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sun kil moon “sunshine in chicago”

sometimes i feel like mr costanza during the festivus season when dealing with a mark kozelek, or maybe just his records, im not sure. some records, i absolutely love as much as one of my own children, maybe not that much but you understand, some of them bring out the airing of grievances and the feats of strength portion of said “holiday.” he’s a frustrating artist, at least to me, but one that is always worth listening to. this is nothing new, and has been going on since the first time i listen to a red house painters record back in 93, with the release of red house painter I and II, the former phenomenal, the latter not so much. then he releases ocean beach, again fantastic, and then the classic songs for a blue guitar – which is one of the best records to be released in the past 20 years, imo. old ramon, which was seriously delayed for whatever reasons, was good and great, and again frustrating.

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sun kil moon live at the great american music hall, 3.31.04

evening! hope everyone has had a lovely week. mine? oh just dandy, thanks for askin… had a request for this, and since i dont really have anything ready to post, figure i would grant the request. its a lovely soundboard, and he’s actually pretty talkative, which is shocking to me cause every time i have seen him he’s been about as entertaining as morning diarrhea. sure the music is always awesome, but, yeah…. “pancho villa” is particularly beautiful, imo.

1. blank track
2. grace cathedral park
3. dragonflies
4. i wanna play something fast
5. pancho villa
6. admiral fell promises
7. all mixed up
8. new jersey
9. wearing red…
10. trailways
11. find me, ruben olivares
12. glenn tipton
13. du koo kim
14. evil
15. revelation big sur
16. have you forgotten
17. encore chatter
18. carry me ohio

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sun kil moon live from sweden, 9.6.08


howdy, im taking a sick day today as i am feeling a bit under the weather, which is either a slight case of the swine flu, the pneumonic plague or just your common cold. it’s just a cold but stuffed into the deepest reaches of my brains, i just know its the plague…

here is a repost of a sun kil moon show from malmö, sweden on 9.6.08. again, much love to the original taper.

1. make like paper
2. last tide
3 like the river
4. priest alley song
5. heron blue
6. moorestown
7. river
8. tonight in bilbao
9. tonight the sky
10. duk koo kim
11. unlit hallway
12. glenn tipton
13. katy song

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i stay up late watching cable

sup folks? well if all goes well, and it probably wont, i worked my last night last evening. this month i am going to days, and i pray to god, or whoever will help make this happen, that i hear something about our move to new orleans. what sounded like a wham-bam-thank you ma’am deal last week has turned into who the hell knows?

before i forget, go sox!

been listenin the hell out of blitzen trapper’s furr as of late, in fact i am listening to em as i type, and its definitely going to end up on a bunch of end of year lists – including mine. in case you have failed to check em out thus far, well what the hell?


here is a loverly sun kil moon show from malmö, sweden on 9.6.08. am i the only one that really hasnt listened to april at all? as always, thanks to the original taper

no zip today, sorry. had some ftp issues…

1. make like paper

2. last tide

3 like the river

4. priest alley song

5. heron blue

6. moorestown

7. river

8. tonight in bilbao

9. tonight the sky

10. duk koo kim

11. unlit hallway

12. glenn tipton

13. katy song

never ending math equation -love this version and vid, actually prefer it to the original

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quiero películas viejas con clarke gable como que mi padre hace


la foto por wendy lynch

hola, compadres. cómo el infierno hacen todos? mí? soy justo multa. estamos en la última recta para el número de bebé dos y permitimos que mí digale yo no más podría ser emocionado a volver en pañales jodidas cambiantes y tan. cualquier…

tengo tan material mucho más nuevo para hablar de pero absolutamente no energía en este punto. aquí está así, una grabación encantadora de luna de kil de sol vive @ el gran teatro de variedades norteamericano en 3.31.04.

in english, i am just noticing that the track listing and subsequent tagging is fucked up. not the whole thing but starting at trailways. apologize in advance and much too lazy to fix it now….

