so many dynamos


if you were heartbroken when the fantastic dismemberment plan broke up, and thought travis morrison’s solo record was, eh lets say pretty shitty, fret not young (wo)man. if you say dismemberment plan, who? do yourself a favor and check em out. bringing it back on track, st louis, misery’s so many dynamos are here to fill that void. i am not saying that they are the dismemberment plan reincarnated, i am just saying. although the first track “search party” reminds me quite a bit of the spastic ways of the now defunct and captains dead favorite cap ‘n jazz. the follow up, flashlight, to their debut, when i explode, is set to “drop” on 9.12. i am sure a tour is to follow, since last year they played in all the contiguous 48 states, aptly dubbed 48 in ’05 .

search party

in every direction

in our sleep

check out their myspace page for more information

Emergency & I

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