england in 1819 “pine” video

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

what we have hear is baton rouge’s england in 1819, and their video for “pine” which features the lsu tiger girls, the southern university marching band and the runnels 9th grade drama class. you can buy the single for a name your price deal via their bandcamp page and while your over there check out some of their other records.


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centro-matic “salty disciple” video

Posted by gregor on Monday, June 2nd, 2014

in case you havent seen it, here be the most awesome centro-matic video from the first single off my second favorite record of the year, thus far, take pride in your long odds. (1144)

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captains dead top 5 records of 2014: midway point edition

Posted by gregor on Thursday, May 29th, 2014

its just about june, and i think i have been doing this halfway point top 5 for more than a few years now. im a little early on a couple of these records aka centro-matic and the strand of oaks, but trust me they are worth the wait. there are a bunch of records coming out, or are already out, that may blow all of this all up. but here on may 29 here are my top 5 records of 2014, thus far. EDIT: i realize that i am a bit early on the whole “midway” point thing. eh who gives a shit?

1. hallelujah the hillshave you ever done something evil

2. centro-matictake pride in your long odds – pledge music campaign record due out on 6.3

3. sturgill simpsonmetamodern sounds in country music

4. lee bains III & the glory firesdreconstructed

5. strand of oaksheal due out 6.24


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drunken ramblings: hallelujah the hills’ have you ever done something evil

Posted by gregor on Thursday, May 29th, 2014


hallelujah the hills….. so here we are again. your 2012 record, no one knows what happens next, ended up at number 3 on my favorite records of that year. looking back, knowing what i know now about that record, it maybe should’ve been number one. you know why? i still listen to it all the fucking time. here’s their deal, you may listen to one of their records, once. thats fine, you do whatever you want, but if you’re paying attention at all, you’ll realize something is there, and you’ll keep coming back. they make music that is equivalent to crack. i have never tried crack, but ive seen some documentaries, so im pretty much an expert. that first listen, it will burrow into your brain, or soul, or wherever you keep the precious. you probably wont even realize that it has happened, and thats the beauty of hallelujah the hills. that first time, you may not be impressed, but theres that hook, or lyric that will bring you back. then from there, its not one lyric, its 10, its not one hook, but 20…. this has been my experience with this band. their newest, and definitely greatest, have you ever done something evil, admittedly took about 3/4 listens to understand and its no way as immediately as “accessible” as “no one…” but its in the fucking sauce! they are not a band you’re just going to throw on for a good time, even though its a hell of a ride, they just aint that kind of band. ryan walsh is a master lyricist, his lyrics may seem to mean nothing, sometimes at least, but they can absolutely crush you. you can look at it, and so “oh thats nice” or look a little longer, and be like “holy shit!” i think i said last year that they were hitting their stride, but with this record, i will say they are pulling away from just about every band out there. if it doesnt continue to be and end up my favorite record of the year, i would be so very very very surprised.

buy have you ever done something evil via their bandcamp page / like em on facebook or follow on twitter


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pinebocks “lena”

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014


according to their twitter bio, pinebocks, are chicago’s worst band, and the best band in the world. no matter how you look/listen to pinebocks, they make some damn fine music. well, they’ve, managed to at least make 2 great songs. i may even be able to do that, so its not really saying all that much, but i trust their talent more than mine. they just release a two song something via their bandcamp page, and i cant recommend it enough. you can pay 500 bucks for the two songs, perks includeded!, or if youre a cheap ass you can download it for free. they’re playing at one of my old favorite haunts, beat kitchen on 6.17. if youre in the area, do check them out.


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dearest best buy: go fuck yourself

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014


i apologize, in advance, for this kind of post, but i feel like i must tell my story about me and best buy. this may seem trivial but its the principle.

for christmas mac, my son, was bought a flat screen tv. nothing fancy, mind you, but it was better than the old 15 year old tube he was using, and he likes playing video games, etc. i can already see this is going to seem like a first world problem, but still, i hate getting ripped off nor do i want to see anyone else get ripped off from these fuckers. so, we bought him a 28″ tv for roughly 150 bucks. at checkout the young lady behind the counter asked if i wanted to purchase the warranty. now, usually i dont purchase such items cause they are typically a rip off. i asked what did it cover, she states its an extended 2 year warranty and also covers accidental damage. having kids, i figured the 30 bucks or whatever it was for the accidental damage aspect was a decent deal, as i dont have money to replace things, typically. i said yes, felt good about my purchase, and went about my way.

