magnolia electric co. live in citrus heights, ca, 5.17.09

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

i posted this show originally in october of 2011, and i asked where was jason molina. i then read a post on the magnolia site that had confirmed what i had been hearing. at that point, i just assumed jason would come back to us. he would get over his sickness, and the world would be a better place for it. never in a million years did i think, or probably any one think it would end like this. honestly, im still very much upset over this, as i am sure a lot of folks are. his music meant the world to me, and spoke to me on levels that 99 percent of artists do not. heartbreaking, people. truly…

buy some of his stuff, all of which i cannot recommend enough.

1. love letter from the ace of spades
2. o! grace
3. leave the city
4. memphis moon
5. there will always be the west
6. shiloh
7. hard to love a man
8. little sad eyes
9. excitable boy
10. josephine
11. london bridge (656)

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  1. Dave says:

    Thanks for the repost.
    Regards, Dave.

  2. As Jason’s friend and guitar player in Songs: Ohia/Magnolia since 2002, thanks for the thoughts, and for reposting this. I remember this night being incredibly hot; I remember being sick and not being able to eat; and I remember that the show the night before had been obliterated by Jason’s drinking issues. We were all a little burnt out, and (at least I was) pretty mad at Jason, too. Often when he would let it get out of hand he would feel really, really bad, and the next show would be pretty great. I think we played like we were sad and angry on this occasion. I know I did. I’m very sad now. I miss my friend, and despite all of the help myself and all of his friends and family offered, he never quite made the decision to accept it fully. I will never forget him.

    • doubter says:

      thanks jason! i had the pleasure of meeting jason more than a few times in chicago, i lived there for 30 years, and he was always such a gracious guy and actually quite funny, which i would never had expected. maybe not funny in the typical sense, but i liked him. i couldnt imagine what you guys are going through right now, but i am sure it aint easy. either way, thanks to you too for the music and being a huge part in a lot of peoples lives for a long time! be well… greg aka captainsdead

  3. Daniel says:

    Nice to see your post Jason. I never got the chance to get to see you on a show, as I was introduced to your music about 2 years ago. There are no words that can describe the loss but at least I can say thank you for your great music and the light of hope that happens always to be there also in dark times. Take care and head’s up. Greetings from Spain.

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