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Posted by gregor on Wednesday, November 18th, 2009


i’m not exactly sure where this year has gone, but im not too amused that thanksgiving is next week. i dont about the rest of you, but this year has really been a big blur for me. from getting settled in in new orleans, to my wife now working fulltime, to raising these god damn kids, to everything else life has thrown at me, its been the best of times, and well the worst of times. worst is a bit of overstatement but still there have been a few days….

still dont have the most awesome of info on this, but maybe a rem aficionado can chime in and fill me/us in on exactly this was released. this being a rem christmas record that was for fanclub members only.

you can have it all

1. parade of the wooden soldier
2. see no evil
3. good king wenceslas
4. academy fight song
5. ghost reindeer in the sky
6. summertime
7. baby, baby
8. christmas griping
9. where’s captain kirk
10. toyland
11. silver bells
12. christmas time is here
13. sex bomb
14. christmas in tunisia
15. wicked game
16. java
17. only in america
18. i will survive
19. ghostriders in the sky
20. have you ever seen the rain
21. ghost riders
22. dark globe
23. ghost riders in the sky (live)
24. funtime

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  1. Paul from the Who bootleg says:

    Thanks Greg! This appears to be a compilation of their Christmas fan club 45s. The track names have years and designate “a” or “b” side. I don’t know whether the band or someone else compiled it all. The last six cuts appear to be bonus material — I know that “Dark Globe” was on a flexidisc.

  2. blureu says:

    It appears to be a compilation of Christmas vinyl 7″ singles 1988-1996.

    Not sure where the last 6 tracks come from.

  3. “Funtime” is a stooges cover and while covered live in 1992 (famously at a small athens gig), google tells me it’s a bside from the “get up” single.

    “dark globe” is a syd barrett cover. yes, on a flexidisc for Sassy!

    the CCR cover of “have you ever seen the rain?” could be from anywhere, they covered it a ton.

    • gregor says:

      annie, you trying bust on me using that “google tells me?” thanks for the info. i should have notated the covers, but the lazy bastard i am opted not to. i was familiar with funtime and seen the rain, but dont belive i have ever heard dark globe.

      dave, thanks for the info as well, and the link should be fixed….

  4. Dave Morrison says:

    Gregor, I can echo the comments thus far that this is a chronologically presented compilation of the band’s Xmas fan club singles from 1988-96, but I’m pretty certain this will be a fan-compiled boot. ‘Dark Globe,’ however, did appear on an official release, in the UK at least, as one of two b-sides on the ‘Orange Crush’ 3″ CD single. By the way, the link for track 11, ‘Silver Bells,’ seems to be broken. A fix would be marvelous, sir! Thanks in advance, and have a great day.

  5. Ian says:

    Thanks a lot for this, might be one of my favorite posts on this site

  6. oops, i was totally not trying to be a jerk! apologies, it came off as so.

    i just love REM and this link! thanks!

  7. thevandalstookmyhandle says:

    Merry Christmas to us. THANK YOU!

  8. myboyblue says:

    Ho Ho Ho mother humpers!

  9. Jason says:

    Thanks! Had been searching for that cover of Buzzcocks “Ghost Riders” for awhile. Have some good holiday tunes for this year’s xmas cd now, too….

  10. Jason says:

    …oops – Ghost Riders was originally by Suicide

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