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drink a lot of soda so they call me dr. pepper

Posted by gregor on Monday, June 30th, 2008

mc breed.aint no future in yo frontin gotz to chill

public the time i get to arizona

tribe called quest.we got the jazz/buggin out

a tribe called quest.scenario

ice jack hustler – pretty nsfw


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work these hands to bleed cause i got mouths to feed

Posted by gregor on Sunday, June 29th, 2008

hmm, this was supposed to be posted like 10 hours ago. not too sure what happened. anywho…

here is what is commonly referred to as the “destroyer sessions,” and featured david rawlings and gillian welch. it is believed that these tracks were laid down a few days before mr adams began work on heartbreaker.

1. born yesterday

2. dreaming’s free

3. poison & the pain

4. no disguise

5. rainy days

6. statuettes with wounds

7. string and the wire

8. hey, mrs. lovely

9. nighttime gals

10. in my time of need

11. bartending lines

12. memories of you (false start)

13. memories of you

15. time (the revelator) (476)

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lucero @ the loft, 9.9.05

Posted by gregor on Sunday, June 29th, 2008

ok, i can still make it. i think i only have 3 to go to make it to 24 posts within 24 hours.

here is lucero @ the loft in atlanta on 9.9.05.

1. across the river

2. aint so lonely

3. tonight aint gonna be good

4. raisin hell

5. kiss the bottle

6. nights like these

7. sixteen

8. sweet little thing

9. that much further west

10. slow dancing

11. bikeriders

12. chain link fence

13. i’ll just fall

14. blue and gray

15. joinin the army

16. last night in town

17. little silver heart

18. my best girl

19. anjalee

20. tears dont matter much

21. nobodys darlings

22. the last song

23. the war (428)

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the widespread reign of the great northwest

Posted by gregor on Sunday, June 29th, 2008

the great northwest’s debut the widespread reign of is slowly lulling me into a state of wishing i had some weed. i am absolutely serious, i really wish i did. there’s an ebb and flow to this record that is very trance inducing like. each song seems to seamlessly roll into the next. the widespread reign of reminds me of a more organic, calming ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space. i am going to be honest, just listening to the track below is not going to do much for ya. you really need to hear the record in full. i am beginning the word of mouth, this needs to be heard.

the widespread reign of comes out on july, 29.

chief john

the great northwest myspace (2368)

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uncle tupelo live @ mississippi nights, 5.1.94 part two

Posted by gregor on Sunday, June 29th, 2008

thats right peoples! today be me 34th birthday. lame….

here is the remainder of the last tupelo show. i could have probably fit it into one post, but at this stage in the game i am getting a wee bit desperate.

14. high water

15. acuff rose

16. true to life

17. we’ve been had

18. give back the keys

19. everybody knows this is nowhere

20. whiskey bottle

21. looking for a way out

22. gimme three steps (539)

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uncle tupelo live @ mississippi nights, 5.1.94 part one

Posted by gregor on Sunday, June 29th, 2008

uncle tupelo’s last show on 5.1.94 in st louis at mississippi nights.

1. no depression

2. chickamauga

3. watch me fall

4. grindstone

5. satan your kingdom must come down

6. fifteen keys

7. the long cut

8. anodyne

9. new madrid

10. slate

11. atomic power

12. postcard

13. high water (656)

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it's annihilation time

Posted by gregor on Sunday, June 29th, 2008

oakland’s annihilation time are a juggernaut of ass kickery. dont push em, cause they will indeed kick your ass – well, at least sonically. their latest annihilation time III is a real heavy fuckin trip. what i find quite interesting about their blend of punk/metal is that they dont sound like 2008, or any recent times for that matter. regardless of time and place, their brand of loud/fast guitars and biting delivery will never go out of style, which kinda makes em timeless i suppose.

according to their myspace page, this is what they sound like. i found it fairly humourus and quite descriptive, to say the least.

Your mother puking after you’ve forced her at knife point to eat the feces of a 43 year old retarded homeless man (the knife, by the way, says “blood and honor” in German on it but dont ask us where it came from). Meanwhile someone is listening to a cummed-on copy of Deep Purple “In Rock” at 45 rpms at a volume thats way too loud. Also your mom pisses herself when she pukes and thats just pathetic.

splash back off annihilation time III

fast forward to the gore off bad reputation 7″

yuppie killer off annihilation time II

annihilation time site / myspace (365)

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the pogues on dutch radio, 3.22.87

Posted by gregor on Sunday, June 29th, 2008

i had been searching for the most disturbing shane photo i could find but opted for the one above. mostly due to the fact that i didnt want to put you all through that kind of emotional/optical torture.

here are the pogues on the dutch kro “op slag van maandag” which was broadcasted on 3.22.87, but performed on 12.1.86.

1. dj intro

2. the ballinalee

3. metropolis

4. dirty old town

5. greenland whale fisheries

6. repeal of the licensing laws

7. and the band played waltzing matilda

8. dj outro (500)

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alltruisms drops clusterbombs

Posted by gregor on Sunday, June 29th, 2008

ya know deep down inside i love hip hop, but as stated in many previous posts, i now have a bit a knee jerk reaction when approaching just about every hip hop record outside of the likes of aesop rock, el p, and mc’s of the like. i am particularly cautious of white mc’s, and really for no good reason. speaking of sir whitey mc, chicago’s alltruisms is releasing his debut lp, clusterbombs on 7.1 – this coming tuesday. i have only listened to these tracks but thus far i am definitely feeling his flow/beats/lyrical content.

nine digit #


the bird and the bees

alltruisms myspace

nine digit #


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noa babayof's from a window to a wall

Posted by gregor on Saturday, June 28th, 2008

i have actually been listening to isrealite noa babayof’s from a window to wall for about a week before i got an email regarding said record. which i was pretty psyched about cause that meant i could properly share a couple tracks with y’all. i dont think i have heard a voice as glorious and haunting as noa’s in many a year. simply put, the record is absolutely gorgeous and really quite romantic. nico, marianne faithful, joni mitchell and beth orton are a few ladies i would liken her to.

indian queen

marching band

noa babayof myspace

vogue – madonna cover


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Captains Dead Blog

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      May 21, 2015

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    • the mountain goats “the legend of chavo guerrero” – video
      May 20, 2015

      ive been a mountain goats fan for as long as i can remember, which is saying a long time. their new record, beat the champ, is one of my absolute favorite records of the year. i know they/him can be a bit hard to swallow, but give it a chance why dont ya? what else […]

    • hop along “powerful man”
      May 12, 2015

      just happened to be on the facebooks the other day, and legendary producer producer/engineer/etc john agnello posted a link to story about hop along. the lead to the story was something about hop along’s lead singer, frances quinlan, having the best voice in music. im here to tell ya that i have not been so […]

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