centro-matic "only in my double mind" video

hello! here be a new song/video from centro-matic’s forthcoming candidate waltz which is due out on 6.21 and can be pre-ordered here. at this point in the year, theres a very very tight race for my favorite record of the year, this is one of em, the other two, isbell’s here we rest and roadside graves’ we can take care of ourselves. first listen through though kinda threw me for a loop cause its kinda different than any other centro-matic record, at least to these ears. after a couple more listens though, the genius comes through.

jill andrews "sinking ship" for live & breathing

Jill Andrews – Sinking Ship from Live & Breathing on Vimeo.

this here performance was taped by the folks at live and breathing, a site i had never heard of before up until about an hour ago, but they got a shit load of what seem to be awesome live sessions. this track is from jill”s upcoming release, the mirror, which is due out on 6.7. i was hoping to have a copy of it by now, but was never sent. (sad face, drags branch)

two new songs from willy vlautin (richmond fontaine)

hey howdy hi! those first two tracks or actual videos, are from the forthcoming richmond fontaine record, the high country which is due out shortly, i believe. i def know the first one is cause its called “let me dream of the high country” and the second one entitled, “meet me on the logging road” doesnt sound familiar to me, so i can only assume. much thanks to sandy from slowcoustic for bringing this to my attention. if you click that link up a yonder you can download a free richmond fontaine show via their bandcamp site.

william elliott whitmore: legalize freedom

happy sunday morning peoples! one record that cant come quick enough is william elliott whitmore’s field songs which is being released by anti on july 12. its the follow up to one of my fave records of 09, animals in the dark. you can read more about the man/release via anti’s site, here. here be the first single from field songs and below that is a demo tape that goes by the name of legalize freedom. buy some whitmore records via amazon

William Elliott Whitmore – Everything Gets Gone by antirecords

1. old 49
2. trespassers will be eaten
3. forgive me
4. diamond in my pocket
5. lonely walk
6. run johnny run
7. shotgun
8. what u do
9. oh susanna
10. one glass at a time
11. evening

“who stole the soul” off animals in the dark

“dry” off song of the blackbird