1. grace cathedral park

2. dragonflies

3. void

4. salvador sanchez

5. admiral feel promises

6. all mixed up

7. new jersey

8. trailways

9. find me ruben olivares

10. revelation big sure

11. duk koo kim

12. evil

13. glenn tipton

14. have you forgotten

15. carry me ohio

16. gentle moon

17. sundays and holidays

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you aint nothin, you aint nothin


sup, jiggas? hey you can buy and download sun kil moon’s april in either flac or 192 mp3 for $9.99 or $7.99, respectively via kozelek’s label caldo verde. it’s pretty damn great, i must add, but i dont know if i dig it as much as ghosts. i much prefer kozelek’s louder, more crazy horse inspired stuff, where as april is pretty mellow overall. you can also do the same for the retribution gospel choir record, which is freakin awesome.

i make no attempts to hide my sordid musical past, in fact i know kind of relish the fact that my tastes werent always so defined. with that being said, it was with great excitement that one of my absolute favorite songs from my early 20’s. it’s amazing the shit you have to listen to whilst in the car sans ipod. i even sat through a rush song, in order to hear this.

jet city woman off queensryche’s empire

i always find it very interesting when a band/artist, who had seemingly made very little impact on societies musical conscience during their run, gets resurrected out of nowhere. no where in my brains would i have thought that dexter romweber and his band flat duo jets were going to gain some kind of resurgence, let alone a movie/documentary in their honor. during my time spent with a few of their records – most notably go go harlem baby, white trees and introducing – i attempted to get friends to hear what hear in the flat duo jets, but just about every one of the records was met with mostly utter distaste. their brand of twangy garage rock can be a hard pill to swallow, to be quite frank. but the rewards are rich if you can just stick with em. if you dig the likes of the black keys, white stripes, etc you may find the flat duo jets to your liking.

here are a few tracks off two headed cow which happens to be name of the documentary and of course the soundtrack too. chan marshall and jack white make appearances in the two headed cow.


everybodys movin

rock house

flat duo jets myspace / chicken ranch records

here is part two of the dylan boot, you cant kill an idea. definitely check out “hard rain,” and probably my third favorite song of all time “knockin on heaven’s door.”

1. gamblin man

2. the times

3. hard rain

4. watered down love

5. shot of love

6. just like a woman

7. solid rock

8. masters of war

9. when you gonna wake up

10. in the garden

11. blowin in the wind

12. its alright ma

13. it aint me babe

14. knockin on heavens door

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Hey Lemongello!


one of my most anticipated records of the 08 is now available for consumption, of sorts. stream the new sun kil moon on their myspace page, which can be found right here. havent listened to it but i have it on good authority that it “slays,” thats coming from kyle at more cowbell. so, take it for what its worth. he’s typically pretty right on.

the gutter twins are on letterman tomorrow evening, that is wednesday march 19. they are also here in atlanta @ the roxy on friday, a show that i will actually be attending thanks to tessa @ driveafastercar.

i am always willing to give japanese ladies the benefit of the doubt and such is the case with water fai – a quartet hailing from osaka. i have not listened to this but they claimed to be influenced by mogwai and yo lo tengo, couple that with the first tidbit and i’m sold. their new record girls in the white dream is out on 4.18.


water fai myspace

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give me 20 d energizers


hey, a new sun kil moon song and record! thanks to ryan @ muzzle o’ bees for bringing it to my attention. chiggity, check. its called “moorestown” and is going to be on april, which is due out on 4.1 on kozelek’s caldo verde records. cant say i am overly excited about the song, its more like early red house painters than sun kil moon, but in the context of the record it might make more sense. its not bad, by any means, just not particularly exciting either.

here be the remainder of the doug sahm and friends show from austin. here’s all the info.

