current addiction: eminem “rap god” – video

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

the song is a hot mess, as is the video, but it’s freakin awesome. admittedly, i have been a fan since his first record. sure, not all of its great, but when he’s on, there arent many rappers better, imo. of course there is always a counterpoint to everything, and this 13 year old feels a bit differently than i do.


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  1. zDomk says:

    Little 13 year old dude is actually right. He doesn’t express himself well, but he is right. Marshall was either completely sober, or fucked up out of his gourd when he wrote that gibberish. That guy hasn’t been relevant since around 2000. Anyway, all I heard blah blah blah, rap god. Thanks for posting the kids video as well. It made me feel like I didn’t completely waste six minutes and nine seconds of my life.

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