14th. she smokes much less than yours truly, but still we both need to stop.

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the replacements live in dekalb, il, 4.5.85

for amy…. and really anyone else who missed it the first couple times around. this is probably in my top 10 shows i wish i would have been able to attend, but alas i was 12… sorry no zip…

1. i’m in trouble
2. takin a ride
3. color me impressed
4. favorite thing
5. heyday
6. all my rowdy friends
7. i will dare
8. kiss me on the bus
9. unsatisfied
10. lookin for ya
11. take me down to the hospital
12. love ya til friday
13. little mascara
14. left of the dial
15. answering machine
16. black diamond
17. i hate music
18. tommy gets his tonsils out
19. unknown
20. cant hardly wait
21. god damn job
22. go
23. kids dont follow
24. garys got a boner
25. left here in the dark
26. otto
27. hitchin a ride

the replacements live at cbgb

its turning out to be a very lazy sunday here in new orleans. its raining, which is making everyone a little sleepy, including yours truly. i feel like going for a bike ride, but that’ll have to wait until the wife gets home and it stops raining. so, in the meantime, just got an email for a repost of this here mats show at cbgb on 10.12.84.

1. gary’s got a boner
2. run it
3. color me impressed
4. white and lazy
5. takin a ride
6. i will dare
7. unsatisfied
8. johnnys gonna die
9. favorite thing
10. 20th century boy
11. sixteen blue
12. take me down to the hospital
13. go
14. customer
15. i’ll be there
16. kid’s dont follow
17. black diamond
18. kansas city star

the replacements paid in beer part 2

photo by laura levine/corbis

morning! well here be part two of the replacements paid in beer compilation. you can find both sets in rar format right down there where it says “both sets.” also, if your in the mood for a good read re: music blogging, esp if you are an artist wanting to get your stuff heard or written about, head on over to good friend of captains dead, culture bully for an article entitled “how to avoid pissing off music bloggers.”

both sets

1. temptation eyes
2. shoot me, kill me
3. route 66
4. kissing in action
5. when it began
6. birthday gal
7. like a rolling pin
8. dont get married
9. cant hardly wait
10. only if we must
11. time is killing us
12. promise you nothing
13. walkin a little closer
14. like you
15. ought to get love
16. 20th century boy
17. run for the country
18. shut up
19. satellite
20. street girl #2
21. answering machine #2
22. sixteen blue
23. we know the night

the replacements' paid in beer part one

top of the late afternoon, dillholes! im going back to my teenage years, if you couldnt tell, with my salutations. here is a 46 track replacements compilation, which i dont know too much about. some of it sounds familiar, as there are a lot of random mat comps floating around, but a lot of it doesnt. most of its awesome, some of it, well ill let you decide. part two will be up either later tonight or tomorrow. ill try to include a zip of both discs in the next posting. until then…

1. wake up
2. po box
3. who’s gonna take us alive
4. lookin for ya
5. beer for breakfast
6. careless
7. more cigarettes
8. shut up
9. nowhere is my home
10. red red wine
11. trouble on the way
12. hey kid
13. cant hardly wait
14. i tried to make this your home
15. if only you were lonely
16. sadly beautiful
17. kick it in
18. kiss me on the bus
19. perfectly lethal
20. torture
21. rock and roll ghost
22. bundle up
23. portland
24. going out of my head
25. learn how to fall