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i am sure this has been passed around like a freshman co-ed at a delta tau kegger by now, but if you are anything like me and dont make your way to too many blog-o-sphere urls then here be the first single from jenny lewis’ upcoming record, acid tounge. she got a shit load of cool peoples to help her out this time around, including, but not limited to: elvis costello, chris robinson, m ward, benji hughes, zooey deschanel, etc. so far it sounds like in the same vein as her rabbit fur coat – which is an absolutely gorgeous record and one of my favorites from 06 or was it 07. on the flipside, i still dont care for rilo kiley…

acid tounge is out on 9.23

acid tounge

jenny lewis site

i really got nothing for you up here today

can one or two of you fine peeps do me a solid? i am testing out this new theme but i seem to be having an issue when viewing it with internet explorer. for those of you using ie, can you either confirm or deny that when you click on a single post, the sidebar is all the way at the bottom of the page? kisses, greg.

oh, yeah if you are looking for an internship and are in the new york area domino records is looking for someone. they are saying that you must be available at least one full day a week, be committed to at least a 3 – 6 month internship, have a knowledge of their catalogue, friendly, focused, blah blah and you must get virtually hard or wet at that prospect of working at domino. if this sounds exciting and you think you are more than capable, email them at radio@dominorecordco.com

i forgot to mention that the teenage prayers are playing at star bar, atlanta, tomorrow evening as part of the atlantis music fest. check em out and report back.

if you are a new yorker, please do go check beirut’s two performances as part of the wordless music series. well, in this case there will be words, but thats really not the point. tonights show is at the brooklyn masonic temple and their performance on the 24th is at ny society for ethical culture. tickets are a measely 25 bucks and doors open up @ 6.30. upcoming participants in the series are grizzly bear on 11.3 and fat cat recording artist max richter, who is making his first ever us concert appearance.

wordlesss music

i cant say i was a huge azure ray fan, but i was a big fan of the ladies of azure ray – orenda fink in particular. well, azure ray is no more, but fear not orenda has a new band, art in manila, and a new record, set the woods on fire, out now saddle creek. art in manila are out on tour, right now, with rilo kiley. orenda will be pulling double duty during the tour as not only the leading lady of art in manila but a member of rilo kiley during their performances.

set the woods on fire

the abomination

art in manila myspace

check out this outtake from 1900’s cold and kind entitled “everybody’s got a collection.” cold and kind comes out on 10.2 and they are playing a few shows with oakley hall. check their myspace page for dates, including info on the record release party at the empty bottle on the 12th.

everybody’s got a collection

the 1900’s myspace

on a presumably cold night this past february in chicago, the men of backyard tire fire took the stage for a sold out show at the double door. that show featured the band playing their most excellent vagabonds and hooligans in its entirity. didnt make it to the show? no problem, they have the entire show available for download on their site, for free bitches! they are starting a fall tour on oct 5 at the university of illinois and along the way they will share the stage with jason isbell, craker, lynyrd skynard, and phonograph. check their site for exact dates. here are a couple of tracks from the show..

vagabonds and hooligans


backyard tire fire site

here is a very cool comp of the originals of some of the more popular nirvana covers. even i have never heard the original “love buzz.” another idea i had been playing with but yet have been to lazy to get around to. someone is always one step of me, or is much more ambitious than yours truly.

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did you just call me coltrane?

you can listen to the first single off rilo kiley’s upcoming release under the black light over at stereogum. cant say that i am particularly thrilled by it but heres hoping its a grower.

on paper the phantom family halo sounds like they should be awesome considering their lineage, members of slint – yay! – the for carnation – awesome – and dead child – who? although this is a bit misleading cause michael mcmahan, who was(is) in the for carnation toured with slint during their recent reunion tour. so, he wasnt part of the original lineup. still i guess thats cool cause the for carnation are great. so, with all this in mind i expected at least mid level great things from the phantom family halo. maybe its just my mood but the two tracks i listened to did absolutely nothing for me. again, it could be my mood cause i feel like i should really dig em.

black river

lady blue

you can stream the legend of black six here

the play tonite @ scolaris office and on saturday at either a place called house party or an actual house party, i dont know, but both shows are in san diego. they got a bunch of other tour dates comin up.

the phantom family halo myspace

on the other end of the musical diggin spectrum is the mabuses. i havent read anything about em cause there isnt anything available in the way of information. what i do know is that they gots a new record, mabused, out now and if you dig any of the bands that make up the e6 collective then you should, in your right mind, dig the mabuses.



the mabuses myspace

on september 7, 1971 van morrison played a gig in sacramento and here is that performance. its an absolutely beautiful recording and performance.

this can now be found here.

