william elliot whitmore revisited

Posted by gregor on Thursday, April 20th, 2006

i wrote about william about a month ago, but just wanted to post another track off of his record ashes and dust.? if you have not heard of this dude from Iowa, do yourself a favor and check him out.? you will be totally blown away by what comes out from his lungs.
midnight (228)

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travel by sea

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

so i read about these guys, travel by sea, on wilco’s message board, via chicago.? when ever someone hypes their band i tend to get a little weary.? but, travel by sea, oddly enough is some good shit.? apparently the two chaps in the band have never been physically formally introduced.? one lives in california and the other, colorado.? the beauty of technology has made this record, shadows rise, possible.? it doesnt suffer from sounding cold or trapped, but sounds completely full of life.? fans of great lake swimmers, iron and wine, and buckner should take note.

i wont let you down

complete shakeup

travel by sea music dot com (166)

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blood red wine

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

i dont know much about the stones’ blood red wine, and there is really no info on the interweb about it. it is was apparently recorded in May, 1968, according to this here site. so, that would make it beggars banquet era, and the beginning of some of the greatest records ever. enjoy.

blood red wine (315)

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4 questions for Will Johnson of Centro-Matic

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

in between looking at “cute” outfits that my wife cant afford and making sure my son was not going to do a header off of his high chair, i sat down to think about questions for my interview with will johnson. will is, in my opinion, the most underrated songwriter of our time.

prolific is not a term i like to use, usually it drums up thoughts at least in certain circles, of the hit or miss output of everyone’s favorite beer chuggin and high leg kickin uncle, bob pollard. will johnson is different kind of prolific, if thats possible. let me say this, if will was a workhorse, i would ride him all day. throughout his career, and various projects – which there have been a few, the quality of work is absolutely stellar. frankly, it puts 99% of songwriters to shame.

centro-matic’s new record, fort recovery, is without a doubt their finest hour. it prompted patterson hood of the drive by truckers to declare, “Centro-matic’s Fort Recovery is a masterpiece, and I don’t use that word often.”

captains dead: I know that you are a fairly big baseball fan, and I was wondering if you were to be featured on a baseball card what would you be doing? Would you want it to be an in action photo, a cheesy pose, or would you pull a Glenn Hubbard and pose with a python?

will johnson: i’d show up socks-high with a bake mcbride afro and a rollie fingers ‘stache, all while doing an ozzie smith take-the-field backflip.

cd: Being the music dork/failed musician that I am, I often find myself wishing, or better yet dreaming, that I had recorded this record or that record. Have you ever felt that way about a certain record, and if so is there one in the past 5 years that you wish you had?

wj: only one, really. we lost some of the four-track masters for static vs. the strings volume 2 on a west coast run about four years ago (we were mixing it on the road). or maybe they were stolen. we never found out for sure, but i’ve always been a little bummed that those are gone forever. that set us back some. we still haven’t finished vol. 2, though it seems like we’ll finally get to that within the next little while.

cd: I know it was your birthday recently, happy belated one by the way, and one thing I have noticed about growing a little older is that I cantstomach any carnival ride that spins. Is there anything that you seem to not be able to do as well or tolerate with your advancing age?

wj: i’m less tolerant of really late set times as i get older. a band starting at 12:30am on a tuesday morning just seems ridiculous to me. then there’s beer bongs, wine coolers, and A-Team re-runs. i just don’t dig that shit like i used to. i can still shoot some hoops, though, so i at least try to keep those skills goin’.

cd: Last and final question. I know after I listen to any of your recordings (in your various incarnations), I always feel a sense of hope that maybe all is right with the world. What do you want people to walk away with after they hear a Will Johnson composition?

wj: i’ll sometimes cite serious flaws in people or things in my songs, then throw in some feeling of hope that they’re gonna overcome whatever crappy situation they’ve gotten themselves into. i can onlyhope that these characters connect with the listener. sports and war metaphors often accomodate that, though i’ve done that a lot and could probably stand to back off on those. maybe political and religious figures are in the crosshairs next. who knows.

triggers and trash heaps

calling thermatico

to purchase centro-matic/will johnson/south san gabriel records visit misra records or centro-matic dot com. (266)

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j tillman and the paper chase scares me

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

thanks to gorilla vs bear for bringing this young man, j tillman, to my attention – he scratches me right where i itch. apparently, even that crazy magician, Jesus, is a fan. lets keep this between you and me, but there is a new site where you can make friends with others pretending to be someone else. be his friend over there, wont you?
my waking days

seven states across

now, a band recently came to my attention that me thinks there is a power working within them that even lou diamond phillips couldn’t break. the paper chase sound like a soundtrack to a pedophile’s life, or at very least being swallowed into the bowels of hell. death metal or even any kind of metal, they are not. they remind me of a person that you would meet, and you think they are cool and stuff. then after a night of drinking you go back to their place and then they kill you. fans of tool would probably dig these guys, cause i surely dont. they have a new album coming out on kill rock stars on 06.06.06, clever huh?
said the spider to the fly

ever since the turn

listening to the acoustic tracks provided, sound nothing like my description – in fact they are quite listenable.? check out the other tracks provided on the site. (132)

