jackson browne live at the main point, bryn mawr, pa, 9.7.75

happy saturday evening, y’all. ive been out of commission the past few days. something hit me hard, not sure what it was, but man i was down for the count up until about midnight last night. still not feeling 100 percent but im at least at 90 percent or enough to have a beer or two. anyway, read the headline and thats what youre in for… until we speak again…

the entire show

1. come all ye fair and tender ladies
2. take it easy
3. your sweet and shiny eyes
4. long distance love
5. fountain of sorrow
6. jamaica say you will
7. mohammeds radio
8. fiddlin around
9. lindley intro
10. banjo/true arkansas traveler
11. david chat and intro
12. im so lonesome i could cry
13. chat and intros
14. reel of the hanged man
15. wmmr radio promo
16. for everyman
17. the times youve come
18. song for adam
19. cocaine
20. you asshole you
21. werewolves of london
22. late for sky
23. for a dancer
24. hasten down the wind
25. doctor my eyes
26. these days
27. before the deluge
28. do you wanna dance
29. sweet little sixteen
30. pipeline
31. your bright baby blues

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10 thoughts on “jackson browne live at the main point, bryn mawr, pa, 9.7.75

  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for always posting such great stuff.
    The links for tracks 18 & 23 are broken though.

  2. Neil says:

    The beer should put you back on the mend.

  3. Joe M. says:

    Thanks for this – had a rough day – and some live Jackson Browne really hit the spot. This JB is right up there with his WPRO show with Zevon.

    The Main Point had a good year in 1975 – the Springsteen show at The Main Point from February of that year is some of the most beautiful live music ever recorded – the opener for that show was an incendiary ‘Incident on 57th Street’ that is simply gorgeous.

    Thanks for posting all the great music over the years – your appreciated more than you’ll ever know.

  4. Neil says:

    Well said, Joe M.


  5. gregor says:

    thanks guys, much appreciated! truly… sometimes i feel like i am just talkin to myself, which i do anyway, but still its nice to hear. so thanks…

  6. Mike says:

    I just stumbled across your website. What an incredible find! Live Bruce and Jackson! It doesn’t get much better than that. I have spent the last few days listening to everything. There is a reason why Bruce and Jackson are still popular. Their music crosses the ages. My 15 and 17 year old daughters like both of them. It makes a dad happy knowing he is giving his girls at least a little “culture”. I look forward to returning to your site for more music. Thank you

  7. judy says:

    I have a bootleg vinyl lp from this show on multi colored vinyl..do you know anything about this lp? there is nothing on the label..thanks

  8. Joe says:

    I think there was a bar across the street where Jackson was having the beer after the show. Does anyone know if he did other shows there?

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