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radiohead live in berlin, 7.4.2000

Posted by gregor on Sunday, September 22nd, 2013


dammit, sunday, already?!??! eh, could be worse, i suppose? not sure how much worse, but it could always be worse. i’ve never been shy about my love for radiohead. although, i fall into the i really dig their music, but dont necessarily think they’re the second coming of whomever. they do what they do, and they do it really really really well. anyway, this hear recording is amazing. if am not mistaken this was recorded a couple of months before kid a was released – i am too lazy to look up the actual release date.

dont feel like downloading the invidiually? here’s the entire thing in zip form – clicky here.

1. optimistic
2. morning bell
3. karma police
4. national anthem
5. in limbo
6. no suprises
7. iron lung
8. dollars and cents

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cmj sampler 2003

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

firstly, i was really surprised to see that cmj was still around, but it doesnt appear they actually are in the magazine business – the old business model. i subscribed for years from maybe like 93ish to maybe 2000? anyway, happy to see they’re still around even though they’ve been really out of my brain since the end of my subscription. i knew they still did the cmj conference thing, but thought that may be in name only. either way.. its interesting to see who they, or the labels in this case capitol was pushing back in 03. most surprising name on here is of course, verbena – mr a.a. bondy’s first band. i, of course, know they made the jump after what i consider to be one of the best debuts ever, souls for sale, which was released on merge in 1997. anyone ever hear of marjorie fair? yeah, me neither.

1. starsailor – silence is easy
2. radiohead – fog (live)
3. doves – your shadow lay across my life
4. dilated peoples – marathon

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radiohead live at the corn exchange, 11.6.95

Posted by gregor on Sunday, September 25th, 2011

arent these lads on colbert this week, or did that already happen? did i miss the memo on exactly why they’re playing colbert, and more specifically an hour? dont get me wrong, its all good with me, but just a wondering? anyway, this particular performance happened in cambridge, uk and was a radio broadcast.

1. the bends
2. bones
3. anyone can play guitar
4. bulletproof
5. planet telex
6. bishop robes
7. my iron lung
8. blow out
9. fake plastic trees
10. nice dream
11. street spirit
12. stop whispering
13. you

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radiohead live at huddersfield university, 11.11.92

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

howdy! dont got much time at the moment but figured i would throw this out there. btw, have you guys heard the new hold steady? what you think? i have and at this point, i am unsure how i feel about it. i think i like it better than the last one, but through my first few listens i found it just kind of there and didnt really raise my level of emotional involvement at all.

1. anyone can play guitar
2. prove yourself
3. you
4. creep
5. how do you
6. million dollar question
7. faithless
8. ripcord
9. blow out

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in london, it is illegal to flag down a taxi if you have the plague.

Posted by gregor on Friday, September 12th, 2008

here is an awesome soundboard of radiohead’s performance at the outside lands fest in golden gate park in san francisco on 8.22.08. sorry no zip/rar today.

1. 15 step

2. reckoner

3. airbag

4. there there

5. all i need

6. nude

7. talk show host

8. national anthem

9. karma police

10. videotape

11. weird fishes

12. idioteque

13. karma police

14. jigsaw falling into place

15. just

16. exit music

17. bodysnatchers

18. everything in its right place

19. green plastic trees

20. pyramid song

21. you and whos army/paranoid android

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note to self: remember to get ass wart cream for giant wart on my ass

Posted by gregor on Friday, April 4th, 2008


dont have time for much today, for as this gets pushed out to the internets i will be most likely shopping for baby car seats or if i have any kind of luck enjoying a mid-afternoon beer. most likely its going to be the former though. only one month until we add number two into the van dyke clan. yeah… until tomorrow…

here is a radiohead boot commonly referred to as ground control to major thom. btw, apparently they set up some kind of social networking thingy.

tracks 1-10 recorded live @ hammerstein ballroom on 12.18.97

tracks 11-14 bbc radio one ‘evening session” recorded at maida vale studios, Llondon, 5.28.97

track 15-16 studio outtakes

1. karma police

2. the bends

3. exit music

4. subterranean homesick alien

5. my iron lung

6. no surprises

7. bones

8. paranoid android

9. fake plastic trees

10. street spirit

11. no surprises

12. talk show host

13. climbing up the walls

14. exit music

15. just

16. nobody does it better

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murdock… i'm coming to get you!

Posted by gregor on Sunday, January 13th, 2008


i have hated the cowboys since i was like 12 but i have disliked the giants since i was about 16. so, i am in a bit of a quandary right now cause if it were up to me neither team would win. in the end, i think i hate the cowboys just a little bit more. cant believe the colts went and fucked it up the way they did. phillip rivers annoys the shit outta me.

here is radiohead live glastonbury on 6.28.97.

1. lucky

2. my iron lung

3. airbag

4. planet telex

5. exit music

6. nice dream

7. paranoid android

8. karma police

9. creep

10. climbing up the walls

11. no surprises

12. talk show host

13. bones

14. just

15. fake plastic trees

16. you

17. the tourist

18. high and dry

19. street spirit

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i eat tofu tuna, brad!

