guided by voices’ bug house compilation

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

howdy, hi! not much today, other than this gbv comp which i posted a couple years back, but had a couple of requests for a repost. if i have something, i am always happy to oblige. its lily’s, my daughter, birthday today – she’s 5. so going to be getting into some serious birthday shit. well, as much shit as you can with a 5 year old. i originally got this from the gbv database, which is an unbelievable resource for hardcore or even passing gbv fans. this is just a snippet of the broadcaster house compilation compiled by robert gray and its entitled bug house. i dont think its still available there, or at least i didnt see it.

the entire she bangs – in case you dont get it, you can download the entire thing by clicking that link

1. cheesy promo
2. watch me jumpstart – p3 live broadcast from gota kallare – stockholm, sweden – september 3rd, 2002
3. bulldog skin – vpro acoustic session – amsterdam, holland – the netherlands – march or april 1997
4. steeple of knives – fwruw studio-a-rama simulcast from mather courtyard at case western reserve university – cleveland, oh – august 3rd, 2002
5. tractor rape chain – hbo reverb – recorded at the trocadero in philadelphia, pa – may 20th, 2001

6. some drinking implied
7. subspace biographies – 3pbs live broadcast from corner hotel in melbourne, australia – february 22nd, 2000
8. surgical focus – kcrw “the open road” acoustic session – santa monica, ca – august 1st, 1999
9. choking tara – kit kat acoustic break – quad recording – nyc, ny – september 27th, 1997
10. atom eyes – bbc radio 1 john peel session – london, england – june 18th, 1996
11. i am produced – wxpn 88.5 fm world cafe semi-acoustic session – august 21st, 1997
12. things i will keep – bbc radio 1 evening session – london, england – august 24th, 1999
13. hot freaks – “the banana tapes” – de melkweg, amsterdam – october 7th, 1997
14. jane of the waking universe – cbc radio sonic – vancouver, bc – october 17th, 1997
15. burning flag birthday suit – “the wedge” muchmusic toronto – october 27th, 1995
16. big school
17. dragons awake – bbc radio 1 john peel session – london, england – october 19th, 1999
18. delayed reaction brats – chrw 94.9 fm live broadcast from the embassy in london, on – october 26th, 1995
19. twilight camper – wxrv 92.5 fm “the river” – haverill, ma – may 1st, 2001
20. my impression now – kcrw “morning becomes eclectic” – santa monica, ca – june 23rd, 1997
21. songwriting
22. in stitches – wfmu acoustic session – jersey city, nj – july 31st, 1999
23. pop pops
24. your name is wild – kcrw “morning becomes eclectic” – santa monica, ca – may 13th, 1996
25. psychic pilot clocks out – recorded live during filming for appearance in the motion picture “dean quixote” at spaceland – silver lake, ca – november 18th, 1998
26. alone, stinking and unafraid – nate farley sessions – columbus, oh – june 26th, 2003 (1364)

6 Responses to guided by voices’ bug house compilation

  1. Can you put up the (2000) King’s Ransom – Happy Motherfuckers And Sad Clowns compilation again? I thought I had it all but realized I am missing half of that session.

  2. Phil says:

    this compilation is still up at GBVDB under MP3s, as is The Last Of The No-Hit Wonders show from 2001…

  3. myboyblue says:

    awesome…acoustic bulldog skin sounds great. Thanks Gregor.

  4. Dfactor Pop says:

    I listened again to this yesterday while on a massive exercise jaunt. Fantastic stuff. Should be commercially released!

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