i'm too tired not to be with you

i admit it. i95 from dc to richmond broke me yesterday. what should have been maybe a two hour jaunt turned into a 6 hour nightmare. i, seriously, cant believe that there are that many people traveling that corridor. to those of you who travel it regularly, i applaud, but dont envy you. not one single fuckin bit.

other than that the vacation was a much needed respite from my everyday life – i guess thats what vacations are for. we ate a lot, drank a lot, fished a lot and shot the shit a lot. it was very relaxing to say the least. although, i could have taken a few more naps. i also kayaked for the first time. which was a helluva lot of fun. i can definitely see myself getting into it on a regular basis. we got to be very friendly with a black lab named dante as he would swim across our little channel, which was filled with jellyfish, to come visit us just about every day. while i am glad to be home, i am going to need another 2 week vacation to recuperate from my one week vacation. if you are feeling a bit voyeuristic here are some pics from said vacation.

am i the only one watching brett michael’s rock of love? i almost hate myself for actually finding michael’s quite likable. go sam and/or jes! fuck lacey!

i didnt open one email this past week. needless to say, i didnt get a chance to listen to anything new. so, here is some stuff i am remotely familiar with and/or at least sounded interesting.

firstly, here is the first song off of josh ritter’s upcoming the historical conquests of josh ritter, which is out on tuesday. historically, i have not been a fan of mr ritters work, but i am diggin this track quite a bit. so, we’ll see how this record fare’s in turning me into a fan.

to the dogs or whoever

he play at the variety in atlanta on 11.1

josh ritter site / myspace

here are a couple of remixes of the one am radio track’s by tourmates the lymbrc system. if you have not listened to the one am radio before i can highly recommend his most recent release, this too will pass and a name writ in water.

astrology days


lest i forget from this too will pass

in the time weve got

untied from a name writ in water

the one am radio site / myspace

i cant see anything good coming out of naming yourself after one of the most cinematic bad asses every created but i have been known to be wrong.

frayed at the edges from songs from the edge

dirty harry site / myspace

i found it hard to turn pash away after reading that they were described as “a dismemberment plan meets kelly clarkson type of pop.” they were also likened to one of my favorite 90’s bands, velocity girl. still even armed with this knowledge i have yet to actually listen to em, but i will.

abcd from the best gun

pash site / myspace

call me a pussy but when i heard of chris whitley’s death i got a little teary eyed. no other artist moved me the way chris did/does. no other artist could shake the foundations of my soul like chris could and most likely no other artist will again in such a way.

dirt floor with jeff lang circa 05

vertical dessert (acoustic) (ogg)

here he is playing in bremen on 9.19.98. its a damn near perfect collection of songs and a fuckin unreal recording. this shit right here is raw and real. he changed my life. hopefully he can do the same to at least one of you.

this is now here.

1. dirt floor

2. long way around

3. clear blue sky

4. power down

5. accordingly

6. model

7. ballpeen hammer

8. narcotic prayer

9. scrapyard lullaby

10. living with the law

11. phone call from leavenworth

12. from one island to another

13. new machine

14. big sky country

15. gasket

16. loco girl

17. poison girl

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2 thoughts on “i'm too tired not to be with you

  1. El Famous says:

    C’mon, brother…you know i’m tuned into Vh1 every Sunday for the Rock of Love. Don’t threaten me w/ a good time!

  2. gregor says:

    can you smell rock of love 2? this time featuring david coverdale?!

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