student film

Posted by gregor on Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

student film is an interesting bunch of fellas, who make an interesting brand of music. i cant tell if i really dig em, or think they’re crap. they aren’t an immediate gratification type of band, which is good and bad. good cause it makes me wanna listen to them again, bad cause it makes me not want to listen to them again. so, hopefully i will fall somewhere in between. in any event, visit their myspace page and if you dig em, buy something.

d sanchez

in other news, gorilla vs bear has a song by an interesting new band, irving. the opening synth track on the provided irving track, jen, nothing really matters to me, reminded me of flock of seagulls for some reason.

the diy rockstar continues his interviews of the labels that we all love.


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pre-dbt adams house cat tracks part one

Posted by gregor on Friday, April 21st, 2006

from the truckers website:

We recorded 13 songs, live, in the upstairs of the Muscle Shoals Sound Studios complex. This album is the closest we ever came to capturing what was right about that band (and is basically all Cooley and I have to show for 6 years of hard work from 1985-1991). Some of the vocal performances make me cringe, but the album otherwise kicks a lot of ass. Over ten years later, I’m still knocked out by what a great drummer Chuck Tremblay was, and John Cahoon’s bass playing kicked ass. Chris Quillen’s high harmony at the end of Long Time Ago still gives me chills. Town Burned Down included the “original” versions of “Lookout Mountain”, “Buttholeville” and a song called “Runaway Train” that should have been a hit.

town burned down

runaway train

remember, a blessing and a curse is out now! (355)

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come breakup with me

Posted by gregor on Friday, April 21st, 2006

one of the best breakup records, or any kind of record for that matter, to come out the 90’s was sebadoh’s bakesale.? knowing this, i used to love breaking up with chicks, and quoting lines from this record.? yeah, it was cheesy as hell, but i was not smart enough to come up with my own good reasons.? they are re-releasing sebadoh III on may 23, make sure to pick up a copy, cause its grand.

rebound acoustic

magnets coil acoustic

on fire acoustic (243)

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the 4 crust brothers

Posted by gregor on Friday, April 21st, 2006

on decemeber 5, 1997 two indie rock powerhouses, stephen malkmus and silkworm, got together for a benefit show in seattle. the recording of that show was turned into their first and only record, marquee mark. mostly made up of dylan basement tape tunes, you can tell that this may have been the first time they played with each other, its still a great listen regardless. they also throw in a byrds, stones, skynard, and silkworm song for good measure.

million dollar bash

feel a whole lot better

never met a man i didnt like

2 silkworm records to grow on – both are most excellent

italian platinum (198)

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two sisters drunk on each other

Posted by gregor on Thursday, April 20th, 2006

yeah, i got a lot of time on my hands. you wanna fight about it?

i wont bother coming up with a description of califone’s sound, so i will leave it to the professionals. from perishable:

nobody cross-pollinates the blues, folk music and broken electronic instruments like califone… from the carcass of red red meat comes a series of gorgeous and personal hymnals delivered with the electro-rustic vocabulary of one of america’s most original bands…

hymnals, as fucked up as they may be, aptly describes tim rutili and gang’s ditties.

pastry sharp

tayzee nubb

slower train

no expectations – stones cover

vampiring again

two sisters drunk on each other

michigan girls

red red meat – from whence califone came

moon calf tripe


visit califone’s myspace page and the good men at loperco have a couple of great shows available for download.

two califone records to grow on – both fan-fuckin-tastic


if you like it, buy it. dont be a dick. (254)

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Posted by gregor on Thursday, April 20th, 2006

one of my favorite bands is jawbreaker, their record dear you didnt leave my site for 2 years. unfortunately, i have no idea what blake is doing now a days. last i heard he was done with music. his last group jets to brazil, put out 3 terrific record, and it would be a god damn shame if he stayed away much longer.

perfecting loneliness

i’ve got all the words – previously unreleased – from a jade tree sampler (219)

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vultures await

Posted by gregor on Thursday, April 20th, 2006

just wanted to follow up my will johnson interview with a couple o’ tracks off of his last solo record, vultures await. its much more subdued then your normal centro-matic release, and i find it to be his most powerful work in terms of lyrical content. it’s been often compared to nebraska in terms of subject matter. highly recommended.

just to know what you’ve been dreaming

closing down my house (120)

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william elliot whitmore revisited

Posted by gregor on Thursday, April 20th, 2006

i wrote about william about a month ago, but just wanted to post another track off of his record ashes and dust.? if you have not heard of this dude from Iowa, do yourself a favor and check him out.? you will be totally blown away by what comes out from his lungs.
midnight (276)

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travel by sea

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

so i read about these guys, travel by sea, on wilco’s message board, via chicago.? when ever someone hypes their band i tend to get a little weary.? but, travel by sea, oddly enough is some good shit.? apparently the two chaps in the band have never been physically formally introduced.? one lives in california and the other, colorado.? the beauty of technology has made this record, shadows rise, possible.? it doesnt suffer from sounding cold or trapped, but sounds completely full of life.? fans of great lake swimmers, iron and wine, and buckner should take note.

i wont let you down

complete shakeup

travel by sea music dot com (196)

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blood red wine

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

i dont know much about the stones’ blood red wine, and there is really no info on the interweb about it. it is was apparently recorded in May, 1968, according to this here site. so, that would make it beggars banquet era, and the beginning of some of the greatest records ever. enjoy.

blood red wine (506)

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Captains Dead Blog

    • mogwai “teenage excorcists” – video
      November 26, 2014

      off their upcoming ep music industry 3 fitness industry 1, and apparently you can stream it via pitchfork but i dont every link to said site so hit up the mogwai site to take you there. (324)

    • bonnie ‘prince’ billy “new black rich” – video
      November 12, 2014

      shit, i didnt even know he had a new record out, but alas he does! its called singer’s grave a sea of tongues and out on drag city. (1064)

    • hail mary mallon – bestiary (album stream)
      November 7, 2014

      i dont listen to too much new hip hop, but when i do aesop rock usually has a hand in it, somehow. hail mary mallon is aesop and rob sonic and dj big wiz. this record is hot as fuck! prob the best hip hop record ive heard well probably since the last aesop record. […]

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