mercury rev “the queen of swans”


well slap my ass and call me shirley! a new mercury rev record! i have loved mercury rev for probably 20 years. jesus christ, 20 years?!?! if you have never heard deserter’s songs, i cannot, repeat, cannot recommend it enough. it is definitely one of the greatest records ever made. the new record is called the light in you and is being released 9.18. this song kicks all kinds of ass, and cannot fucking wait to hear the whole thing. read more about the record here via bella union.

if you have a spotify account, please do listen to this. i command you!

kent goolsby & the gold standard “outskirts of love” premiere


if you would have told me 5/6 years ago that kent goolsby would be making the kind of music he is now, i, honestly wouldn’t have been that surprised. when i first met kent, he was fronting the now defunct, but awesome band, the only sons. that was then, this is now. kent and his gold standard have a new record coming out on july 7 entitled, no substitute for handsome. its definitely music from a bye-gone era – see everly brothers, roger miller and leon redbone, but sounds completely contemporary. if you’re a fan of above mentioned artists and contemporaries justin townes earle, the devil makes three, etc, you will find yourself right at home with what kent it is laying down. although, in all honesty, i think he does it better. no substitute… was recorded at his home in nashville and was mixed and mastered by mr joey kneiser of glossary fame. i have been looking for a record like this for quite a while, and its no surprise that mr goolsby and band of merry men have produced such a record. definitely gonna be one of my favorites of 2015.

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ryan adams live at the brewery, 10.22.99


you are seeing double, or maybe you’re not? i posted this last night, but i moved servers yesterday, and it appears i posted it to the old server, and then of course when flipped the switch on the new server this was gone. before i forget all praise has to go mark of ninebullets for pretty much doing everything regarding moving the site to the new server. there is no way i would have been able to do it without him. so thank you very much, mark, truly appreciated.

i dont really typing out the information about this here show, again. so just click here, and it will give ya everything ya need to know. click here to download the show as a zip, or click here for flac files.

1. born yesterday
2. funny how im losing you
3. to be the one
4. hey there mrs lovely
5. oh my sweet valentine
6. statuettes with wounds
7. dancing with the women at the bar
8. my heart is broken Continue reading “ryan adams live at the brewery, 10.22.99”

hallelujah the hills “we are what we say we are” – video

Hallelujah The Hills – We Are What We Say We Are [Official Video] from Ryan Walsh on Vimeo.

sup, peoples? here be a new video off my favorite record of 2014, hallelujah the hills’ have you ever done something evil? read more about the video here, and buy their stuff here.

roger lion “a dead man’s song” – new joe pernice band


not sure how i feel about this? joe hooked up with budo who is apparently a musician and producer from seattle, who is signed to rhymesayers, and they formed a band called roger lion. the record is due out 9.18 via team love records.

jason isbell “24 frames” – lyric video

top of the day. if you havent pre-ordered jason’s most excellent new record, something more than free, clicky here to do so. the video was directed by joey kneiser of glossary and also features a young bingham barnes also of glossary. btw, if you have never listened to glossary, which shame on you if you havent, you can still download the better angels of our nature, joey’s solo record as well as kelly’s, all for free. do it!

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elliott smith, 1.31.03 live at henry fonda theater


top of the afternoon. hope you all are having just a lovely day, i know i sure am. just like the headline says, this here is elliott smith playing a show in los angeles. thanks to derek for uploading this show and if you’re into flac and stuff, you can grab it here.

1. king’s crossing
2. memory lane
3. happiness
4. no confidence man
5. a passing feeling
6. i figured you out
7. a fond farewell
8. strung out again
9. somebody’s baby
10. coming up roses
11. a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free
12. pretty (ugly before) Continue reading “elliott smith, 1.31.03 live at henry fonda theater”

josh rouse “some days im golden all night”


many moons ago, josh rouse was an artist i was hugely excited about. i loved his first 4 records, mostly, although dressed up like nebraska and 1972 were my favorites, then something happened. he moved to spain, and i subsequently stopped caring. its been many years, and maybe i would like those records now, but at the time, hated em. he’s got a new record out entitled the embers of times, i must say, its everything i loved about josh over those first 4 records. i would even go out on a limb and say its probably his best record since his debut, dressed up like nebraska. definitely at least a top 20 record for 2015.

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big rock candy mountain “sister sun”

unnamed (1)

the last time i “wrote” about new orleans’ big rock candy mountain, they were loud and louder. at least thats what i remember, but my old age is making my memory fuzzy. they have a new record out entitled brother moon, their first fist full length. yeah their still loud, but seem to taking cues from some more melodic garage rock bands. i definitely dig the road they’re traveling. hopefully hear more from them, more frequently, in the near future.

buy brother moon via their bandcamp page