1. dead or alive

2. moonshine whiskey

3. you’re my woman

4. these dreams of you

5. domino

6. call me up in dreamland

7. blue money

8. buona sera

9. into the mystic

10. i’ve been working

11. fridays child

12. just like a woman

van and the band “caravan”


early concert warning for atlanta! rilo kiley are playing at the variety on sept 29 in support of their new unreleased record under the blacklight. under the blacklight is set to be released on aug 21. check the rilo kiley site for dates and pics of jenny.

if you are not in the atlanta area and are up for a roadtrip next weekend, july 25 -28, you could do much worse than wast your weekend in athens @ the 10th annual summer fest and blue ribbon ball hosted by team clermont. the blue ribbon ball, yeah its sponsored by every hipsters beverage of choice pabst, is an actual prom like event. what would a prom be without some spiked punch, an actual prom photographer, balloons and streamers, and some of the artists doing some cheesy ass covers? sounds like a grand time to me, and i might actually try to make it over there. for 2007, the sexy theme of the ball is james bond. yeah get it? 007. awesome! oh, yeah theres also a kickball game going on sometime during the weekends. i used to kick total ass at kickball. i had quite the leg on me it was pretty well known within my zipcode.

the main headliner is chicagoan and all around character, bobby conn. i never was able to get into any of his records but he is very entertaining in a live setting. shows will be going on all weekend at the 40 watt, caledonia lounge and go bar! a few of the artists taking part this year include starlight mints, summer hymns, ladybug transistor, deerhunter, bottom of the hudson, alina simone and more! heres a sampling of the artists.

pumpkin – starlight mints

going numb – tin cup prophette

spring hall convert – deerhunter

handwriting – bottom of the hudson

start swimming – summer hymns

skeleton key – a northern chorus

king for a day – bobby conn

check the team clermont blue ribbon info page for tickets, show times, etc.

the antlers is 21 year old peter silberman and the music he creates is quite glorious. its damn kids like this that make me sick. only 21 and creating stuff that is way beyond the paltry sum of his years. who the hell does he think he is? why i oughta!!!! anyway, his 5th release in the attic of the universe reminds me of sparklehorse cross bred with chin up chin up and then mated with arcade fire. its being re-released, after initially being offered for free, via fall records sometime this fall. in the mean time you can stream it on his site.

the universe is going to catch you

on the roof

stairs to the attic

when you sleep – my bloody valentine cover

the antlers site / myspace / fall records

i was 9 years old in 1983 and on aug 1 of that year the replacements played at fitzgeralds in houston. my age during that time really has nothing to do with anything, just thought i would mention. this particular performance is quite an interesting listen. it sounds as if there are like 5 people in the audience cause there’s alot of interaction between the mats and the audience. this is going to be a two post affair since its 33 tracks long. the remainder will be posted later this evening.

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i love jenny lewis and/or how i deal with rilo kiley

jenny lewis reminds me a lot of the two face chick from seinfeld. sometimes she looks really freakin hot and to steal a phrase from joey lawrence “whoa!” but not in a good way. i could spend forever in her bosom, thats for damn sure. her 06 release rabbit fur coat with the watson twins is definitely in my top 10 of the year. no rilo kiley record has done much for me in all honesty. i like about half and then the other just falls flat. here is rilo kiley on none other than the current 89.3 from 5.16.05.

this can now be found here

1. talk

2. more adventurous

3. talk

4. ripchord

5. talk

6. potions for foxes

7. talk

Rabbit Fur Coat