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the only sons' "lay back down" video, etc…

top of the evening! well, actually its only 5.37 but that damn daylight savings time makes it seem like its about 10. i hate daylight savings time. the above video, i didnt even know existed. the song is from their 09 and most excellent release, steel hearts – its free via their site, btw. they also have a kickstarter project going on, as you can see below, they finished their follow up, but need help with i believe the mastering. so, if you can help out, please do so. they’re part of the glossary clan, and kent, the singer, was part of the house party tour that rolled through new orleans a while back. he couldnt be a nicer dude, and i am assuming the rest of the band are of the same character.

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free record alert: the only sons' steel hearts

photo by j. anne

along with gathering of glossary folks at the show the other night there was a tall young man by the name of kent. kent as it turns out is in the band the only sons, and was along for the ride, helping fill out the sound and singing some of his own songs. he was a sweetheart of a guy, but admittedly was skeptical. then again, he was hanging with a band i have the utmost respect for, so i figured he probably had something hidden up his rolled up sleeve. i was standing next to their tag-along corey when kent busted out his first song, and i just looked at him, corey, and nodded, corey nodded back. for the record, corey may be their manager or something, i just never bothered asking but he seems to go everywhere with em. he’s an awesome dude, btw. regarding that nod, it meant “yeah this kid is good,” but you probably picked up on that already. anyway, the only sons’ 09 release steel hearts is that nod i just referred to, and then some. these kids got something here, and its fuckin solid, way solid. there’s no pretension, tomfoolery, just some good ol’ rock n’ roll songs of the southern variety in the vein of steve earle, glossary, two cow garage, slobberbone, etc. i could see these guys being huge, at least within the sect of folks that dig this kind of stuff – which includes me. highly, highly recommended. oh, and to make things even sweeter, you can download steel hearts for free via their site. you can also find em on facebook.

lay back down
stranger here myself

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