nmh rarities and take this job

so, we knew the day was coming and today is that day.??i had to officially go back to work.? no more drinkin sweetwater 420’s at 10 am and smokin two packs a day.? nope, its clean livin from here on out – well at least between the hours of 8.30 – 5.??you would not believe how tired i am today, and its been only 4 months since i had a “real” job.? this shit is for the birds.? i guess i am going to have to kinda plan ahead from now on re: posts.

so with my limited resources, due to lots of sites being blocked, i will continue the neutral milk hotel demos/rarities deal.?

9. a&e melody

10. prank call

11. more noise

12. synthetic flying machine

the teenage prayers have answered mine


i maybe jumping the gun here, and i have been known to do so, but the teenage prayers maybe the coolest band i have heard in a long time. they pick up in the soul deparment right where the afghan whigs left off, but much less bombastic. i guess if sam cooke met the replacements in some alley in detroit in the mid 50’s and then were transported to a suburban garage in anywhere, usa during the mid 80’s you would have the teenage prayers. i can typically smell bullshit within mere seconds, and i have to say that the teenage prayers are 100% bullshit free – these guys are the real deal. dig em.

they have a self released album that can be purchsed here.

if you need me – wilson pickett cover

then you can tell me goodbye – hayes/porter cover

is this as good as it gets

center of the world

the teenage prayers on myspace

btw, the above tracks are from a radio performance at KXDU at Duke Univ on 2.18.06

o' seam where art thou?


it tis a lazy hot day here in georgia, and not up for doing much of anything. need to wash and clean the car, but thats going to have to wait, for now.

one of my favorite bands to come out of the early 90’s was a little band called seam. they were originally from chapel hill, nc and their first drummer just so happened to be my son’s namesake, mac from superchunk. they later began calling chicago their home, after recording a few albums with brad wood. imo, their second release the problem with me is definitely in the top 10 records to be released in the 90s.

unfortunately little is known about ring leader sooyoung park and seams whereabouts now, the southern website has not been updated in 8 years and for some reason i cannot find their semi-official home page right now.


sweet pea

714 and tuung


i never thought when barry bonds eventually hit number 714, it would have been met with as little fan fare as it has.? tim mccarver and the other dude called it just another highlight, and there has not been one single mention since.?? god, i wonder how it feels to be so despised?? i mean 714 is kind of a big deal. no?

tuung is a pretty cool bunch of peeps outta london.? they have a newly released record, comments of the inner chorus that strikes me a blend of animal collective/belle and sebastian/califone.? they bring the electronic element pretty hard but its not a cold kraftwerk electronic, but a pretty warm and organic electronic feel.? its not a record i will listen to all the time, or so i say now, but its perfect chill out record on a lazy summer day.

tale from black

pool beneath the pond

get to know the selmanaires


i know i have been slacking off the past two years in getting to know the local atlanta music scene.? in all honesty, i feel bad in not doing so.? i have just been so pre-occupied by other stuff that i have not paid the scene that much mind.? hopefully, that will all be changing soon.

i had read about the selmanaires, but again didnt bother to dig any deeper.? maybe the article was shitty or my son wanted to read the “trucks” book for the 900th time, but needless to say it was not until mr cable and tweed gave them his seal of approval that i decided to give them a whirl.? i am extremely glad that i did.? the three men in the selmanaires make some noise that itches me right where i scratch.? musically they remind me quite a bit of the clash, but they also incorporate some very cool harmonies very remeniscent of the zombies or the kinks.

their new record here come the selmanaires can be purchased here


all i really want to know

how you gonna rip it like this son? cap n' jazz & offspring mixtape

i would be remiss if i didnt mention my love for all things that have stemmed from cap n’ jazz. i used to shop at this cool record store in tinley park, il called record swap. there used to be a location in homewood and there still might be one in champaign/urbana. in any event, it was a killer record store and the staff was awesome. it was at record swap that i had my first encounter with cap n jazz. although it started as a total love affair, the various incarnations of the off shoots has tested my love, somewhat.

i will say this, if you are looking for a pop/punk record to whet your palette, you need to look no further than either cap n jazz’s analphabetapolothology, if you are lucky you may be able to find the original lp on ebay, or the promise ring’s nothing feels good.? nothing feels good, imo, is probably the greatest pop/punk record in history.? it is so hook ladden and catchy its almost embarrasing.? so here are some cap n jazz related tracks from various cap n jazz related bands.

little league – cap n’ jazz

why did we ever meet – promise ring

red paint – promise ring

i never trusted the russians – promise ring

picture postcard – promise ring

trial at orleans – joan of arc

white out – joan of arc

im 5 senses (none of them are common) – joan of arc

the deep south – promise ring

the united colors of the gap – joan of arc

everyone is my friendowls

there are so many more cap n jazz/promise ring/joan of arc off shoots than i have provided.? check out jade tree’s site or just google tin kinsella or cap n jazz or promise ring.? most of it is pretty solid stuff, but there are some real clunkers in the bunch.

here is another gratuitous photo of annie of giant drag.


mark kozelek, or how to bore me to tears

dear mark

please for the fucking love of god, stop! stop whatever you are doing right now and go back home.? it saddens me to no end to put it so bluntly, but you need to stop fuckin around.? your performance at the variety playhouse, last evening, was the closest thing i have ever seen to a corpse performing what are otherwise magnificent songs.? stop with the modest mouse covers, you dont do them justice! you are talented as hell, we all know that.? so, seriously mark, what the fuck?? i want to know, we want to know!

here is what you should do, and its really fuckin easy.? if you arent willing to tour with a full band then at least bring an electric along to liven shit up a bit.? your constant willingness to pluck everything is fuckin annoying.? every damn song sounded the same, at least to my ears.? pancho villa, one of my favorite songs, sounded like a shell of its original self.?? “make like paper,” the ode to crazy horse on blue guitar, was the closest you came to recreating any kind of studio magic in a live setting.? even that was a pretty lame attempt, i am sorry to say.

so, please, please, please stop with the bullshit and bring the ROCK!? even if your show contained only 20% ROCK it would be worlds better than 100% boredom.



in other news, the night was a not a total loss.? we got to meet and share a drink or two with rich of cable and tweed fame – which i might say is a super cool dude.? my only problem with rich is that he is a line of vision hog.? meaning, at the giant drag in store at criminal his ass was obstructing my near perfect view of the near perfect annie of giant drag. god damn, she is cute as a button.

the family unit is going to a renaissance festival today, for some reason.? so, i leave you with two live cat power tracks from 2.21.05 from the knitting factory.

lived in bars

the greatest

one of these days i'll get the joke and kozelek IV

hell on earth sounds like, especially in the hands of a 19 mo old.

mr pollard has graced his audience with two more demos, in what seems like it will be a never ending set of installments – which is fine with me.

white skin and bones

the finest joke is upon us

remember tonite atlantians that mark kozelek is playing at the variety, and i believe tickets are still available. i will also be hitting up the giant drag in store at criminal records, which begins at 6 pm. so, if you see a dude with bad facial hair and a dirty old white sox hat, say hello, most likely its me.

final installment of the kozelek show from 2.23.05 @ ottobar

14. carry me ohio

15. ocean breathes salty

16. pancho villa

17. new jersey

18. have you forgotten

19. katy song