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on golden smog

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, May 7th, 2008


top of the morning, peoples. any of you see iron man this weekend? i did and it was every bit as awesome, if not more, than the trailer led me to believe it was going to be. i also happened to watch a little documentary called the king of kong: fistful of quarters. it helped me develop an even greater hatred for billy mitchell, who if you dont know is the only person to get a perfect score on pac man and btw he is a fucking asshole douchebag. i definitely recommend checking out both flicks, both for obviously different reasons.

hey, will oldham and his bonnie prince billy moniker has a new record, lie down in the light, coming out shortly on drag city. you can pre-order it here. here’s a demo of “so, everyone” which is on lie down in the light.

so, everyone (demo)

will oldham myspace

i really dug the first two clinic records, internal wrangler and walking with thee, but havent listened to anything since. mostly due to the fact that i heard they were crap. they got a new one coming out shortly entitled do it and i am really liking the single so i may have to check it out. anyone hear it as of yet?

the witch

clinic site / myspace

as far as i am concerned there have been only two supergroups worth the weight of their collective egos. the first and probably the greatest being the traveling wilburys and second are these fine collection of men, golden smog. as i sit here i am trying to think of other supergroups and for the life of me, cant. probably better off that way. i know there has to be more, though. wasnt their some metal supergroup in the late 80′s that don dokken may have been apart of? lets not forget about the ted nugent and tommy shaw collaborative, damn yankees. yeah..

here they are, golden smog, @ cat’s cradle on 4. 18.96

1. intro

2. v

3. ill fated

4. glad and sorry

5. yesterday cried

6. walk where he walked

7. signed d.c. (love)

8. backstreet girl (rolling stones)

9. nowhere bound

10. (what’s so funny ’bout) peace, love and understanding (nick lowe)

11. he’s a dick

12. pecan pie

13. friend

14. hanging on the telephone (blondie)

15. the most beautiful girl (charlie rich)

16. won’t be coming home

17. love and mercy (brian wilson)

18. red headed stepchild

19. radio king

20. she dont have to see you (bobby patterson)

21. five years (bowie)

22. powderfinger (neil young)

23. i dont care (440)

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