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elephant micah “by the canal”

Posted by gregor on Thursday, January 22nd, 2015


been a big fan of joe aka elephant micah for years now, and cant wait to hear this one entitled where in our woods which was just released couple days ago. buy it via his bandcamp page. this could be a top ten contender or i am hoping that it is.


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you should be listening to: elephant micah's louder than thou

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

in my humblest of opinions, i dont believe there are many artists out there that put out extraordinary material as much as joe o’connell aka elephant micah does on a consistent basis. i dont know how many people are aware of his work, but they should be. in fact i believe i did a “you should be listening to elephant micah” post a couple years back. hopefully, at least a few of you took the plunge.


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elephant micah "if i were a surfer"

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

wanna talk about an artist i think everyone should be listening to? in fact i did a post a couple years back proclaiming exactly that. you should be listening to joseph o’connell and his elephant micah. well, joe has a new record coming out on 1.31.12 entitled louder than thou on what i think may be his own product of palmyra label – if its not, all apologies. i, for one, cant wait to hear this, as joe is pure gold in my book. seriously, if you dig the likes of mark kozelek or jason molina, you may even like elephant micah more. i dont think i could pay a higher compliment to any artist.

if i were a surfer
malaysia (690)

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you should probably be listening to elephant micah

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009


it seems as if i have heard the name elephant micah for maybe 6-7 years now, and up until about a year ago i had never bothered to check him out. a conversation with kyle from travel by sea prompted me to check out joe o’connell’s elephant micah. it was during this conversation that kyle stated, quite adamantly mind you, that elephant micah was one of, if not his favorite artist – apologies to kyle if he didnt say that but im pretty damn positive he did. regardless of what was said, shortly after our conversation, i downloaded his elephant micah and the agrarian malaise, for free, off his website – after one listen i paypaled ten bucks. he has 6-7 records available for free download, but im sure he would appreciate the donation.

his music is beautiful in its simplicity, just him, his guitar, maybe some other sparse instrumentation, and a shitload of lyrics that are honest and heartfelt – hate that phrase but im too lazy to come up with something more fitting. its been a year, and all ive listened to is the above mentioned record. not too sure why i havent delved deeper into his catalogue, but i’ll get around to em one of these days. so highly recommended!

he’s got a new record out called exiled magicians on third uncle records.

riyl: songs ohia, palace brothers/will oldham, lou barlow, neil young

all of these are off elephant micah and the agrarian malaise
dont say no
distortion thats golden

detailed cathedral

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