jeff tweedy and jay bennett live at old towne school of folk music, 7.25.99

photo by jonathon pines

last night i got to watching i am trying to break your heart and got a little emotional over the awesomeness that wilco once was. ive said it before, that period or at least the period tween being there and yankee hotel foxtrot, i dont think there was a better band on the planet. there are a lot of wilco apologists at this point, and even though i may not be one of em, i still know they/he has the talent to bring it all back. anyway, this is one of my favorite wilco related things ever.

edit: links should be working now, sorry

1. intro
2. james alley blues
3. shes a jar
4. new madrid
5. blood of the lamb
6. down in the willow garden
7. auld triangle
8. another man’s done gone
9. hesitating beauty
10. via chicago
11. sugar baby
12. i got you
13. forget the flowers
14. im always in love
15. the lonely 1
16. summerteeth
17. pecan pie
18. true love will find you in the end
19. casino queen
20. encore break
21. california stars
22. hoodoo voodoo

22 thoughts on “jeff tweedy and jay bennett live at old towne school of folk music, 7.25.99”

  1. Can’t agree more. I happened to catch them in Cincy at this place called Ripley’s right after Being There came out. Def top 5 show, I went on to see them 30+ times after that up till just after YHF came out. Just can’t myself to listen to the new stuff. It is good, just not as good as that period.

  2. Track 18 doesn’t download…maybe because it’s mislabeled as an mp33

    (changing it in the save-as field doesn’t help)


  3. This is an amazing show (one of my favs), and I agree with you that Wilco with Jay made some of the best records of the time period.

  4. I thought i was the only one who found that the nels cline addition to be a complete sabotage of what i once loved about wilco!!!!

  5. I agree they may have been the best band (outside of viva l’american death ray music, you should really hear them if you haven’t already) at the time, I remember seeing them at the Horseshoe in Toronto just after AM came out. they were incredible fun energetic and no attitude whatsoever. i saw them same place ayear or so later just after Being There hit and they were great but seemed to have a bit of deer in headlights feel to them. I then saw them at Covocation Hall (an amazingly great venue at the Univ. of Toronto) i on the Yankee Foxtrot Hotel tour Neil Michael Haggerty opened a great double bill and a great concert. haven’t seen them since but it is my favorite period of Wilco. Can’t say I am pleased with the guitar wankers they replaced Jay Bennet with but I do think Sky Blue Sky is a lovely, melancholy album and the newest one is also a good record. Let’s face it when Vampire Weekend or the deadening Broken Social Scene are considered great anything Wilco does sounds good.

  6. oh good gravy – i was at this show – beautiful 80 degree day at the park right in the middle of san francisco – just jeff and jay working their magic as the sun went down. jay just kept switching instruments at will. don’t know that there were more than 100 people specifically there to see this show as steve earle was up next – i had come to see jeff and had to ask people who steve earle was (ah to be 21 again)

    thanks so much for this – always had wondered whether it survived and was recorded!

  7. *that should read ‘Chicago’ not ‘San Francisco’ where i live now – was too excited while listening!

  8. I just wanted to say thanks for posting this. I found other information about this show on two other blogs before yours and both of them had dead links to the tracks. So, thanks for keeping this music alive!

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