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old smokey “dead man’s pose” & “leggy”

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014


howdy, gang. well so far this old smokey stuff is all kinds of awesome. old smokey is based out of athens and made up of ex-members, or at least have played with, vic chesnutt, the olivia tremor control, circulatory system, madeline, etc… not saying athens has a particular sound, cause they really dont, but they do have a vibe. that vibe, in this case, sounds like this would be a perfect sound track to (insert some activity, movie, etc) here. i havent heard the whole record, sadly, but it sounding like its all over the board musically, which i am completely down with. with that said, i need this whole thing in my life, pronto. oh, btw the name of the record is wester easter and is due out on 4.29 on cloud recordings.


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minos the saint “let me sleep” – video

Posted by gregor on Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

i have a few friends here and in new orleans that have raved about minos the saint, yet sadly even though they have played less than a mile away from my house, i have yet to see them live. not sure if from baton rouge, or new orleans, but it really doesnt matter, they are from louisiana. this particular performance was filmed in baton rouge, and we were hoping to get them for couch by couchwest but just didnt happen. if they would have submitted this, they would have won the entire festival. they have a record avail on bandcamp that i/we/you should probably check out.

minos the saint on facebook


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couch by couchwest 2014: a brief recap

Posted by gregor on Monday, March 17th, 2014

well, couch by couchwest 2014 is over. it was tons o’ fun, but also just like every year, frustrating as hell. hopefully, y’all had a chance to check out some of the submissions. if not, here are just a few of my favorites of the 350+ that were posted. i could have probably added about 20 more, but alas, i am a lazy fuck.

american aquarium “wolves” – a cxcw exclusive which was pretty awesome

rosanne cash and the thread “a feather’s not a bird” – yeah this was pretty awesome to get

cory call of arliss nancy and a brand new song called “andy dufresne” yes named after the shawshank character

kent goolsby “brilliant disguise” – springsteen cover

hallelujah the hills “you got fooled” an outtake from their upcoming record

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what im listening to right now: possessed by paul james’ there will be nights when im lonely

Posted by gregor on Friday, March 7th, 2014


i know im way late on this guy, and this guy being konrad wert aka possessed by paul james. had heard his name being tossed around last year, and much like a lot of shit in my life, it goes one ear and out the other. so, im just sitting here, beer in hand after what seemingly was the longest work week of my life, browsing spotify. not even sure how i happened upon him, but fuck me if i aint glad that i did. if i would have heard this last year, it most definitely would have been in my top ten. still cant go back in time, and im just enjoying it in the present, and damn this is scratching me everywhere i itch. if you like dobros, foot stomps, mandolins, acoustic geetars, violins, etc combined with brilliant lyrics and a voice that pours out emotions that cant be faked, saddle up to this record. you will not be disappointed. oh, and he’s a one man band, and from what i hear a teacher as his fulltime gig.


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bob mould “see a little light” live on letterman

Posted by gregor on Friday, March 7th, 2014


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pony boy “the devil in me” – video

Posted by gregor on Thursday, March 6th, 2014

gonna come right out and say it, i have a huge schoolboy crush on marchelle bradanini aka pony boy. dont judge me! i am only but a man. in all seriousness though, although i am serious about the other thing, she’s just about as good as it gets to my ears/eyes – the former being the most important of course. she’s got an incredibly gorgeous yet dangerous/sexy voice and writes great lyrics. put those both together, and there is no reason she isn’t ruling the world. its low-down dirty shame! she just released a new ep, the devil in me, yesterday, and while i have not heard it, everything she has put out i have loved. so im guessing that aint going to change now. she’s doing some sxsw shows so make sure you check her out if you happen to be in town.


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couch by couchwest is almost here….

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, March 5th, 2014


howdy gang. just wanted to let y’all know that couch by couchwest starts on sunday. if youre a musician and want to get in on this action, please check out the site for the submission details. ill just lay out a couple for the lazy: 1. the video must be exclusive to cxcw and not some video thats been up on youtube for two years 2. when the cutoff time is announced, please for the love of god dont bitch about missing the cutoff. there’s always next year. 3. film the video, upload it to youtube, make it private until you get an email to make it public and at that point it will be posted. so make sure you leave a good email so you can be contacted. if you have no idea what couch by couchwest is…. here are some of my favorite vids from last year. last year was pretty huge, so its not like its only getting a couple hundred people a day, its more like thousands and thousands a day.


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caleb caudle “stay on”

Posted by gregor on Friday, February 28th, 2014

Caleb Caudle – Stay On from Daniel McCord on Vimeo.

so…. hows everyone? me? oh thanks for asking, im doing just fine. went to see john moreland last night at mud and water here in baton rouge, of course he was amazing. if you havent seen him, what is yr problem? opening up the night was new orleanian caleb caudle, who i was very anxious to see. admittedly, i hadnt checked out any of his stuff before hand, but sources close to me said he was pretty damn great. guess what? yeah, this guy is the real deal. he mostly played stuff off his upcoming record, but it says a lot about the talent of an artist when you actually give a shit about songs you’ve never heard before. great lyrics, great voice, etc, etc… i was more than impressed. cannot wait to hear these songs on record. you can download his 2012 release tobacco town for a name your price deal via his bandcamp page. hes doing some touring with mr moreland so make sure to check out his site for dates.


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icejjfish “on the floor” – video

Posted by gregor on Friday, February 28th, 2014


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marissa nadler “was it a dream”

Posted by gregor on Thursday, February 27th, 2014


been tons of talk on the interwebs regarding marissa nadler’s latest release, july, and for good reason. the good reason being is its fucking awesome. its hauntingly gorgeous and actually quite sexy, if i may be so bold. there are a ton of reviews out there pretty much stating the same thing except with way more words and more intelligently. here are some, if you dont believe me – consequence of sound, american songwriter and we listen for you. definitely one of the best records i have heard this year.. buy it via amazon


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Captains Dead Blog

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      October 20, 2014

      oh glorious day! sleater kinney, one of my most favoritist bands ever, are putting out a new record – their first in ten years. shit, i cant believe its been that long since they called it a day. the record is called no cities to love and is coming out on sub pop on jan […]

    • ryan adams live at the roundhouse on 9.21.14
      October 19, 2014

      photo by julia brokaw – i think, taken from npr happy sunday, folks! so im sure y’all have listened to the new adams record. well, at least, some of you have. im still on the fence about the whole thing. some days, really dig, then others, not so much, but i didnt like the isbell […]

    • centro-matic on squidbillies – videos

      centro-matic will be performing the theme song on tonights episode of squidbillies at 11.45 on adult swim (211)

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