liz phair “exile in guyville” live


the celebration continues! here we got my third or fourth life altering record live in san fran on 6.23.08, liz phair’s exile in guyville. again, if you didnt know any links that dont lead to a 404 error can be downloaded. not sure how to download links, google it, its easy, my mom can do it!

thank you again to persistent for the recording…

1. 6′ 1″
2. help me, mary
3. glory
4. dance of the seven veils
5. never said
6. soap star joe
7. explain it to me
8. canary
9. mesmerizing
10. fuck and run
11. girls! girls! girls!
12. divorce song
13. shatter
14. flower
15. johnny sunshine
16. gunshy
17. stratford-on-guy
18. strange loop

captains dead turns 10 and westerberg live on kfog


well, i know i said i was quitting the site, and that was more fueled by emotion than reality. although reality does sometimes spark emotions. any who, the site turned ten the other day and in honor of said birthday here’s my favorite thing ive ever posted. xoxoxo

as an aside, you can download all the songs by right clicking save as, or if you are on a mac just hit ctrl and the right side of the track pad.

1. waiting for somebody
2. valentine
3. once around the weekend
4. these were the days
5. i will dare
6. aint got me
7. achin’ to be
8. john, i’m only dancin
9. mammadaddydid
10. black eyed susan
11. merry go round
12. angels walk
13. love untold
14. left of the dial

jill andrews “get up, get on” video

jill is half responsible for one of my favorite records ever, the everybodyfields’ nothing is okay, but this is really nothing like that record, but i’ll be damned if this isnt a damn fine piece of music. looking back im on the fence about her debut record, but this one, the war inside, is a totally different experience. definitely one of my favorites of the year. this video is brilliant in my drunken opinion.

ringo deathstarr “guilt”

Ringo Deathstarr new

evening. saw a buddy listening to ringo deathstarr’s god’s dream on spotify the other day, and i was bored so decided to listen to it. thought it was new cause spotify it said it 2015, but obviously that was when it was added to said service. it was released in 2013, i believe. either way, god’s dream is totally fucking awesome. if you like my bloody valentine, the smiths, etc, etc you’ll definitely dig this record. havent listened to their other stuff so cant vouch for it. they have a new record coming out in next month entitled pure mood.

buy god’s dream via their bandcamp page

off god’s dream

aaron lee tasjan “the trouble with drinkin”


holy crap this song is great, and from what i have heard from some of the rest of aaron’s new record in the blazes, everything sounds pretty fuckin spectacular. read more about said record here via no depression. the record came out 10.6 and you can pick it up via his bandcamp site.

los lobos “made to break your heart”


hey! los lobos has a new record out called gates of gold, but i havent heard it yet. i have this heard this song though, and its pretty great, just like everything they do. if there were a band that i wish more people were into it would be los lobos. they’ve been putting out fantastic records for more than 30 years, if my brain is doing math correctly. if i were to recommend one los lobos record to you, it would have to be kiko, which is one of my favorite records ever. its fucking brilliant. looking forward to checking this one out. xoxoxo

buy it via amazon or your local shop

justin kinkel-schuster (water liars) live in baton rouge sunday 9.27 – house show


hey gang! so justin from one of my favorite bands, water liars, is playing a house show this sunday night here in baton rouge. whose house? my house! if you are interested please send an email to believe show starts round 7ish. havent heard of em, dont matter, i guarantee you’ll dig em and what else you doing on a sunday night?

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roadside graves “gospel radio,” “clouds” & “body”

i’d be doing this fucking world a disservice if i didnt mention one of my favorite bands, roadside graves, have a new record out today entitled acne/ears. the reason they’re one of my faves is cause they keep putting out brilliant shit like acne/ears, a top 5 contender for sure. buy it via itunes, amazon or don giovanni records.