the bell rays


umm, yeah.? this whole work thing is really cuttin into my fuckin around time.? but i guess a paycheck is a good thing?

i find it hard to believe that i have not listened to the bell rays up until this point.? this is some seriously funky shit, and right up my alley.? if you liked the sharon jones and the dap kings record, then you should absolutely love this.? where the sharon jones record is a straight up soul record, the bell rays bring all that and then some but much louder.? the lead singer, lisa kekaula, sounds like she would fuck you up right after gettin on and then tell the other ladies what a lousy lay you are.? i would not want to mess with her.
tell the lie

chain song

these tracks are off of their new record have a little faith which can be purchased here


my friend bob sacamento and the sky drops


so, lets talk about wilmington, deleware’s the sky drops for a minute or two. when was the last time a kick ass band came outta deleware? the sky drops consists of just two people, although they sound like at least four, ex-smashing orange front man, rob montejo and monika bullette on drums. sadly, i had never heard of smashing orange until today, cause if they are anything like the sky drops, i am sure they are spectacular.

maybe i am old and stuck in a time warp, but the two tracks i have heard from the sky drops harken me back to the early to mid nineties – which just happens to be my favorite era in music. back before i got all jaded, like i felt that i have heard everything and nothing could impress me anymore. there is something really familiar, but yet refreshing and new about the sky drops. “now would be” takes a page right out of the kevin shields fuzzed out/droning guitar and male/female harmony playbook, and it would most certainly make him proud. i know jangly and breezy and wistful are all cliche when describing a song or a record but i’ll be damned if i cant come up with something better to describe “green to red.”

it seems, as of late, i have been saying this quite a bit, but i really really look forward to hearing their yet unreleased debut record – which as of right now doesnt have a release date. but stay tuned to their site or right here for further details.

now would be

green to red

the sky drops on myspace


nmh rarities and take this job

so, we knew the day was coming and today is that day.??i had to officially go back to work.? no more drinkin sweetwater 420’s at 10 am and smokin two packs a day.? nope, its clean livin from here on out – well at least between the hours of 8.30 – 5.??you would not believe how tired i am today, and its been only 4 months since i had a “real” job.? this shit is for the birds.? i guess i am going to have to kinda plan ahead from now on re: posts.

so with my limited resources, due to lots of sites being blocked, i will continue the neutral milk hotel demos/rarities deal.?

9. a&e melody

10. prank call

11. more noise

12. synthetic flying machine


the teenage prayers have answered mine


i maybe jumping the gun here, and i have been known to do so, but the teenage prayers maybe the coolest band i have heard in a long time. they pick up in the soul deparment right where the afghan whigs left off, but much less bombastic. i guess if sam cooke met the replacements in some alley in detroit in the mid 50’s and then were transported to a suburban garage in anywhere, usa during the mid 80’s you would have the teenage prayers. i can typically smell bullshit within mere seconds, and i have to say that the teenage prayers are 100% bullshit free – these guys are the real deal. dig em.

they have a self released album that can be purchsed here.

if you need me – wilson pickett cover

then you can tell me goodbye – hayes/porter cover

is this as good as it gets

center of the world

the teenage prayers on myspace

btw, the above tracks are from a radio performance at KXDU at Duke Univ on 2.18.06


o' seam where art thou?


it tis a lazy hot day here in georgia, and not up for doing much of anything. need to wash and clean the car, but thats going to have to wait, for now.

one of my favorite bands to come out of the early 90’s was a little band called seam. they were originally from chapel hill, nc and their first drummer just so happened to be my son’s namesake, mac from superchunk. they later began calling chicago their home, after recording a few albums with brad wood. imo, their second release the problem with me is definitely in the top 10 records to be released in the 90s.

unfortunately little is known about ring leader sooyoung park and seams whereabouts now, the southern website has not been updated in 8 years and for some reason i cannot find their semi-official home page right now.


sweet pea


714 and tuung


i never thought when barry bonds eventually hit number 714, it would have been met with as little fan fare as it has.? tim mccarver and the other dude called it just another highlight, and there has not been one single mention since.?? god, i wonder how it feels to be so despised?? i mean 714 is kind of a big deal. no?

tuung is a pretty cool bunch of peeps outta london.? they have a newly released record, comments of the inner chorus that strikes me a blend of animal collective/belle and sebastian/califone.? they bring the electronic element pretty hard but its not a cold kraftwerk electronic, but a pretty warm and organic electronic feel.? its not a record i will listen to all the time, or so i say now, but its perfect chill out record on a lazy summer day.

tale from black

pool beneath the pond


get to know the selmanaires


i know i have been slacking off the past two years in getting to know the local atlanta music scene.? in all honesty, i feel bad in not doing so.? i have just been so pre-occupied by other stuff that i have not paid the scene that much mind.? hopefully, that will all be changing soon.

i had read about the selmanaires, but again didnt bother to dig any deeper.? maybe the article was shitty or my son wanted to read the “trucks” book for the 900th time, but needless to say it was not until mr cable and tweed gave them his seal of approval that i decided to give them a whirl.? i am extremely glad that i did.? the three men in the selmanaires make some noise that itches me right where i scratch.? musically they remind me quite a bit of the clash, but they also incorporate some very cool harmonies very remeniscent of the zombies or the kinks.

their new record here come the selmanaires can be purchased here


all i really want to know