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strand of oaks “goshen ’97″ – official video

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

my man timothy showalter and his strand of oaks is back, and ive missed him so… he’s signed with dead oceans and his new record, heal, is due out 6.24. if you arent familiar with tim/strand of oaks, i cannot speak more highly of his work and in fact all three of his previous record, pope killdragon, dark shores and leave ruin were on my favorite records of whatever years they cam out. amazing shit… oh and j mascis plays guitar on this track…. (322)

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strand of oaks “satellite moon” – video

Posted by gregor on Saturday, August 24th, 2013

happy saturday, i guess? this is off of one of my favorite records of 2012, strand of oaks’ dark shores. sadly, i dont remember where it came in cause i lost about 8 months worth posts due to my former host bailing on me. either way, its a brilliant record. this particular version comes from strand of oaks’ darker shores which is different takes on some of the songs off dark shores.

buy strand of oaks stuff via amazon (209)

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strand of oaks “maureen’s”

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

y’all know, well those that frequent this joint, that i have a man crush on timothy showalter who is strand of oaks. its not really a crush on him, even though he’s an awesome dude, but his music. to me, its some of the most honest stuff that is being recorded today. his new single entitled “maureen’s” from his forthcoming dark shores continues that trend. i am not sure whats going on, if anything, in mr showalter’s life but its hard not to take “maureen’s” at face value. maybe its purely 3rd person kind of stuff, but to me it sounds too personal. either way, this song is breaking my heart. cannot wait for dark shores. im guessing top ten material without a doubt.

you can download “maureen’s” via the link below or via his bandcamp page.


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couch by couchwest: a few of my favorites

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

i aint gonna lie, or put forth my biases, but if you havent been visiting couch by couchwest, you are sorely missing out on some awesome shit. i know even more awesome stuff is coming up. so again if you havent been visiting, shame on you so-called music lover. here are a few favorites thus far… i also make an appearance on the site so if youve ever wondered what i look like, youll find the link at the bottom. also, someone you know may have recorded one of these videos….


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strand of oaks "spacestations"

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Shaking Through: Strand of Oaks from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.

in my opinion, which i am sure isnt worth much, timothy showalter and his strand of oaks is one of the bands that could help transform and shape the musical landscape over the next 5-10 years. i already think he’s in the process, but again thats just me. the guy is a such a huge talent that it pains me that there arent more people listening to him. or maybe there are, and i just dont know about? either way here is recording something new entitled “spacestations” for the site shaking through, which i have never heard of, but seems pretty awesome.


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strand of oaks "bonfire" on hear ya'

Posted by gregor on Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Strand Of Oaks – “Bonfire” – HearYa Live Session 10/3/10 from on Vimeo.

the entire strand of oaks hear ya session is going live this week, but they were kind enough to grace us with a little taste of said session. sounds amazing… (21)

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captains dead's top 11 records of 2010

Posted by gregor on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

well, i guess this is it, huh? 2010 is just about done, and while i usually wait a little longer to do my end of the year list, i figured at this point it was pretty solidly impacted in my brain. so, there was really no point in waiting. oh, im sure ill hear something between now and the end of the year that will blow my mind, cause thats just the way shit goes. i am not going to talk to much re: the list, and just let the songs i have provided do the talking. why fuck up a good thing w/ talking? i think an ex-girlfriend once said that to me. without further ado…

1. superchunkmajesty shredding

diggin for something

2. strand of oakspope killdragon


3. american aquariumsmall town hymns


4. the futurebirds -hampton’s lullaby

johnny utah

5. the gaslight anthemamerican slang


6. black dub -black dub


7. the mynabirds - what we lose in the fire we gain in the flood

let the record go
numbers dont lie

8. glossaryferal fire

no guarantee
bend with the breeze

9. travel by seatwo states and the blindness that follows

the road

10. sun hotelcoast


11. trampled by turtlespalomino

new orleans (184)

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strand of oaks live from a dock

Posted by gregor on Saturday, November 6th, 2010

happy saturday, all! if it werent for majesty shredding, strand of oaks’ pope killdragon would be my favorite record of the year. even with that said, its a very close second. here are some live performances on a dock that timothy did for the weekender. buy pope killdragon via emusic.


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free record alert: the choosy beggars

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

firstly, i gotta thank mr duquette johnston for tipping me off to these guys. well, he didnt directly say “hey greg check these guys out”, it was a general tweet. secondly, about 15 seconds into the first song, “good times, they disappear,” off the choosy beggars’ self titled record, i knew i was in love. sadly, i cant find any good information on these guys other than the fact that they tagged “seattle” on their bandcamp site. so, i can only assume they reside from said city. the other tag on their badcamp site is “classic rock.” there are definitely hints of that genre, but also early motown plays just of an integral part of the “vibe” of the record. the remind me of catfish haven doing the black crowes doing smokey robinson – that may be a horrible comparison, for what its worth. regardless, the record is definitely one of the best i have heard this year. probably only number two or three too strand of oaks’ pope killdragon or futurebirds’ hamptons lullaby.

good times, they disappear

<a href="">Good Times, They Disappear by The Choosy Beggars</a> (48)

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strand of oaks' "bonfire"

Posted by gregor on Thursday, July 29th, 2010

strand of oaks’ leave ruin is a record that for some reason i didnt put on my best of list last year, and thats criminal. some of the other ones, looking back, could and do take a back to seat to said record. its not an immediate “hey this is the greatest thing ever” kind of record, but damn does it catch fire once its fully digested. well, timothy showalter and his strand of oaks are back with a new, equally excellent record called pope killdragon. pope killdragon “suffers” from the same immediacy issues as leave ruin, but again damn once it hits its a phenomenal record. top ten contender for sure, and can almost guarantee it. its only avail on emusic right now, i believe and can be grabbed by clicking here. here is a recent daytrotter session for your listening/downloading pleasure.

bonfire (47)

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