the bestbuy saga and over the rhine


we here at have been fighting with bestbuy all morning and it seems into the afternoon. the hq fridge is dead, going on two weeks, and while normally would not be a problem, our wee lad has probably had it up to here with graham crackers and cheese doodles. it also doesnt lend itself to having the ability to preserve milk very well. damn you, bestbuy!

fate is a funny thing, me thinks. in the captainsdead inbox just moments ago was a friend request from the ohio based, Over the Rhine. it just so happens that i was listening to their beautiful and sprawling record, ohio, just last evening. talk about an emotional record, you get the sense that there is some tug of war going on. maybe its just me? much like their upcoming tour mates, and recent captainsdead featured artist, hem, over the rhine’s lead singer karin bergquist has a most exquisite voice that could melt the heart of any man. plus, being the shallow bastard that i am, she’s quite attractive.

flown free – rare OtR tune

thank you my angel

all i need

be their friend, wont you?

side note: to the person who googled “large breasted black women” and found us, thanks. it made me laugh.

albino bowler, steve update, and spooning

its funny, sometimes messed up situations can bring about great accomplishments. take intern steve, for instance, he was in what looked like a pretty bad spot. sure, i was responsible for putting him in the hospitable, without insurance, and i still am not that crazy about him, personally. given his situation, he did what any other red blooded american would do – he made some lemonade outta those damn lemons. he went and got himself an asian girlfriend.

as it turns out this spoon festival will probably last a few more episodes. make sure you stay tuned for some other rare stuff from other killer bands within the coming weeks.

you gotta feel it

all the pretty girls..


jonathon fisk II


i am not too concerned, new we vs death

the one thing about instrumental musicians is that sometimes taking a song as a “single,” outside of the scope of the album, doesn’t really work to swimmingly. in the case of we vs death’s new single, and how to translate, it not only doesnt fit that mold, it crushes it.? their new record is one of my most anticpated for the ’06.? it “drops” on may 14.

and how to translate

bobby and furvis


worst photoshop job, ever.

if pavement, in their more melodic times, had some freaky 5 way with adam duritz and then 9 months later bobby nastanovich squeezed out a little bundle of joy, he would name it furvis. bobby, he’s the sensitive one, would nuture furvis on a healthy dose of love and the finer points of being a rail bird. bobby would stroke their heads when they felt like they couldn’t get “that sound,” and when that piece of shit jim brody made fun of them in the eigth grade, bobby would call his parents and give them a serious tounge lashing. eventually, furvis was old enough to make it on their own. bobby scoured america for a safe place, and eventually he settled on cambridge, mass as the place for furvis to spread their wings and fly like an eagle.

i dont know, for sure, if that ever really happened – it may have not. nonetheless, furvis makes a pretty damn good racket. i dont know who writes the lyrics, but they are one of the things that could set these guys apart. like malkmus before, there is a lot of tounge in cheeck word play. in the wrong hands, that kind of word play could just sound dumb as hell, but they pull it off really well.

take me back

pocket full of ones

daydream rhapsody


the heathens

let me just start right off by saying that i am a sucker for banjos, understated horn fills, organs and fiddles. so, its no surprise that i am an immediate fan of the heathens. this orlando band incorporates everything i am a sucker for into each song, which is quite unheard of, truthfully. although, it means nothing if the songs suck. luckily, for me and them, they dont.

stickin around

sucker or a lover

below the streets

the heathens myspace page

photo credit –

helen thomas or the devils dish


even in his frail and disgusting state, intern steve still finds the time to find lil nuggets of funny or sexy from time to time. here is a my hero, stephen colbert, at the washington press dinner love fest. his mock press conference is just to die for or something.

i dont know about you people but i am truly diggin this spoon stuff. i particularly like the jonathon fisk demo. i would truly love to hear them do a stripped down type of record with nothing used other than acoustic based instruments, and maybe a hammond thrown in for good measure.

rainy taxi

small stakes

text later

vittorio e

you get yours

two spoon records to grow on

girls can tell

gimme fiction