the mynabirds “body of work”

possible shortest review of a record coming in 3,2,1… laura burhenn and her mynabirds have a new record coming out on 6.5 entitled generals. either youre going to get it, or you wont. either you love it, or you wont. its a call to arms to whoever is listening to get out there and standup for something, do some good, or at very least give a fuck. laura is the voice of a new generation of not only women in music, but music in general no matter the gender. best of 2012, and possibly favorite record of the year thus far.

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body of work

the mynabirds "generals"

oh, boy couldnt be more excited about this record! this being the sophomore record by the mynabirds, which is due out 6.5 on saddle creek, entitled generals. i dont make many predictions, but come this summer, me thinks people are going to be apeshit for laura burhenn – lead mynabird. their debut, what we lose in the fire we gain in the flood was one of my favorite records, and damn if it aint one of the sexiest/slow burn records i have heard in a long while. if you havent heard it, go find it now or download it via amazon. grab the first single “generals” down there. make sure you catch em at sxsw, and how nice would it be at cxcw, and a few tour dates starting soon. check their site for the dates….

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captains dead's top 11 records of 2010

well, i guess this is it, huh? 2010 is just about done, and while i usually wait a little longer to do my end of the year list, i figured at this point it was pretty solidly impacted in my brain. so, there was really no point in waiting. oh, im sure ill hear something between now and the end of the year that will blow my mind, cause thats just the way shit goes. i am not going to talk to much re: the list, and just let the songs i have provided do the talking. why fuck up a good thing w/ talking? i think an ex-girlfriend once said that to me. without further ado…

1. superchunkmajesty shredding

diggin for something

2. strand of oakspope killdragon


3. american aquariumsmall town hymns


4. the futurebirds hampton’s lullaby

johnny utah

5. the gaslight anthemamerican slang


6. black dubblack dub


7. the mynabirds what we lose in the fire we gain in the flood

let the record go
numbers dont lie

8. glossaryferal fire

no guarantee
bend with the breeze

9. travel by seatwo states and the blindness that follows

the road

10. sun hotelcoast


11. trampled by turtlespalomino

new orleans

the mynabirds (i think i’m in love)

how i didnt pay attention to this release earlier is beyond comprehension. the release i speak of is the mynabirds’ what we lose in the fire we gain in the flood which was released earlier this year via saddle creek. off topic but trying to make a point. i used to have a girlfriend who was a sweet and loving as could be, but when she wasnt she would say shit that would break my heart, and at the end this was on a daily basis. this record is kinda like that. its a very slow spiraling descent into heartbreak that you didnt see coming. sure there were red flags being thrown up all along the way that you should have paid attention to, but you are way too smitten to care. again, i know that is way off base, but laura burhenn’s voice/lyrics/delivery almost makes it seem like she’s singing directly to the listener, and by the end of the record you may be a little emotionally drained, that is if you let dig deeper than just a casual listen. all i can say after that is this so fucking good… also, make sure you check out their daytrotter session.

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let the record go
numbers dont lie