shake your groove thang to the black crowes

Posted by gregor on Monday, April 24th, 2006

when the boys here at the captains dead hq aren’t googling “scarlett johansson nude,” doing three story beer bongs, or gathering around the water cooler typically talking about last night’s sex in the city, we like to put on “pretend” concerts. typically this includes but not limited to broom sticks, old school boom box antennas, and cardboard boxes. what each is used as, i will leave that for you to decide. we do a lot of pointing to the “crowd,” we put our cupped hands to our ears as if to say “make some noise” or “we cant hear you, (insert city), and quite often go back to back for extended solos.

there are two records that can cause such a sensation that it sweeps the nation. the first is styx’s paradise theatre, the second southern harmony by the black crowes. i will focus on the latter for this post.

southern harmony sounds as if blacula took a huge bite outta the boys and injected them with some black magic, or at very least one of em used a pic of pam grier for some kind of weird receptacle.

groove train, thats what you are on when you listen to southern harmony. a groove train right to the heart of your inner blackness or less whiteness, and this train aint makin no stops until the record ends. if it doesnt make you want to shake yr ass, then you my friend are dead to me, and dont bother comin back.

hotel illness – live
black moon creeping – live

edit: thanks to matt and mike for providing me with these songs, for without them this post would not have been possible.? i owe them everything and anything. (381)

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black heart procession fan?

Posted by gregor on Monday, April 24th, 2006

then get yr ass over to clever titles and enter. (99)

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the artificial hearts

Posted by gregor on Monday, April 24th, 2006

fine afternoon to you all. another excellent myspace find is christian carl aka the artificial hearts. the artificial hearts sound like a perfect soundtrack for either a david lynch film, or for a summer evening that is winding down after spending the day drinking. he builds a nice landscape of sound for just one guy, and according to his myspace profile all the insturments digital or analog were fed into a rudimentary recording device. i would like to know what device that may have been.

his debut record is scheduled to be released by undertow sometime in june.

and the conversation

your heart…

a place to unwind (240)

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links for 2006-04-24

Posted by gregor on Sunday, April 23rd, 2006


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recommendation street

Posted by gregor on Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

so dear reader, before i hit the hay, i have a request.? if anyone could recommend me any good african music along the lines of the gents featured in paul simon’s graceland.? it would be greatly appreciated.? good night and good luck. (225)

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raining all over the world

Posted by gregor on Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

as night has fallen here at the captain’s dead hq, i am without beer. well, there is beer in the house but the wife has ordered me to wait to have one until she arrives home. bummer, and yes i am a pussy.

i must admit that i got a message some months ago from leah, one of the ladies behind red/blondehead, that i never responded to, admittedly. it didnt go unnoticed though, casue the band i write about tonite is the subject matter of said message.

hem is a lovely band outta brooklyn, i swear they sound like the south, or at least what i think the south sounds like. mossy and hazy is what i believe the south sounds like, and yeah i know they aint sounds. use your imagination! hem doesnt a wonderful job of letting sally ellyson be the main centerpiece, because although the music is beautiful ellyson’s voice is mesmerizing. she may have the most perfect blend of power and fragility in a voice that i have ever heard.

if you are looking for a reference point, i would say they are much less boring cowboy junkies.

these are zip files


the city and the traveler

betting on trains

buy their records at cdbaby, baby. (173)

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the afghan whigs live in boston 1994

Posted by gregor on Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

we here at the captain’s dead headquarters located just mere minutes from the bubbling metropolis of douglasville, ga and just mere steps away from a really cool publix, would like to take time and honour the men of the afghan whigs. never have 4 seemingly average looking men been so succesful in creating a soundtrack for the young and sexy – like me.

this show, like the title says was recorded in boston sometime in 1994. i headed over to summerskiss which has a mind numbing amount of whigs/dulli information, but sadly their gig database is currently non operational. so, outside of boston and 1994 i dont know much about it.

turn on the water

be sweet

the dark end of the street

what jail is like



i’m her slave

when we two parted

fountain and fairfax

come see about me

you my flower

when doves cry


my curse

two whigs records to grow on:

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win tickets to see cat power on letterman

Posted by gregor on Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

the object of captain’s dead desire is playing letterman on june 13. all you gots to do to enter is go here and follow the instuctions.

the greatest (188)

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the mice, a band time forgot

Posted by gregor on Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

one of my first “punk” records was by the mice, and i just so happened to listen to it today.? i will be damned if it doesnt sound as good today as it did 15 years ago.? for almost ever scooter is a collection of songs they recorded in the mid 80’s. the 12 inch was called for almost ever and the later record was called scooter.? for almost ever scooter can be purchased through scat records, the part time home of uncle bob.

bill fox, a member of the mice, put out a record about 9 years ago called transit byzantium, and it was absolutely stellar.? unfortunately i cant find it anywhere.? if anyone knows how i can get my hands on a copy, drop me a line.

the mice

not proud of the usa

more than i can talk about (495)

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neutral milk hotel live @ king's arm 2.4.01

Posted by gregor on Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

i see its a neutral milk hotel kind of day.? rbally has provided you dear listener with a show from march 4, 1998 live at cats cradle.? its a great show and highly recommended.? today i offer what is supposed to be the last known recording of neutral milk hotel.? recorded live at kings arm in auckland, new zealand on 2.4.01.? i noticed that the tags are kinda messed up but it should not be a problem.? if turns out not to be the last show, sorry.? well not really.
oh, comely

in the aeroplane over the sea

everything is

gardenhead/leave me alone

two headed boy

i love how you love me



king of carrot flowers part one

king of carrot flowers part two and three

song against sex

world of wild beards – jeff talking

mother – john lennon (487)

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