it came from the youtubes! buffalo tom/bill janovitz edition

morning… i could probably find a hundred videos to post here, but here are just a few that i dig. i wrote a brief “ode to” bill janovitz, i thought it was only a year or two ago, yeah not apparently it was in 2009?!?! fuck, im getting old.

i celebrate their entire catalogue, and thusly cannot recommend it enough. buy something via amazon or wherever you shop

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joe pug “if i still cant be found” – new song


man, i cannot wait for this, this being joe pug’s new record windfall which is due out on march 10. im as excited about this as i am about the new american aquarium… the great despiser, his last record, was one of my favorite records from 2012? actually i think burn.flicker.die just beat out the great despiser that year. i cannot recommend his entire catalogue enough…

still one of my favorite videos on the youtubes!

captains dead’s favorite videos of 2014

admittedly, i watch a lot of videos. i spend most of my work days watching whatever on youtube. i fluctuate between tech reviews and music related vids. when i say i spend a lot of time on youtube, i am not fucking around. i would gather at least 3-5 hours of my day are spent on said site. its pretty sad actually… i should be spending that time doing other shit, but alas, that is not the case.

i should mention that caleb’s “trade all the lights” is by far my favorite of the year. its an absolute gorgeous ode to new orleans, a city i both love and i hate. a sentiment i am sure most inhabitants share, but i may be wrong. either way, it kills me every time i watch it. although, hiss golden messenger’s “mahogany dread” is just as lovely and as a dude with a family, it tears at my old man heart strings. then there are the rest, all of which i dig or really dig for various reasons.

captains dead’s favorite records of the year, part 1 of 3


today, im just doing my favorite record of the year, and it really should come as no surprise to anyone. that may be assuming way too much, but i have talked about this record a lot whether it be here, twitter, facebook, etc… i love this record as if it was my own stepchild. admittedly, my first go around with have you ever done something evil as not all what i expected. i wanted to be blown away, but i was left a little flat. maybe it was my mood, my expectations, my soberness or too much beer? who the hell knows? this was my problem, not theirs, though. i wrote a drunken ramblings piece on it back in may which pretty much sums everything up, in a absolutely incoherent way. feel free to read that or dont, it dont matter. what does matter is that this is the finest record i have heard this year, last year, and maybe the last 5 years? its pretty much as close to perfect as any band/artist could ever hope to get.

oh, so im going to finish up top twenty in two more posts probably later this week.

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hail mary mallon – bestiary (album stream)

i dont listen to too much new hip hop, but when i do aesop rock usually has a hand in it, somehow. hail mary mallon is aesop and rob sonic and dj big wiz. this record is hot as fuck! prob the best hip hop record ive heard well probably since the last aesop record. i would be lying if i didnt find myself zoning out to watching whoever play donkey kong. check rhymesayers for all the details.

the persian leaps “firestarter” and “pretty boy” – video


well hold up here! hold up a god damn second! st paul’s the persian leaps are killing my little brain this morning, or by the time i finish these possibly 6-10 sentences it will be afternoon, cause thats how long it takes me to do stuff. either way, they got a new ep out entitled drive drive delay and this thing is freaking awesome! c’mon the first song “firestarter” sounds like something gbv would have put out during the propeller-era. shit the entire thing is pure fuzzy pop greatness. my only complaint is its over way too quickly, i need, and demand more! they do have two other releases that i shall be checking out asap, and i recommend you do the same. srsly if you dig teenage fanclub, gbv, the smiths, 90’s fuzz pop, etc you shall love these guys. def the best ep ive heard this year. btw, they’re playing some shows around minny make sure you check em out.

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