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rem christmas record – fanclub only

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, November 18th, 2009


i’m not exactly sure where this year has gone, but im not too amused that thanksgiving is next week. i dont about the rest of you, but this year has really been a big blur for me. from getting settled in in new orleans, to my wife now working fulltime, to raising these god damn kids, to everything else life has thrown at me, its been the best of times, and well the worst of times. worst is a bit of overstatement but still there have been a few days….

still dont have the most awesome of info on this, but maybe a rem aficionado can chime in and fill me/us in on exactly this was released. this being a rem christmas record that was for fanclub members only.

you can have it all

1. parade of the wooden soldier
2. see no evil
3. good king wenceslas
4. academy fight song
5. ghost reindeer in the sky
6. summertime
7. baby, baby
8. christmas griping
9. where’s captain kirk
10. toyland
11. silver bells
12. christmas time is here
13. sex bomb
14. christmas in tunisia
15. wicked game
16. java
17. only in america
18. i will survive
19. ghostriders in the sky
20. have you ever seen the rain
21. ghost riders
22. dark globe
23. ghost riders in the sky (live)
24. funtime

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star wars uncut, the trailer

Posted by gregor on Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Star Wars: Uncut Trailer from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

visit star wars: uncut for more info (19)

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the promise ring's nothing feels good – revisited

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, October 20th, 2009


at the time of the release of the promise ring’s nothing feels good i was 23, and it was 1997. it doesnt seem like it would be a therapeutic type of listen, but for 23 year old me, it was a godsend. during the years of 94-97, i was a mess. i was fun – i think, but kind of an asshole. i was filled with pent-up frustrations, mounting disappointments and dealing with a whole bunch of other shit you go through as you’re trying to make you’re way through the world. to make matters worse i was on the back-end, and im not to ashamed to admit, of not getting laid for about 13 months. admittedly, i didnt really try, and just assumed that when i went out at night that the ladies would just line up accordingly. as it turns out, and you could’ve guessed it, that wasnt the case. looking back, it was for the better that i didnt go out actually seeking to get laid, cause that would have only added to my list of shit i wasnt prepared to deal with. still, it would have been nice. so, here you have a 23 year old dealing with some shit who hasnt been laid in over a year, its a recipe for a mini-disaster. disasters were relatively avoided but god damn did i piss some people off during that time. luckily, i had surrounded myself with some decent folk and they were kind enough to deal with such shenanigans or at least accept that i was going to fuck up.

anyway, here comes nothing feels good strolling into my life sometime in the fall of 1997. i was a pretty huge cap n’ jazz fan, so i can only assume thats how i found the promise ring. when i say huge, i mean as huge as one person can be after one mere release. i wish i could remember where i bought it, not that it would add anything to the story. actually, i was living in the gold coast at the time and definitely bought it at the record store that was on division and state – which is gone now it appears, and i cant remember the name. anyone know the place im talking bout? regardless, of where i bought it, i remember getting back to my studio apt @ 1010 n dearborn and throwing it onto my “hi-fi.” “is this thing on” i dont know what its about but i made it my own, and really thats one of the beautiful things about music, but i dont need to get into you with that if you’ve made it this far with me. in fact, every track on nothing feels good was written just for me, which at the time was the most awesomest of feelings. even the minute and some seconds “how nothing feels” hit me, hard with its underlying white noise, sparse piano plucking and faint acoustic strumming it was the perfect interlude to the onslaught of emotions that were rushing over me. the second half of the record, didnt let up and finished with, what i still feel, today, is the greatest closer to a record that i have ever heard, “forget me.” one part of that song that still gets me to this day is the last 30 seconds when everything comes to a head and the lingering organ signals the records end.

listening to it now doesn’t nearly bring out the emotions it once did, but at 35 how could i expect it? still, every time i listen to it, which is often, i get a little reminiscent about those days and records would affect me as this did.

buy it here

why did ever we meet?
forget me (51)

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what i'm listening to right now: the louvin brothers' tragic songs of life

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Louvin_Tragic songs of love

up until a day ago, the louvin brothers were merely a horrible, yet comical album cover – exhibit a. since clicking the play button on foobar and tragic songs of life started playing, ive learned that the louvin brothers were two brothers by the name of ira and charlie loudermilk, and that “their songs were heavily influenced by their baptist faith and warned against sin. ira louvin was notorious for his drinking and short temper. married four times, his third wife shot him three times in the back after he tried to strangle her. when performing and drinking, ira would sometimes become angry enough on stage to smash his mandolin; otherwise his style was heavily influenced by bill monroe. he died on june 20, 1965 when a drunken driver struck his car in williamsburg, missouri. at the time, a warrant for ira’s arrest had been issued on a dui charge. charlie pursued a solo career and lives in Manchester, Tennessee. they are cousins to john d. loudermilk, a nashville songwriters hall of fame member.” that was all taken from their wiki page, btw.

