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hay, hay hay, rog! i wouldnt consider myself to be a fan of one lindsay lohan, but i am a fan of her rack and you can see said rack in all its bountiful glory @ egotastic. she’s attempting to somehow channel marilyn monroe in ny mag, but if you ask me she’s just really, really been wanting to show off that rack.

the past week or so i have rekindled my love affair w/ toots and the maytals’ “pressure drop.” my first exposure to it, like probably most peeps my age was izzy stradlin’s version on his stones/faces inspired 92 debut, which if you have never checked out, you really, really should. here is both toots’ and izzy’s versions.

pressure drop toots and the maytals

pressure drop izzy stradlin and the ju ju hounds

you know i dont own one elvis costello record, but i have a few live sets that i listen to from time to time. so, for those who are familiar with his work, where should one start?

here is an fm broadcast from jay’s longhorn, courtesy of kqrs in minneapolis from 2.14.78.

1. waiting for the end of the world

2. no action

3. less than zero

4. the beat

5. the angels wanna wear my red shoes

6. this years girl

7. i dont want to go to chelsea

8. radio, radio

9. you belong to me

10. lipstick vogue

11. watching the detectives

12. pump it up

13. miracle man

that kid is back on the escalator again!

so, who’s takin bets on lohan in the death pool?

i cant ask for anything more out of a band than possessing the ability to transport me to another time and place. a time before bills, a mortgage, and responsibility ruled my world, which is why i usually fall back onto the early – mid nineties as my go to dream place. atlanta’s parade has such the ability and thank god for em. maybe its their guitar tunings/tones or the fact that lead parader carrie hodge sounds vaguely reminiscent of ex-throwing muse and belly singer, tanya donnelly – who i used to absolutely love. their new ep, answer me, is cool plain and simple. its smart without being pretentious and familiar without leaving the “i have heard this all before” aftertaste.

thats hott


yune from a red button

penelope shoes from a red button

they are doing a whole bunch of shows over the next few months including lennys, atlanta, on 8.3. check their myspace page for details.

parade site / myspace

i was kinda excited at first when i got this press release about russian rapper ivan ives and his teamin up with cappadonna from the wu. the more i read the less excited i became though. i was hoping for an actual russian instead of a guy that was born in mother russian but now lives in brooklyn. not to say he’s not russian, shit his name is ivan, but whatever. luckily, this track off of his sophomore disc iconoclast is pretty tight.

victory feat vast aire

ivan ives site / myspace

tonight is an interesting collection of beatles songs entitled the rhine river tapes collected and posted by a former user of etree called heyrickey. i dont know if they are demos or what but the shit is very cool. if anyone has any info on these please feel free to pass along. this will be a two parter, btw.

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i love you, not in a friendly way.

hopefully everyone had an excellent weekend. mine was uneventful other than the fact that i fucked up my lawnmower. i am not mechanically knowledgeable in anyway and i didnt know there is such a thing as too much of a good thing at least when it comes to putting oil in said lawnmower. i pretty much put the whole bottle of oil into the reservoir and apparently thats a big no no. i dont understand why the hell they would allow you to put that much in when all it calls for only such a small amount? i think its a damn conspiracy set in place by the lawn mower manufacturers and their cohorts to screw over dumbasses like myself who dont bother to read/follow proper operating instructions. its always someone elses fault!

you guys ever check out this woot type site called jellyfish? its really an interesting concept. i have only checked it out at night/early am but they offer up one item and it goes down like 5 cents per second until someone buys it. in between items they have a contest that requires you to pick what you think is going to be the least popular choice amongst people voting. last night someone one 170 bucks, which is kinda cool for not really doing anything. on the sidebar is a instant messaging type of random discussion going on between everyone watching “the show.” its really a time waster if nothing else.

anyone go see richard buckner @ the earl on saturday? of course i didnt go. cause thats the way i do shit. i talk about it and then dont follow through.

mark your calendars for monday, 8.13 for neko case at the tabernacle. dont expect to see me there either not cause i dont want to but i will be outta town in cambridge, maryland for the week. anyone live around there and can maybe fill me on some stuff to do in the area. we are staying at a house on the bay and maybe looking to get out and see a show or two in the general vicinity. so, if you got any info hook a brotha up will ya? thanks.

in other non related news. outside of thinking she is total fucking pain in the ass, i am still undecided if lindsay lohan hot or not? you tell me.

speaking of the lovely atlanta ladies in the coathangers, they gots a new self titled record coming out, if is not already out. i have really dug everything i have heard from em in the past and judging by the first single i dont see why my admiration should wane. imagine if you will a more playful but equally as serious sleater kinney – i know thats a pretty lazy comparison but its mostly true.

parking lot

stream the album here

the coathangers site / myspace / robs house records

“parking lot” live @ the earl


random song i used to be, and still kinda am, obsessed withslackjawed – the connells

on july 26, 1972 the rolling stones performed at madison square garden and here is that recording. this boot is commonly referred to as welcome to new york. tracks 1 – 6 are from the original tape and the rest are from the lp. the fine man commonly known as watchit on dime lovingly did some stuff do the recordings to make them sound as lovely as possible. thanks man!

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