Posted by gregor on Sunday, October 14th, 2007

fuck! i just woke up about an hour ago, and am much too lazy and tired to go to see band of horses. on the bright side, i just did wolf down a shit load of manischewitz brand matzo ball soup. it was awesome. perfect meal for a cool night in georgia.

i wasnt going to post this, but i figured a lot of you would dig it. it’s the second half of the radiohead acoustic compilation i got. this portion was recorded on 2.6.03 at musique plus studios in montreal.

1. karma police

2. everything in its right place

3. there, there

4. i will

5. no surprises

6. a punch up at a wedding

7. sail to the moon

8. go to sleep

there, there (acoustic)

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ive got a prostate the size of a honeydew and a head full of bad memories

Posted by gregor on Thursday, October 11th, 2007

for those of you having issues downloading from here, i am assuming that the majority of you are using safari? for some reason captains dead doesnt like safari much and doesnt play nice. any other browswer that runs on a mac, of any kind, should work. i have tested opera, flock, firefox and ie and they all work fine. all apologies, but i have no idea how to fix it. you really shouldnt be using safari anyway. i find that opera and flock actually work the best. at least on my mac.

tomorrow evening, the 12th, in atlanta nickel creek and bela fleck play at the variety and caribou play at the earl. i have yet to hear caribou’s latest, andorra, but i was a pretty big fan of up in flames. dont know why i havent gotten around to listening to andorra yet? anyone dig it, hate it, meh? here is the first single.

melody day

daytrotter has an interview with dan didier and davey von bohlen, maritime, regarding their newest, and best, record, heresy and the hotel choir. they, of course, offer up a few daytrotter session exclusives.

for some reason, i kinda like chicago’s walter meego. there’s something oddly endearing about em that pushes aside my normal aversion to their kind of beats driven, dance rock type thing. i mean, i really really dislike, typically, that sort of shit. alas, even my typical hard line stance against stuff can be swayed, from time to time.

allow me to get sidetracked for a second. from walter meego’s site i ventured over to clay hauck’s everyone is famous site. he takes great photos and i have been a fan for a while, but jesus christ, after perusing through a lot of his nightlife pics i started to feel really, really feel. not so much old as in my mindset, but old in the fact that i cant believe how little shit has changed in terms of getting fucked up. i know thats really vague, but if you are 30 or older and dont participate, on a regular basis, in the activities of your early – mid 20’s go take a look at everyone is famous and you may get a sense of what i speak. i got really tired just looking through the pics, but tried to envision myself still in that world. my liver would never, ever had made it.

random question: do raves still exist? those pics kinda remind of the early 90’s raves, only much, much whiter.

another side note, that wont make any difference to anyone. my wife used to to be the sous chef/chef at darkroom for 3 years. darkroom is featured prominently throughout everyone is famous. if you ever go to darkroom tell arunas, or rooney as i call him, i sent you. might get you a free beer or drink.

oh, yeah here are two walter meego tracks.

romantic from romantic single

almost a star – walter sees stars remix

walter meego’s got a few performances comin up. namely, two shows on the 20th in nyc. the first is harp’s dance party at the cake shop and then brooklyn vegan’s late night part at club 205. they play in chicago at sub t on the 24th.

walter meego site / myspace

athens’ ham 1 is like shootin the shit, drinkin some beers, and playing some epic games of dominos with your friends on a thursday evening. there’s nothing particularly exciting about it, but its nice, relaxing and comfortable. ham 1 is fronted by athens schoolteacher and songwriter, jim willingham, backed up by eric harris, olivia tremor control, on drums as well as contributions from the lovely liz durrett, kris barratt of the capes and pete erchick also of olivia tremor control. so, he’s got a virtual cornucopia of awesome athenites at his disposal. he doesnt let their individual talents go to waste. if you dig fellow athenites vic chesnutt and jack logan or even the late great link wray then ham 1 will definitely put you in the mood for those late night escapades.

their new self titled record is out now. me thinks.

white rat

hare lipped bust

i had a good idea, but it passed my mind

ham 1 site / myspace

in case you never listened to liz durrett here are a few tracks for you to enjoy.

husk from husk

perfect day – lou reed

how can i tell you – cat stevens

november – tom waits

the mezzanine from the mezzanine

liz durrett site / myspace

now, i like radiohead as much as the next guy, but i never really bought into the hype. i like em for what they are, a great rock band. nothing more, nothing less. with that said, in rainbows kinda blows. this is after only a few listens, but thus far not diggin it too much. i know i am not the only one that is mildly if not strongly disappointed.

here they are playing some acoustic numbers at electric lady studios 4.06.03

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new radiohead album details, etc

Posted by gregor on Monday, October 1st, 2007

soooo, radiohead has a new record coming out in 10 days?! its called in rainbows, you can order it here and apparently pay whatever you feel it is worth. if you feel its worth 10 bucks then thats what you pay, if you think its worth a penny and are cheap fuck then thats it. there’s a box set coming out in december that costs like 80 bucks or something, but it has a shit load of goodies with it. who knew?

i should mention that i scooped this about 3 hours before pfork. take that bitches!?

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