joe pug “if i still cant be found” – new song


man, i cannot wait for this, this being joe pug’s new record windfall which is due out on march 10. im as excited about this as i am about the new american aquarium… the great despiser, his last record, was one of my favorite records from 2012? actually i think burn.flicker.die just beat out the great despiser that year. i cannot recommend his entire catalogue enough…

still one of my favorite videos on the youtubes!

joe pug live at the arts center in carrboro, nc on 6.10.09

photo stolen from npr/brian blauser

btw, if you click that photo credit link you’ll get to listen to joe playing on mountain stage, pretty cool stuff. here we have a lovely recording taken from the arts center in carrboro, nc on 6.10. thanks to dan, the original taper, and you can grab it in flac, here. if, for whatever reason, you have not checked out any of joes stuff, i cant recommend enough esp last year’s record, the great despiser. if you dont feel like spending any money, you can still download, for free, his in the meantime ep by clicking here.

1. tuning
2. how good are you
3. hymn #35
4. talking – i used to live in chapel hill
5. i do my fathers drugs
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joe pug "hymn #76"

so, mr joe pug just released his second full length record, the great despiser, in fact it was just released last tuesday. i have been listening to non-stop since, and while other pug stuff had been good throughout, the great despiser is everything i knew he could create. a solid record, front to back, and shit this is only his second record. i can only imagine what he’s gonna be putting out when he’s put of 4 or 5 records? this dude is the real deal, which i have been saying for a while now, and should be getting all sorts of press, but sadly i havent seen too much. either way, the great despiser should definitely be on the top of your list to listen to, or at least top 5. definitely top 10 material. oh, and he worked with one of my favorite producers, brian deck who was in red red meat, and has worked with califone and isaac brock’s ugly cassanova.

you can grab a free sample of some of his other stuff down there, including one of my favorite songs of the past few years “not so sure.” you can buy the great despiser via his site or amazon or itunes or your local record shop, im assuming.

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joe pug live at the cactus club, 11.6.10

top of the morning. i have been re-emerging myself into joe pug’s messenger as of late, and i have come to the conclusion that its much more solid than i initially thought it was. i never did a favorite songs of 2010, but his “not so sure” was just behind newsom’s “good intentions paving company” as my two favorites of the year. anyway, here he is playing at the cactus club in austin on 11.6.10. you can grab the flac version here and much love to aaron, the original taper – its a soundboard btw. you can still grab his in the meantime ep for free via his site, link up there, and i cannot recommend it enough. all you have to do is give him an email address and its yours. you can also buy messenger there too, again recommended.

the whole she-bangs – aka the entire show in zip form

1. the door was always open
2. nobodys man
3. disguised as someone else
4. unsophisticated heart
5. banter
6. i do my fathers drugs
7. nation of heat
8. banter
9. a thousand men
10. call it what you will
11. banter
12. how good are you
13. hymn 35
14. banter
15. hymn 101
16. banter
17. not so sure
18. bury me far from my uniform
19. banter
20. speak plainly diana
21. banter
22. to ohio (low anthem cover)

joe pug's "not so sure" video

i know ive probably posted this before, but i felt it needed revisiting. while i think pug’s the messenger is kind of hit or miss, definitely more hit than miss, this song is makes up for any miss on said record. lyrically its one of the best ive heard in a long long time, especially “i bummed expensive cigarettes, i wrote john steinbeck’s books, i undressed someones daughter then complained about her looks.” that last line hits me especially hard for some reason, mainly cause i, at one time, was probably guilty of it. in fact i know i was….

joe pug's "bury me far from my uniform"

before i get out of here, this just popped up in the ol inbox. this being joe pug’s “bury me far from my uniform” which he is giving away in honour of memorial day. below you’ll find joe performing said song for my old kentucky blog’s laudro matinee. here’s what joe had to say about the song…

“Often songs are difficult to write but, once written, easy to release,” explains Pug. “That was certainly not the case with ‘Bury Me Far (From My Uniform).’ The song nearly wrote itself and yet I released it with great reluctance. There is a certain reverence that any decent person affords soldiers and their sacrifices. I was, and remain still, troubled that this song might violate that decency. Having never served myself I’m not always sure whether it is inspiring or insulting. I’ve certainly gotten my fair share of both reactions. In the end, the song stands on its own, and the distinction is yours to make.”

bury me far from my uniform

Bury Me Far From My Uniform” by Joe Pug

I was fallen dead in battle,
must have been Tuesday,
I don’t know the date.
I gave everything everyone asked for,
But I say where I’ll be laid.
The many dead of my comrades,
All look the same in this place.
Won’t you bury me far from my uniform,
So God might remember my face.

