eliza gilkyson “the beauty way” demo


a friend of mine put this on a mix cd many many moons ago and have been addicted ever since. i am going to admit that other than this song, i have never really listened to any of eliza’s stuff. i do know that i dont like the album version of this song nearly as much as this version. the recorded version is good, but too polished. i still hold this song close to my blackening heart.


jill andrews “get up, get on” video

jill is half responsible for one of my favorite records ever, the everybodyfields’ nothing is okay, but this is really nothing like that record, but i’ll be damned if this isnt a damn fine piece of music. looking back im on the fence about her debut record, but this one, the war inside, is a totally different experience. definitely one of my favorites of the year. this video is brilliant in my drunken opinion.

i’m your pusher: the everybodyfields


i may say a lot of records are “great,” and thats no lie. i rarely say a record is a “masterpiece.” in fact i probably can say that for only about a dozen or so records. the everybodyfields 2007 release, nothing is okay, is a masterpiece. its probably the most gorgeous and heartbreaking record i have ever listened to. you wanna hear two ppl breaking up on record, listen to this record. even if you dont care about that shit, just listen to it cause its absolutely lovely. its probably my most listened to record from past ten years, and without a doubt my favorite record since i started this here site, which is yeah about ten years. please for all that is holy listen to this record.

hallelujah the hills “we are what we say we are” – video

Hallelujah The Hills – We Are What We Say We Are [Official Video] from Ryan Walsh on Vimeo.

sup, peoples? here be a new video off my favorite record of 2014, hallelujah the hills’ have you ever done something evil? read more about the video here, and buy their stuff here.

jason isbell “24 frames” – lyric video

top of the day. if you havent pre-ordered jason’s most excellent new record, something more than free, clicky here to do so. the video was directed by joey kneiser of glossary and also features a young bingham barnes also of glossary. btw, if you have never listened to glossary, which shame on you if you havent, you can still download the better angels of our nature, joey’s solo record as well as kelly’s, all for free. do it!

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josh rouse “some days im golden all night”


many moons ago, josh rouse was an artist i was hugely excited about. i loved his first 4 records, mostly, although dressed up like nebraska and 1972 were my favorites, then something happened. he moved to spain, and i subsequently stopped caring. its been many years, and maybe i would like those records now, but at the time, hated em. he’s got a new record out entitled the embers of times, i must say, its everything i loved about josh over those first 4 records. i would even go out on a limb and say its probably his best record since his debut, dressed up like nebraska. definitely at least a top 20 record for 2015.

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the mountain goats “the legend of chavo guerrero” – video

ive been a mountain goats fan for as long as i can remember, which is saying a long time. their new record, beat the champ, is one of my absolute favorite records of the year. i know they/him can be a bit hard to swallow, but give it a chance why dont ya? what else you have going on? if youre anything like me, not much.

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this happens to be my favorite song off the record…

john moreland – cherokee – video

howdy! long time no talk! anyway, mr moreland has a new record coming out very shortly, 4.21, entitled “high on tulsa heat.” got it yesterday, and have listened to it numerous times. as you can imagine, its pure gold. joey kneiser of glossary fame directed the video and there’s also a cameo by bingham barnes, also of glossary. lord what i wouldnt do for a new glossary record right now. btw, npr premiered this earlier today, read more about it here.