oink oink, baby

Posted by gregor on Sunday, August 26th, 2007

if you havent noticed, i am beginning to take donations for a breast cancer walk my mother is participating in in october. one of her dear friends, a woman i have always referred to as my aunt, was recently diagnosed with the disease and i guess you sometimes dont start caring wholeheartedly about a cause until it affects you directly. so, if you find an extra buck or two in your pocketbook….

anyone watching my boys on tbs? its actually kinda good. sure, there isnt anything revolutionary about it, but as far as half hour sitcoms go, its better than your average. i just happened to catch it a couple of times last weeks. thus, i didnt have any expectations going in which i suppose helps. it also doesnt hurt that jordana spiro is quite adorable.

if i were a betting man, and as it turns out i am, i would place many a dollar on that chin up chin up’s we should have never lived like we were skyscrapers has been my most listened to record of the past few years. i actually listen to it more now, which is at least a couple times a week, than when it was first released. the damn thing never seems to get old, and i am constantly finding new shit i hadnt heard before. truly the sign of a record destined to be a classic at least to these ears.

we should have never lived like we were skyscrapers

virginia, dont drown

this harness cant ride anything from the album of the same name

chin up chin up site

a minor rant coming in 3,2,1: in my mind the worst thing a publicist can do whilst drafting a press release for their latest and greatest is to lead with how fuckin crazy and snotty they are, how they cant handle their blessed pbr’s, or how they give the proverbial middle finger to the establishment. wow, how exciting and new! so, what you’re trying to say is that they are just like 80% of the bands out there with a collective age under 28? another case of the dreaded all style, no substance disease. here’s an idea dont try to blind and wow us with your creative writing prowess cause the hyperbole police live fairly close to me and i will call them. trust me! let the music do the talking which is really what freakin counts. luckily, for chicago’s mannequin men i didnt let the blather dissuade me. cause judging by these three tracks i must contend that they sound pretty great. if you dig the likes of television, wire, early replacements, maybe even fIREHOSE and bands of the like they are definitely worth checkin out.

their new record fresh rot is due out on 9.18 on flameshovel


dead kids


mannequin men site / myspace / flameshovel

i have never seen dylan live and up until a couple days ago i didnt think i wanted to at this stage of his game. yeah, i was pretty wrong with that line of thinking. cause this show from last week, 8.17, from melbourne is awesome. i am definitely going to try and catch him here in atlanta on the on 9.22. i am scared to check ticket prices, though. that may be the dealbreaker. thanks to the original taper, and i hope he feels better!

1. intro

2. leopard skin pill box hat

3. dont think twice

4. watching the river flow

5. just like a woman

6. rollin and tumblin

7. when the deal goes down

8. highway 61 revisited

9. blind willie mctell

10. my back pages

11. honest with me

12. spirit on the water

13. stuck inside of mobile with the memphis blues again

14. aint talkin

15. summer days

16. i believe in you

17. thunder on the mountain

18. all along the watch tower (1118)

8 Responses to oink oink, baby

  1. countrygrrl says:

    wow what a set, this is fantastic!!! thanks for posting…i am enjoying right now!!!

  2. will says:

    Go see him, his band is great and on a good night so is Dylan. You’ll regret never seeing him if you don’t.

  3. gregor says:

    yeah, i really should. tickets arent too bad 40 – 70 either – which is better than expected.

  4. […] Bob Dylan – Live in Melbourne (18/08/2007) […]

  5. Corey says:

    I saw Dylan back in november with an acoustic foo fighters opening up for him. and let me say, i was thoroughly dissapointed with his performance at this particular occasion. i was expecting so much more than simply a 12 song set with 75% of the set being new tunes. the two closers, all along the watchtower and like a rolling stone saved the show, but considering tickets were over 50$ each, it was really the foo fighters who made that show.

  6. incheonmary says:

    I saw Bob twice in Melbourne this year and he was bloody brilliant. On the first night he opened with ‘everybody must get stoned’ which i was. conseqently i couldn’t recall the songlist he’d played – though i had a fair idea and i knew it was all good. thanks for this – it’s tremendous and brings back spledind memories of a fabulous night out in smelbourne town.

  7. tony says:

    hey captain I’m trying to find a cut of bob dylan
    called”Tweeter & the Monkeyman”have you heard of this song or am I mistaken Ifyou know where I can download it Ithat would be great


  8. b says:

    this set is incredible! thank you. the sound quality is superb

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