spoon rarities and how i learned to accept

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, April 26th, 2006


this morning here at hq, i dared intern steve to eat peanuts although i know he is deathly allergic to them. knowing that he aims to please, he ate the peanuts anyway. his throat closed up, and i just laughed, and laughed. after 6 hours at the hospital we are finally back safe and sound.

one band of merry men that frustrates the hell outta me is spoon. sure, they put out the minor classic girls can tell, but how about some consistency, guys. is that too much to ask? i want to love you long time, i really, really do. there are absolute glimpses of absolute greatness on each record, but then shit that just falls flat. i know, i know, what the fuck am i doing to change the world? not much, sadly. i will keep half heartedly loving you guys, but please dont make me end up feeling like one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

here is the first in a 5 part series of spoon rarities, demos, outtakes.


back to the fire

chicago at night

cool it, you need to relax

do the manta ray

by the way, people. if you have not heard springsteen’s seeger sessions disc, you need to like yesterday. it’s absolutely fantastic. it is definitely his best work in years. (479)

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links for 2006-04-26

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, April 25th, 2006


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threads, ye must gather round

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

you ever to go to someone’s house and upon stepping foot in the joint you get the feeling that something just aint right? well, maybe you’re drunk at a party and you open a door thinkin its the toilet and just walk in on some people gettin it on, or that there is some secret being pass around and you aint in on it. that’s the feeling i get when listening to threads, a band straight outta south portland, maine.

threads remind me of the first time i listened to the massacre. they strike me more like a movement than a band. if that makes sense? i always felt that anton wanted the populus has his disciples, and threads rings that chord in me. are they striving for the same thing? i dont know? in my opinion, we need more musical movements. i wish the “indie” rock scene could follow in hip hop’s footsteps in the fact their are a lot of collaborations between artists, whether they be good or bad is not the point. they are atleast getting together, throwing ideas off each other and putting shit to tape, forging alliances and bringing people together.

whether or not threads is out for world domination, or just to make people think they are, they are an interesting listen. the one thing i really like is their seemingly “who gives a fuck attitude.” they sound as if every song could sound completely different every night, and i like that. oh yeah, if you like the mountain goats check these peeps out.


three or more

toknight (311)

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ride the death vessel

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

i happened to be reading a blog entry posted by my girl mary lou lord and she seems to be all hyped on this band death vessel. she says not since kurt, gbv, elliot and daniel johnston has the world needed a band like death vessel. while i am not totally convinced given the few tracks i have heard, i will wait for further proof before making any longterm love affairs.

deep in the horchata

mandan dink (200)

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kristin diable, a woman on the verge

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

steve, the intern, wastes most of his days scouring myspce for hot chicks, and picking up my cigarette butts. the only qualification to be an intern here at captainsdead.com is to be able to withstand either A. a prince albert or B. the ability to make 50 prank phone call a day. my favorites are when you call people and ask them what their favorite radio station is and that they have one 1000 bucks. by the way, the prince albert was not a pre-requisite, steve requested it. weird little guy he is.

you ever get the feeling when you are listening to an artist/band that they could be on the verge of being huge? i am talking about gap commercial huge, here people. thats not a bad thing necessarily, the marketing people over there have done a decent job at featuring some pretty good artists. ryan adams and of course the icon, willie nelson, come to mind. kristin diable is one such artist. she seems to be the complete package, shes got pipes, talent, beauty, and youth all on her side. did i mention she’s got a voice on her? oh i did? i will reiterate that she has a beautiful smoke and whisky set of lungs. oh, and here is a novel idea, she writes her own songs!

musically she changes up the styles like son of bezerk, bringing the funk, soul, blues and even a bit of twang. frankly, i would love to hear her put out a stripped down bluegrass or folk-type record so her voice could take centre stage. she could definitely pull it off ala sarah harmer’s wonderful songs for clem. it would be a god damn travesty if success, in some varying degree, doesnt find kristin cause she is in a class all to herself, in a world of pre-fab artists and cheap marketing ploys.

her debut record, shelter, can be purchased via her myspace page, speakeasy records, or ask for it at your favorite local record shop.

sister sadie


black plague and dynamite (196)

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links for 2006-04-25

Posted by gregor on Monday, April 24th, 2006


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stardate 1984

Posted by gregor on Monday, April 24th, 2006

lets keep this between us, ok? we here at hq used to love new edition. mr telephone man and cool it now were the absolute coolest back in 84. “ronnie, bobby, ricky, mike i like the girl i dont care you who you like.” that was dope! you know who else were kick ass in 84? the detroit tigers, thats who!

speaking of tigers, here is a XFM radio session by neutral milk hotel from may of 1998. if you notice the dj refers to king of carrot flowers part two and three as up an over again.


king of carrot flowers

oh comely (208)

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shake your groove thang to the black crowes

Posted by gregor on Monday, April 24th, 2006

when the boys here at the captains dead hq aren’t googling “scarlett johansson nude,” doing three story beer bongs, or gathering around the water cooler typically talking about last night’s sex in the city, we like to put on “pretend” concerts. typically this includes but not limited to broom sticks, old school boom box antennas, and cardboard boxes. what each is used as, i will leave that for you to decide. we do a lot of pointing to the “crowd,” we put our cupped hands to our ears as if to say “make some noise” or “we cant hear you, (insert city), and quite often go back to back for extended solos.

there are two records that can cause such a sensation that it sweeps the nation. the first is styx’s paradise theatre, the second southern harmony by the black crowes. i will focus on the latter for this post.

southern harmony sounds as if blacula took a huge bite outta the boys and injected them with some black magic, or at very least one of em used a pic of pam grier for some kind of weird receptacle.

groove train, thats what you are on when you listen to southern harmony. a groove train right to the heart of your inner blackness or less whiteness, and this train aint makin no stops until the record ends. if it doesnt make you want to shake yr ass, then you my friend are dead to me, and dont bother comin back.

hotel illness – live
black moon creeping – live

edit: thanks to matt and mike for providing me with these songs, for without them this post would not have been possible.? i owe them everything and anything. (475)

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black heart procession fan?

Posted by gregor on Monday, April 24th, 2006

then get yr ass over to clever titles and enter. (135)

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the artificial hearts

Posted by gregor on Monday, April 24th, 2006

fine afternoon to you all. another excellent myspace find is christian carl aka the artificial hearts. the artificial hearts sound like a perfect soundtrack for either a david lynch film, or for a summer evening that is winding down after spending the day drinking. he builds a nice landscape of sound for just one guy, and according to his myspace profile all the insturments digital or analog were fed into a rudimentary recording device. i would like to know what device that may have been.

his debut record is scheduled to be released by undertow sometime in june.

and the conversation

your heart…

a place to unwind (281)

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