one drink and the screaming trees live

my top 3 “i wish i could have drink(s) with” musicians

1. bob pollard

2. greg dulli

3. mark lanegan

in honor of my number 3 pick, here is a stellar show from the screaming trees suppolsedly from the reading festival circa 1992 – to be historically accurate its from 8.30.1992. if you have never listened to the screaming trees, i highly higly recommend uncle anesthesia or sweet oblivion. or if they aint your thing, any of the mark lanegan solo records are a sure bet, especially whisky for the holy ghost and i’ll take care of you.

1. before we arise

2. shadow of the season

3. alice said

4. where the twain shall meet

5. winter song

6. nearly lost you

7. uncle anesthesia

8. change has come

9. end of the universe

thanks to the fine folks at i love the atmosphere for making these available

the entire screaming trees/lanegan discography can be purchased at amazon or insound.

the convict and pulco

today intern steve starts his community service in return for a stint in the slammer. he got hopped up one day on case jolt and a little cough syrup and went to the local mall to give some ladies a piece of himself. some of these ladies didnt take to kindly to his advances and when he was leaving the Alladins Castle arcade, they nabbed his ass. there goes his motto of “always accused, never convicted.”


so there is this guy straight outta wales, uk named Ash Cooke that goes under the moniker of pulco. i have listened to his stuff on myspace and from what i can figure its pretty darn good. he sounds an awful like teenage fanclub, at least to my ears, but much more stripped down. although, he does throw in some aural fuckery along the way.

he has a new record out on folkwit entitled undersea adventure.

enjoy your ride

song 37

mine eyes have seen the anti-christ(s)

i dont know who these kids are and why anyone would fuckin care about them, outside of maybe their procreators, but to me they look like the start of something terrible. terrible, and maybe evil, enough that i would waste precious time bringing them to your attention. what are they plotting? whatever it is we will all be lesser human beings because of it.

they showed up on yahoo, btw.


360 and great lake swimmers

anyone see aol’s lame attempt at cashing in on the myspace craze? that yahoo 360 looked promising at first but its just chalk full of chicks that should not be wearing what they are wearing asking me to view their profile. um, no thanks. i dont wanna chat, or look at you ever again. intern steve, on the other hand, is down with that sort of stuff. so, i signed him up for chick/dudes looking for “playmates” in his area. i think the site was naughty friend finder or something like that.


one record i wore the hell out of last year was great lake swimmer’s bodies and minds. their song various stages was my favorite of the ’05, and the version below, recorded live at schubas, is quite moving. this was recorded in september of 05 during their opening slot for feist.
1. moving shaking

2. merge a vessel a harbour

3. the man with no skin

4. lets trade skins

5. i will never see the sun

6. this is not like home

7. various stages

8. moving pictures silent films

9. innocent when you dream – tom waits cover

my hatred of pants and hotel


dont you guys hate pants?? yeah, me too.? slow night here at hq, just waiting for the idol to come on.? its down to the final 4, OMG!!!!!!!!!!1111

going to close down the day with four more neutral milk hotel demos, for your listening pleasure.? btw, i really like this main chick on bones. somethin quite unique about her.
5. chocolate coffin

6. sinking ship

7. random noise

8. jaw harp

these precious moments and sir dark invader


what’s up people of the internets? not much going on at captainsdead hq, but we did get our new fridge, finally. intern steve is out of the hospital, again, and is recovering on a plastic wrapped couch in his parents basement, which is right next to his mother’s “priceless” collection of precious moments figurines.

a record came out last year, which happened to be one of my favorites, that i think got mistankingly overlooked. i didnt even know about until i read a review of it somewhere, so it suprises me that there wasnt much word of mouth action before the release. in any event, i am speaking on richard buckner and jon langford’s sir dark invader vs the fanglord. i could go on and on about my love for richard, but as for langford, i have never been a fan for some reason. even with that being so, langford compliments richard very well and would love to hear a reunion record sometime in the future. apparently this was recorded in sally timms apartment sometime in 2002.

rolling of the eyes

i forgot to mention. while i am not a fan so much of langford’s music, his art is way fucking cool. check out his website linked above.

cat power 11.23.98

back in 96 i met a girl. we were merely kids in our early 20’s, lovin life and each other. we were livin life paycheck to paycheck, bar to bar, zip code to zip code, taco stand to taco stand, but none of that mattered cause we had each other, for the time being. we waxed drunkly for hours on end about our favorite records, and she would play me the most beautiful songs you would ever want to hear. we started and ended each other sentences, smoked the same cigarettes, we walked down milwaukee avenue holding hands and dreamed of getting out, and on a whim flew down to florida to swim with the manatees. she looked glorious standing there in the florida sun as the rays beat down and browned her skin every so slightly. she said the most incredible stuff and even when i wanted to call bullshit, i didnt. she was the sweetest bird i ever had to let go.


well, shit, that never really happened. here is a live radio show from munich from my main girl, chan marshall, recorded all the way back in 1998. she sounds so lovely, like a delicate bird waking me in the morning.

1. he was a friend of mine

2. naked if i want to

3. werewolf

4. say

5. metal heart

6. he turns down

7. dreams – fleetwood mac cover

8. i found a reason

9. let sadness not be attached to your name – i think a velvet underground cover

10. color and the kids

11. indirect sun

two cat power records to grow on

moon pix

the greatest

imo, this version of i found a reason is one of the most gorgeous things mine ears have ever witnessed.

a post about beirut


one band that i know has been mentioned often, as of late, is beirut.? its dudes like this that both piss me off and make me insanely jealous.? 19 years old this zach condon is, and he sounds much older and wiser than his years.? musically i love everything he is about, vocally i am still on the fence, but i am sure i will come around.? it could be an exciting ride for young zach and for what i am sure to be a legion of fans.

postcards from italy

mount wroclai

interior of a dutch house