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thanks to the good folks at the yahoo liftersteady group for pointin out some hold steady news worth mentioning.

1. as of today they were on day 5 of the recording of their new record

2. seperation sunday is now available on vinyl through women records

3. you can watch the video for swish, here

4. there are two new songs on exclusively on emusic, which if you sign up for your 50 free downloads you can include those, of course. if you do make sure you do it through here, ok?

5. check out the acoustic performance on ugo

6. intern steve has got a slight case of the clapp

your little hoodrat friend

the swish

spare a dime and pe remixes

slow going here today at captainsdead hq. most of the morning was trying to set up vonage – still have not got it to work. the routers are all functioning properly, but i cant get the phone to register. also, been looking for a new gig. if anyone wants to hire a PR person with 10 years experience – I am your man. i am also very mobile, i can be anywhere in one week.

in any event, i dont make any bones about that i think public enemy’s first 4 records are probably the greatest string of records in recorded history. i wrote a little something about the impact nation of millions and on my life a while back so if you are interested just search public enemy. here are two remix tracks for bumpin in your ride, or your apartment, whatever.

shut em down – pete rock remix

bring the noise – no noise remix

frank smith and gary gnu


nothing exciting to report from hq this morning.? intern steve is back in the hospital recovering from the chest and head wounds he suffered due to his car being a piece of shit.? i am looking into getting an extra hot intern coming up for the summer, i will provide photos.

frank smith is band that i cant decide if i really dig or dont care to much about.? after looking at their press photos and then listening to their sound, i dont hear 7 people.? maybe my ear is getting a little rusty in my old age, but i dont know.? fishbone had that many people but you sure as hell could tell.

frank smith, which there is actually no frank smith in the band, has a new record out called red on white.

frank smith on myspace

apocalypse circa: now

the snakes in the trees

pontiac grill

braid and the creepy chevette

Chevy Chevette02.JPG

intern steve was both shot and stabbed today. he and his girlfriend were doing some illegal street racing this afternoon and apparently he made a bet that his car could not cash. he drives an 83 chevy chevette. sure he’s done some slight modifications, but those were mostly the exterior. its the color of bondo right now, and it also has two racing stripes down the middle of it. here is a picture i took of it last year. the weird thing is, is that he is actually in the car and i dont know what he’s doing. so, it makes it kinda creepy.

one band that i used to love in the nineties was champaign-urbana’s braid. unfortunately, i dont think they get the credit they deserve in helping define a certain musical landscape that is still prevalent today. i think their stuff still sounds really fresh, and not dated at all.

do you love coffee?

killing a camera

please drive faster

some guy from kenya and the loving spoonful


wow, that was a night!

intern steve was relased from the hospital today and of course the first place he goes is the captainsdead hq. when we saw his car pullup we went into stealth mode and pretended like we werent here. while he was incapacitated i had the locks changed and i also entered his name and personal information into every non legit looking website. he’s gonna get a real kick outta that one. he also should be getting a call from some guy kenya that needed help getting some money outta a us trust fund. apparently all this guy needs is like 50k and intern steve would get like 500k. it sounds like this guy really needs the help, so i figured what the hell.

so here we finish up the spoon rarities bonanza.

mary roachford

roller coaster


stay dont go

the way we get by

life without computers review

I don?t know about you, but I seem to have quite a bit of free time on my hands. Couple that fact with being a music junkie to the highest degree, I find myself browsing myspace for what seems to be hours on end. The number of musicians with ?spaces? on myspace is absolutely mind numbing. Are there that many clubs or basements in the world to fill this staggering amount of musicians with? It?s a question for the ages. For those that ponder these types of questions, like myself, it?s like trying to figure out where the universe ends. It truly is akin a never-ending math equation.

To be realistic, for every one thousand bands, one of them might make a livable wage. I know, I know, it?s not about that all mighty dollar; it?s about the art, the passion to create, etc. I think anyone would be lying if they said that they didn?t want to make at least something off their craft, and making out with someone at the local Denny?s after the gig doesn?t count.

There are bands that should be huge, see Centro-matic, and then there are bands that sound huge. Boston?s The Bleedin Bleedins satisfies both categories. Their self-released debut Life Without Computers is a tour de force of summer time driving-with-the-top-down-singing-at-the-top-your-lungs ditties. (Wow! That was a mouthful.) Think early U2 anthems combined with The Killers rock n? hip shake and you have The Bleedin Bleedins. As far as sounding huge, they put out a racket that seems much bigger than their 3-piece status would lead the listener to believe.

Usually, it?s been my experience that records such as this contain 86% filler. While there maybe a couple of memorable ?singles? the rest of the album seems much like an after thought, made strictly to get the chicks and to get some radio play. That?s one of the reasons I typically stay away from disposable type records. Luckily, Life Without Computers is a record with nary an ounce of filler.

Filler or no, Life Without Computers does suffer in some areas. A bit of sameness runs throughout the record. It’s sometimes difficult to distinguish between tracks. There is not much difference in tone or pacing, and lead Bleedin, Mike Coen, seems to play it safe and doesn?t stretch his vocal range to often. When he does though, he has a nice set of pipes. Hopefully with each successive record, they will grow their sound in the range of instruments used. MP3s and up to date information on the band can be found on thier Myspace profile.

Will Life Without Computers be 2006?s feel good record of the summer or linger in some state of perpetual obscurity? It would be a shame if the latter occurs, because there are much worse ways, or records, that you could devote 40 minutes of your life to. All I know is that The Bleedin Bleedins have made a strong case for not ending up making out with chicks in their local Denny?s any time soon.

this review can also be found on blogcritics.org

when all else fails bust out the centro-matic


the captainsdead mascot, the wee lad

we here at captainsdead.com are pretty buzzed at the moment, both on beer – sweetwater IPA – and on love.? i am a sentimental fuck and for that reason i must confess that after 8 years i still am in love with my bride.? she puts up with my wiley ways and always has an encouraging word and outlook no matter the situation.

so, as the title suggests i am busting out a centro-matic themed megapost.
triggers and trash heaps

flashes and cables

argonne limit co

smelling medicinal

st. augustine

murder of tides

janitorial on channel fall

glacial slurs

ninety secretaries down

most everyone will find

huge in every city