austin lucas “alone in memphis” – video

Posted by gregor on Monday, January 13th, 2014

love this video, song, guy… definitely one of my favorite songs of the year, well 2013 that is, and off one of my favorite records of said year, stay reckless. buy it via amazon
you wont be disappointed…. captains dead guarantee (40)

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jason isbell / neko case on acl

Posted by gregor on Sunday, January 12th, 2014

in case you missed it, like i did, here’s the neko/isbell austin city limits show from last night. damn saints game, and beers took the wind out of my sails (60)

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beastie boys live in manchester, 12.6.04

Posted by gregor on Thursday, January 9th, 2014


top of the morning, or shit i guess late morning now. here we have a beastie’s fm broadcast from the uk in 04. its quite awesome…..

1. triple trouble
2. dont stop
3. the move
4. time to get ill
5. super disco breakin (125)

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party dolls “kindly leave”

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014


well, this is kind of exciting, at least to me, and probably/hopefully a lot of you folks. two of my favorite “newer” bands/artists, the district attorneys and ted stone got together to form party dolls. well, let me clear this up, party dolls are comprised of lead attorney and now lead doll, drew breskin along with frank keith iv and walker beard, tedo stone and jeremy wheatley of crooked fingers. the crew was assembled at last years valentines day show at athen’s caledonia lounge – the other members of the attorneys werent able to make it and thus party dolls was born. its kind of a supergroup, if you will. the record they recorded, which is due out one year to the date they played their first gig, love wars baby via this is american music. thus far i have listened to it a few times, and g’damn if it aint something special. me thinks i need a little more time to let it all sink in, but im damn near positive you’ll be hearing a lot more about love wars baby, from me and hopefully a lot of other folks in the coming days, month, year….


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water liars “i want blood”

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014


man, i am really freakin behind on shit. going to try to make up for my untimeliness; although, we both know that probably wont be happening. either way, water liars have a new record coming out in february and i believe its of the self titled variety. they put out one of my favorite records last year, wyoming, which was on the 21-30 list which was in no particular order. the first 20 were hard enough to order, and just didnt have the strength in me to do another ten. loving this song “i want blood,” and as you can imagine cant wait to hear the entire thing. their doing some touring, coming up, so make sure to check out their site to check to see if they’re coming to your neck of the woods. sadly, no baton rouge show…

water liars on facebook / twitter


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crooks on tape “if feelings mean a thing”

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014


ok, im back from the single life that was 10 days away from the wife and kids. i had planned on doing a ton of “blogging” but then grand theft auto 5 happened. in those ten days, i racked up prob 50-60 hours of playing time. was it worth it? debateable… but the game is freakin fantastic. definitely some of the most fun i’ve had playing a game in a long time.

anyway, so… ex-braniac and enon, john schmersal, has a new band out called crooks on tape, which also features ex-enon member rick lee and joy galvan. i was, and still am, a huge fan of braniac’s hissing prigs in static couture which came out in 96, but for whatever reason never listened to any of their other 3 records. then came enon and was a fan of all of their records, high society being my favorite. so it would make sense that i should dig crooks on tape, and while admittedly i havent listened to the entire thing as of yet, i have really dug what ive heard. their misra release, which came out in october is called fingerprint. def check it out if you were a fan of either of those bands, or just like new and good music…..


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captains dead’s favorite records of 2013: 21 -30 in no particular order

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

well, hidy ho, peoples! took a little bit of a break the past couple weeks due to the holidaze, etc. my mommy was in town for a week or so and we always got something going on. anyway, hope everyone had a lovely christmas, or if that aint your thang, i hope your life is just splendid. well i said i was going to do a top 30, and here are the remaining ten, which lazy ass me put them in no particular order. i am honestly kind of sick of putting numbers on things. with that said, i will be doing a top ten favorite songs of the year coming up today, or tomorrow. if i dont holla at you guys today, have an awesome but safe new years… i will be spending it alone with my beer, my grand theft auto v, cigarettes, and tears as my family is in florida until next week sometime. must be nice… fuckers


todd farrell jr & the dirty birdsall our heroes in live in vans


the imperial roostercluckaphony
santa cruz


the deep dark woodsjubilee


tedo stonegood go bad

cover_final_rgb_12 (1)

bill janovitzwalt whitman mall


brass bedthe secret will keep you


bottomless pitshade perennial


jeremy squireswhen will you go


water liarswyoming


phosphorescent - muchacho


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jason isbell’s “elephant” – videos

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

this wasnt too heartbreaking, at all… goddamn feelings. fuck cancer…. (43)

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a very glossary christmas

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

ha ha cant wait to watch this… bunch of awesome folks are in this, from what i hear (53)

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fort york at the garrison, friday, 12.20 – toronto

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

FORT YORK – When She Was Dead from Southern Souls on Vimeo.

if you happen to be in toronto this friday night, i know i wish i could be but screw that cold, you should probably hit up the garrison to check out fort york, wax atlantic and odd years. i have really gotten into fort york’s 2013 ep, the short season, which reminds me of a little bit of simon and garfunkel, which is always a great thing. i may be totally off on that comparison, but hey thats what i hear. the ep was released in january and is a follow up to their 2011 8 song record entitled feels like then, but plan on it very soon. fort york is made up of, kyle fulton – geetar and vocals, nick kewin on da bass, conor lavelle on vocals, acoustic guitar and banjo, his brother, rory on piano, harmonium and vox and dan lefebvre on percussion, all friends who unfortunately dont get to play many gigs cause they’re all work and/or go to school. you know adult stuff. so, this late december show has become a bit of a tradition, with this being either the third or fourth year they’ve done it. if i would have heard the short season a little sooner, or if i did a best ep of the year type deal, this would definitely be on it.

for more information on the show check out the facebook page
fort york on twitter

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