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my 100th dream of swervedriver

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

i remember waking up in moline, il at augstana back in like 94 with some girl i had met while attending western illinois university. we had gone and seen the gin blossoms, who were pretty good mind you; but opening up i got my first taste of tommy keene. back to waking up in moline, and the point of this post. the sweet, sweet sounds the swervedriver’s mezcal head filled the keystone light smelling room, as i awoke from my unfulfilled slumber. i had never really ventured into the whole british shoegazing scene, outside of my bloody valentine and to this point, never really have.

finding out about swervedriver was the second best thing to come out of that weekend, cause as it turns out my little lady friend was “waiting for marriage.” unfortunately, for swervedriver, they pretty much got over looked outside of the UK, and have since disbanded. although the lead singer, adam franklin, has started a newer band toshack highway, for which i am not too fond of, sadly.? the entire catalogue is quite intoxicating, particulary mezcal head and 99th dream.

a few fine folks have emassed an entire discography worth of live material on swervedriver’s website.

99th dream

wrong treats

sci flyer

duel (116)

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mary lou lord and being a lemming

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

i know i do a lot of stuff on artists that may not be the “flavor o’ the month” but that sure as hell doesnt mean that they aint relevant in today’s music landscape. as we consume music at an alarming rate, i often wonder how many of these artists have actual staying power to last more than two records, which in the ever wandering mind of the every day music junkie its a fuckin lifetime. i am guilty as anyone of not giving would be fantastic records, cause i off to the next best thing. always looking for that instant gratification, instead of letting the music sink into my psyche and marinate for awhile. it absolutely lessens any artists chance to make an impression on any of us.

off my horse now, and i give you a lady thats been around for some time. mary lou lord has the voice of an angel and it appears now to have the body of a chick from fear factor. back in the day, cobain’s old lady had some kind of beef with mary lou because me thinks she used to get it on with kurdt. she used to, and maybe still, busk in the boston city subways and even offered up a recording, live city sounds, of her doing so. in the words of ferris bueller, the recording is quite “choice.” she had a brief stint on a major, but is currently unsigned it saddens me to report. while she does not write much of her own material, one of her main supporters is the always fabulous and fabulously groomed, nick soloman of bevis frond fame. an artist to could do a lot worse than having him write your songs.
i figured you out

farming it out

vincent black lightning (live)

in keeping with a running theme around the internets, i am throwing my hat into the ring and offering up a cover song of cher’s song believe performed by bedhead. while this may have been blasted on the web a few years ago, its still pretty damn funny and quite unusual.

believe (170)

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making friends with riviera

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

one of america’s best kept secrets and chicago’s own, riviera, has a new tune posted up on their myspace page, making friends. their at the end of the american century was one of my favorite records from last year, and contains one of the best singles that unfortunately, i fear, no one heard, ashes on the moon. i think they only play within a 60 mile circumfrence of zip code, 60657, so if you can figure out how far that stretches, you my good people are in luck. fans of wilco, tupelo, jayhawks, dylan, george harrison, etc take note these guys are, hopefully, headed to the big time, like star jones big.

ashes on the moon – live at the hideout, chicago

if you head on over to there website, like good little people, they have a gang of stuff available for download.


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baseball talk

Posted by gregor on Monday, April 17th, 2006

so, how long can this kid keep up this torrid pace? pujols just hit his 9th today too. albert, in my opinion, is the best player in baseball, and if he stays healthy i think he can break bonds’ record. shelton, on the other hand, will end up with less than 35 HRs. (112)

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that little jesus geek needs a good ass clockin'

Posted by gregor on Monday, April 17th, 2006

if there were any man to scare religion into me, david eugene edwards is that man. mr edwards was the front man for 16 horsepower, and now in woven hand. passionate, err.. is a bit of understatement, when describing david’s on stage demeanor. he’s part bible thumper, part carnival barker, part showman, part the guy who looks like the night slasher in cobra – i dont know who the real david eugene edwards is. i am assuming he likes it that way.

originally based out of denver, 16HP, has called Belguim home for quite some time and i cant recall the last time they played a show on US soil, although they broke up last year or the year before, i cant remember. the first 16HP record i heard was sackcloth n’ ashes, and it was immediately sold back, i wasnt ready for that sort of record back in 1996. later i would grow to love the entire 16HP catalogue and you have to get past a little grandoise kitsch and someone preachin to ya from a stump, cause David Eugene Edwards is a man to believe in.
wayfaring stranger

black soul choir

haw (166)

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