Do not bother with Congress,
With the rich,
Or with the rest.
I fought their battles in this world,
But I will not fight for them in the next.
Do not find me justice,
Just find me a grave.
And then bury me far from my uniform,
So that God might remember my face.

Oh my mother,
You’ll weep and you’ll crumble,
Take me out of your dreams that I’m in.
I can’t take another what’s not,
I’m sick to hear what could have been.
I’ll not return to your table,
So don’t save me a place.
Just bury me far from my uniform,
So God might remember my face

I’m not a cause, not a Christ, not a ransom.
I’m not a reason, I’m not a debate.
And I swear that I’m no one’s example.
I’m not a number,
I’m not a crusade.

War is older than mankind,
But it’s younger than grace.
Won’t you bury me far from my uniform?
From the iron cross medals I would have worn.
From the statues that sisters and widows mourn.
From the newspaper clippings and microform,
From Geneva, the Hague and Nuremberg
From the sex of this world that I’ll no longer taste.

Won’t you bury me far from my uniform?
So God might remember my face.
I know God will remember my face.
Merciful God, please remember my face.

joe pug's "the sharpest crown"

hey, joe pug has a new recording come out in the middle of this month on the 16th which he has chosen to call, messenger. his free and most excellent, in the meantime ep, has been in heavy rotation the past few weeks, and i gotta admit that i was wrong to not include “in the meantime” on my list of favorite songs that didnt appear in my top ten – you can read about them here. again, messenger comes out on 2.16 via lightning rod records and check below for the tour dates and of fucking course theres no new orleans date….

the sharpest crown
in the meantime off in the meantime

2/ 4 – Ft. Collins, CO, Hodi’s Half Note
2/ 5 – Breckenridge, CO, Colorado Mountain College
2/ 8 – Phoenix, AZ, Rhythm Room
2/ 9 – San Diego, CA, The Loft at UCSD w/ Justin Townes Earle
2/ 11 – Los Angeles, CA, The Echo w/ Justin Townes Earle
2/ 12 – Santa Cruz, CA, The Crepe Place w/ Justin Townes Earle
2/ 13 – San Francisco, CA, Great American Music Hall w/ Justin Townes Earle
2/ 14 – Portland, OR, The Doug Fir w/ Justin Townes Earle
2/ 15 – Seattle, WA, The Tractor Tavern w/ Justin Townes Earle
2/ 16 – Vancouver, BC, Biltmore w/ Justin Townes Earle
2/ 18 – Salt Lake City, UT, The State Room w/ Justin Townes Earle
2/ 19 – Denver, CO, The Bluebird w/ Justin Townes Earle
2/ 20 – Telluride, CO, Sheridan Opera House w/ Justin Townes Earle
2/ 23 – Iowa City, IA, The Mill w/ Justin Townes Earle
2/ 24 – Champaign, IL, Canopy Club
2/ 25 – St. Paul, MN, The Turf Club w/ Justin Townes Earle
2/ 26 – Madison, WI, High Noon Saloon w/ Justin Townes Earle
2/ 27 – Chicago, IL, Lincoln Hall w/ Justin Townes Earle
2/ 28 – Detroit, MI, The Magic Stick w/ Justin Townes Earle
3/ 1 – Toronto, Canada, TF Royal w/ Justin Townes Earle
3/ 2 – Buffalo, NY, The Mowhawk w/ Justin Townes Earle
3/ 3 – Keene, NH, The Starving Artist
3/ 4 – Alston, MA, Great Scott w/ Justin Townes Earle
3/ 5 – New York, NY, Bowery Ballroom w/ Justin Townes Earle
3/ 6 – Philadelphia, PA, Johnny Brenda’s w/ Justin Townes Earle
3/ 7 – Alexandria, VA, The Birchmere w/ Justin Townes Earle