14. columbus stockade blues

15. honky tonkin

16. orange blossom special

17. kentucky waltz

18. big boss man

19. searchin

20. lonely lonely nights

21. shake a hand

22. hey bo diddley

23. announcement

24. it takes a lot to laugh

25. a hard rains gonna fall

26. wild horses

27. slippin into christmas

28. money honey

29. chug a lug

30. roll over beethoven

31. good golly miss molly

32. roll over beethoven

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your looks have become a problem


photo by wendy lynch – she’s got some great indie rocker pics

wanna do something nice for your boy this joyous christmas, hanukkah and/or kwanza? awesome! well, i have come to the conclusion that i want to stop using google ads, just cause i think it mucks up the joint. but, and here is the problem. thus far i have ammassed like 70 bucks in adsense revenue but the payout is a hundred. so, if you could, and you dont have to of course, but if you could click on one, every once in a while, that would be great. you dont have to do anything after that, just let the page load and x it out. i am hoping that over the next few weeks i can get over that hundred dollar threshold and they would then be gone. i sure would appreciate it.

btw, the new black mountain, in the future, is fuckin awesome. 100 percent killer, no filler. in case you missed and havent heard. here is the first single…


black mountain site

have you guys heard of thunder ant? its carrie brownstein and fred armisen doing something, for which i cant tell right now cause my work wont let me download or listening to anything that is up on the site. but the photos make it look even more interesting; carrie riding on the back of a mustachioed gentlemen’s cycle, fred screaming into a cell phone, fred dressed like gloria steinem and shopping at a feminist book store, fred and carrie dining out, etc. i am sure its going to be grand whatever the hell is going on.

i am always amazed on how people find my site, or more matter of factly, what they are searching for when the stumble onto these pages. so, for 2007 here are the top 10 off the wall search terms that somehow lead to captains dead.

10. the letter “t”

9. eat me out

8. doogie style fucking or just doogie style

7. drunk lesbian sisters

6. vagina

5. boner and/or cock wake up

4. prostate pics and/or prostate songs

3. rock out with your cock out and/or post pics of cock

2. pictures of licking women’s legs or just women’s legs

1. ball stretching, ballstretching pics and/or ballstretching gone wrong

i totally scraped that not listening to anything new for the rest of 07 at about hour number 12. i just knew i couldnt do it. i feel like such a quitter, but lets be honest no one likes a quitter and thats why i still smoke. anyway, this little lady is rulin my world at the moment. thao (nguyen) with the get down stay down is like a real fuckin perky cat power doin it with paul simon’s backing band featuring a human beat box. awesome!

her and their new record we brave bee stings and all is out on 1.29.08 on kill rock stars.


bag of hammers

feet asleep

thao site

here is a lovely recording of mark kozelek live @ the douglas fir lounge in portland on 1.12.06

1. grace cathedral park

2. down through

3. dramamine

4. down colorful hill (aborted)

5. chat

6. down colorful hill

7. four fingered fisherman

8. tiny cities made of ashes

9. morristown

10. katy song

11. chat

12. du koo kim

13. jesus christ was an only child

14. cheers

15. truckers atlas

16. michael

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pina-colada butt lotion?

drawing by brendan donnelly

ok, well, we probably wont be going down for a day or so. so, i kind jumped the gun on that one. its an annoying character flaw of yours truly – jumping the gun that is. although, i am sure anyone that knows me can pick out a few more.

i am sure these guys, vietnam, have been all hyped up around the net by now, and if they havent, they should have been. damn dirty hippies they are or is it thrift store chic, i dont know, but do they make a glorious racket. if you took the stones, sonic youth, a more coherent black mountain, took their respective man juices and forced bob dylan to have their child, you may have vietnam. they released their full length self titled debut back in january.

priest, poet and the pig

mr. goldfinger

here is the remainder of the kozelek/sun kil moon show.

12. glenn tipton

13. duk koo kim

14. evil

15. revelation big sur

16. have you forgotten

17. encore chatter

18. carry me ohio

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