modest mouse's tube fruit all smiles and chocolate

so i got an email yesterday re: this modest mouse record that was that was not only a cassette only release, but only 100 were made – it is to be believed. its a pretty interesting listen and like the young man, corey who came across it on 4chan says its very mangum-esque. you can read more about this at music birds and cereal. again, thanks to corey for bringing this to my attention. also, there’s a mediafire link on his site to grab em all.

1. an apology from dog to cat concerning a comment made earlier bout cats breath
2. tossing your weight
3. measure my sleep
4. bliss phone explanation
5. custard toothed alpha bet
6. racecar grin
7. the gravity involved in climbing
8. leaflets gabe
9. super saver day
10. thinking lead to suspicion
11. piggy tails buries….
12. go on out, come on, carry off
13. less thought than sleep
14. livin your life in two
15. the naive choking on a shallow line
16. uninvited
17. slave trade definition transfer
18. immigration office spelling bee
19. ignoring each other, together for it
20. my name on a letter in the mailbox
21. bulldozers on high
22. crow bar
23. novacain peppermint
24. candy blue
25. favorite horse at the tracks

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7 thoughts on “modest mouse's tube fruit all smiles and chocolate

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  2. evan says:

    ok here’s the low down on this tape. it was originally won on ebay by a member of the other original modest mouse demo tape entitled ‘uncle bunny’s faces’ was won by another modmouse member. both members collected donations from the forum promising that after the donations were collected they would distribute the tapes to the forum members. the tapes were won for yes, ~200. this was about 6 months ago, before i had joined the community. then a close friend of isaac’s popped up on the forum and told us not to distribute the tapes because they were embarrassing or something like that. however eventually i think he relented and allowed the buyer to distribute tube fruit to only the members of the forum. at this point many forum members were pissed because they had donated money and gotten nothing in return, and in the resulting crossfire the guy who had bought uncle bunny’s faces left, never to be seen again. but the guy who got tube fruit posted the tapes online. they circulated among forum members for a time and then went under. the conversation about the tapes may be archived, i’m not sure. now apparently it’s leaked. as i said, i was not present on the forum for the time that this whole argument was going on, but i joined after it was all done and got a copy of tube fruit earlier this year. i don’t know how it made it’s way to 4chan, i’d guess less than 100 people had it before.

    spread the word.

  3. terryfunku says:

    I purchased the cassette off of ebay for approximately $200 and these tracks are the product of my rip of the cassette. I did in fact receive $150 or so in donations after I had purchased the tape. I did return all the money though after a lot of negativity and badmouthing ran through the forum.

    I spoke with Isaac after the show he did in Knoxville last month. He autographed the Tube Fruit artwork/insert and told me the story of how the tapes were handmade by him. He said there were probably 50 or so made, but that there were not too many known to exist anymore. He has a copy of Tube Fruit himself.

    • gregor says:

      well, then thank you! why would ppl bad mouth you re: taking donations? shit, thats a lot of money to pay for something and if you shared it with everyone…. was this in the 4chan forum? again, thanks. how was the show?

  4. Daniel says:

    ive been looking online recently and it looks like uncle bunny faces’ is out OR SO I THOUGHT apparently the release under the name uncle bunny faces’ is a collection of live only tracks, compilation songs, and early dial a songs,m and other misc. demos (all of which I had previously heard).

    heres the fake track list

    South Of Heaven.mp3 7 Mb
    I Ain’t Playin’ No Tundra.mp3 6 Mb
    Reason (Dial-a-Song) and Blades Of Grass.mp3 6 Mb
    Blue Wave.mp3 4 Mb
    Humpin, Pumpkin.mp3 4 Mb
    I Say So- (Demo).mp3 2 Mb

  5. Daniel says:

    oh yeah and one possible UBF is on youtube

  6. Daniel says:



    its called As On, Vandetta and Problem

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