revisiting: the lounge ax defense and relocation record

in 1994, i was 20, and as you know not old enough to get into bars, legally. well, on 10.1.94, i tempted fate, and tried my damnedest to get into the guided by voices show at lounge ax in chicago. it was, and in memroy still, a famed chicago place for shows. it was narrow, and didnt have the best sound, but still it was an institution. for the record, in case you didnt know, sue miller, jeff tweedy’s wife, was the owner of said establishment. anyway, guided by voices was performing there, and come hell or high water, i was going to be in there, 21 years old be damned! well, as it turns out, i was able to sidle my way into that gbv show, and it still stands as the best show i have ever witnessed. lounge ax crowds were notorious for being loud, and drunk but this night, you could hear a pin drop. they had everyone hanging on every lyric, every leg kick, every drop of sweat…

in 1996 as the area started to gentrify, not for the better, they released this disc to help for the relocation of lounge ax, but sadly it was never meant to be. there was talk, back then about relocating it to pilsen, but never happened. i was lucky enough to see/witness most of the last week’s festivities which were filled with everyone from the coctails to wilco. for a very good run down of the last week click here, and it still brings a lil tear to the ol eye. we were left with a disc full of awesomeness. here’s a few tracks from the lounge ax defense and relocation cd.

you stil may be able to buy it via touch and go

seam – the prizefighters
superchunk – fader rules
june of ’44 – rivers and plains

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6 thoughts on “revisiting: the lounge ax defense and relocation record

  1. Dave says:

    Have this disc- don’t forget tracks by the Rachels and Shellac, great tunes!

  2. gregor says:

    very true, dave, but i can only share so much w/o getting in potential trouble.

  3. Dave says:

    Good point, didn’t think about that potential issue : )

  4. MarkFromReno says:

    Thanks for posting this one. Still the best time I’ve ever had playing at a club (way back in ’95).

  5. erik says:

    man….this really makes me miss those days. i moved to chicago in 96, so i caught the end of the lounge ax era. the first show i saw there was the mekons. sally timms read penthouse forum letters for the whole show. then heading up to delilahs for some whiskey. also, i remember seeing wilco and the minus 5 at the abbey pub around this time. bought tickets at the door, so that was weird. sometimes i really miss that city.

  6. mark says:

    Do you know the song “The Night Chicago Died (Again)” by Minus 5? It’s about the death of the Lounge Ax; you would like it.

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