revisiting: jolene's in the gloaming

i seriously have zero to do today, and it feels good. one kid is addicted to minecraft, and the other one is delving into episodes of “dragon tales” cause she needs to catch up. so, thats leaving me with not much to do but spend time on the damn computer. sure, there is other stuff i could be doing, but the other stuff is kinda lame.

in 1998, jolene’s in the gloaming ruled my world. i have zero idea how they came into my view, but im sure as hell glad they did. im just trying to picture me somewhere in chicago in 1998, picking up this record. the only place i can think selling me this was the late/great chicago record shop, quaker goes deaf, which to this day still stands as my favorite chicago record shop – followed closely by hardboiled in roscoe village which, sadly, has closed. i was never a fan of reckless, in fact even though it was right down the street from me, i refused to shop there. so, really my choice of shops was either hardboiled or lauries, which is a great shop. im rambling, i know. regardless, north carolina’s jolene didnt really bring anything particularly “new” to the musical table but i loved em anyway. then again, who now-a-days is bringing particularly new shit to the world? everything is a regurgitation and dont try to tell me andy different. there’s only so many chords and way to play em, and only so many beats and how they’re laid down. i digress, big time. still, jolene and they’re mildly rem influenced sounds hold a special place in my ever blackening heart – which has nothing to do with my nicotine habit.

sadly, its pretty hard to find in the gloaming, but you can purchase it via amazon only via cd. they’re follow up release, antic ocean, which i am trying to find but am coming up empty, both in my own personal collection and online is even better, imo.

pull the weight, virginia (innocent lucille)

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