fastforward to a few months ago, mac was loving his tv, but somehow a cable got wrapped around the base and got pulled off the table. of course, the screen broke. i was pretty pissed at mac cause all along i had told mac that he had to be careful with his belongings cause we couldnt afford to replace anything he had that wasnt essential to his well being. in the back of mind i knew i had the accidental coverage, but i was going to make him sweat it out for a while. well that “a while” was about 3 months.

not knowing what the return/repair process entailed, i called my local best buy – store 495 in baton rouge. i spoke to a guy and told him my story, he looked up my acct and was told “yeah just bring it in, no problem,” was told it may take a week or so to get repaired but i was fine with that, obviously.

this past saturday, may 24, i made my way to said best buy with the tv in my arms. took a few minutes but a nice guy came to help me out. told him what happened, and everything was seemingly proceeding as planned. it all started to take a turn, when his face looked confusingly at the screen and then he walked to the back. im no dummy, and was starting to put two and two together, this was not going to end well. so he comes on out and tells me that my “warranty” is only an extended manufacturer warranty, and not an accidental damage warranty. this is where my rage begins to build. i tell him that i was told not once, but twice, by best buy employees that what i bought was also an “accidental damage” warranty too. i understand there is some personal responsibility here, but again, i was told twice, and i didnt even think to question it. so, i asked him to print out the warranty i purchased, so i could read it myself, or he could show me. after waiting a few minutes he brings back a printed out copy of all their warranties and just hands it to me. rage, increasing. again, i tell him my story, and he just stares at me blankly, and this is when some other geek squad member decides to add his two cents with “nope, what you have doesnt cover that.” so, i ask the guy exactly what does what i bought cover, and guess what the first thing out of his mouth was? he says accidental coverage! within a second, the second geek squad guy and some girl chimes in saying that was a slip of the tongue “nope, nope, nope,….” rage in full force. im trying to speak to them logically but their response at least a few times is “we are not responsible for what another employee told you, since we were not there” – im paraphrasing that a little bit, but the sentiment is the same.

i will admit, this is not my proudest moment, but i took the tv, looked to my left, no one was there, and chucked the tv about 25 feet. i believe i said something about all of them are a bunch of “fucking crooks and liars.” while i feel a bit guilty how it went down, i still stand by that statement. im very easy going, and it takes a lot to get me worked up, but their indifference to my situation especially since it was caused by not one, but two best buy employees, was quite troublesome. i understand companies are in the business to make money, but a hey “we apologize for the mix-up, maybe we can work something out” would have gone a long way. that didnt happen, obviously, and thus my outrage.

you suck, your employees suck, you deserve to rot in corporate hell!


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circulatory system “stars and molecules”

Posted by gregor on Monday, May 26th, 2014


pretty excited about this release, circulatory system’s mosiacs within mosiacs which is due out on 6.24 on cloud recordings. been a huge fan of all three of their previous releases, but even moreso of will cullen hart’s previous band, olivia tremor control. keep in mind thats not taking anything away from what he’s done with circulatory system, but olivia’s black foilage and music from the unrealized film script, dusk at cubist castle are both epic records. if you’ve never heard either, check out “i have floated” down there, and i recommend listening with headphones. anyway, circulatory system is also going to be on tour with neutral milk hotel this summer so make sure you check out the cloud recordings website.


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the tattered saints “last train”

Posted by gregor on Monday, May 26th, 2014


“last train” off their debut ep last train. find them on facebook / twitter / youtube


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wolf colony “beauty”

Posted by gregor on Monday, May 26th, 2014


you can listen to more wolf colony stuff via soundcloud or check out his site or follow on twitter.


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the valery trails “hollywoodland”

Posted by gregor on Monday, May 26th, 2014


“hollywoodland” off buffalo speedway which was released in april.
the valery trais site


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Captains Dead Blog

    • mogwai “teenage excorcists” – video
      November 26, 2014

      off their upcoming ep music industry 3 fitness industry 1, and apparently you can stream it via pitchfork but i dont every link to said site so hit up the mogwai site to take you there. (224)

    • bonnie ‘prince’ billy “new black rich” – video
      November 12, 2014

      shit, i didnt even know he had a new record out, but alas he does! its called singer’s grave a sea of tongues and out on drag city. (996)

    • hail mary mallon – bestiary (album stream)
      November 7, 2014

      i dont listen to too much new hip hop, but when i do aesop rock usually has a hand in it, somehow. hail mary mallon is aesop and rob sonic and dj big wiz. this record is hot as fuck! prob the best hip hop record ive heard well probably since the last aesop record. […]

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