honestly, i feel kinda like a dumbshit. i may not know about whats going on now-a-days musically, but i kind of pride myself in having a pretty good knowledge of musical history, at least in some genres. or at very least, i am familiar with influences of artists that i hold dear. the louvin brothers just flew under my radar, sadly. after listening to this, you can hear their influence in everyone ranging from the flying burrito brothers to the byrds to uncle tupelo to ryan adams to will oldham to the jayhawks to the scud mountain boys to just about any artist that has plucked and harmonized their way to a record deal.

buy tragic songs of life here

in the pines
katie dear (29)

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sunny day real estate live on fallon

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

you’ve probably seen it already, but just by chance you havent…. edit: the youtube vid got deleted. so just jump to the last spacer to just watch their performance that is unless you really feel like knowing more about jude law. (25)

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alice in chains' heroin

Posted by gregor on Monday, September 28th, 2009


the more i think about it, i may have posted portions of this before, but im too lazy to look. i know i posted some alice in chains demos before, but it was a long ass time ago. it was before i used the tagging system, which i have been using for a few years now. btw, dont know if you knew this or not, and it maybe helpful to some, but you can go directly to tags w/o searching. say your looking for posts about guided by voices, just go to your address bar and type make sure you put the tag in there and then whatever it is you are looking for, but also make sure to add dashes if its longer than one word. got it? awesome! here is the alice in chains bootleg, heroin, which is a collection of demos and live tracks. see below for a breakdown on the tracklisting…

1-12 publisher demos seattle, wa april-june, 1989
14-15 mtv drops the ball december 31, 1992
16-19 canada 1992
20 osaka, japan february 23, 1994

1. suffragette city
2. bleed the freak
3. social parasite
4. we die young
5. chemical addiction
6. sunshine
7. the king of the kats
8. the real thing
9. killing yourself
10. sea of sorrow
11. i cant remember
12. queen of the rodeo
13. empty
14. would
15. angry chair
16. dam that river
17. them bones
18. junkhead
19. rooster
20. nutshell (39)

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sorry ma, forgot to let out the cat – a replacements comp

Posted by gregor on Friday, September 18th, 2009


top of the morning! found this very interesting comp while aimlessly wandering the internets yesterday. it was put out in 1995 as a way to raise cash money for the athens area humane society and features all local bands covering, you guessed it, the replacements. most of this stuff is really good and definitely worth the listen/download.

1. hayrideheyday
2. swing – alex chilton
3. the martians – when it began
4. vaudevilleandrogynous
5. the stonesouls – mr whirly/cant hardly wait
6. five minute major – shiftless when idle
7. the germans – seen your video
8. addison bluethe ledge
9. napoleon dynamite – if only you were lonely
10. baby fishmouthkids dont follow
11. the wogglestommy gets his tonsils out
12. harvey milkdont ask why
13. the earthworms – iou
14. the labrea stompers – i will dare
15. a mercy union – unsatisfied
16. five eight – answering machine
17. lenny – darlin one (51)

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music to the price is right

Posted by gregor on Monday, August 31st, 2009

Bob Barker

im not a smart man, this has already been established, but what i lack in what one could call general intellect i make up for it in general bullshit knowledge. you know the kind smarts that wont make me any money, ever. sure, out at a bar i can impress some 22 year old co-ed with my knowledge of saved by the bell, the latest and juiciest celebrity gossip, really lame bar tricks and a host of other useless knowledge, but again all that nonsense doesnt do me any good. i do hold one particular bit of knowledge that could do me some good, but first i would have to travel to los angeles, then get tickets to the price is right and then get chosen to “come on down” cause i do have an uncanny ability to randomly know how much stuff costs or at least have an idea. im not gonna say that a 15 piece all-clad stainless steel set costs $500 bucks when its closer to $1500 like some of these fools that get chosen. this has been a gift that has graced/burdened me since i was a wee lad. we all have our crosses we must bare, i know. why am i mentioning all of this? well i happened to stumble upon a fairly comprehensive collection of price is right music/sound effects. my favorite of which, and it has been cracking me up for a few days, is the “losing horns.” taking the music out of the context of the show is slightly strange and unnerving.

1. amen brother herbert
2. bhen
3. brioche
4. car music (’72)
5. car music (current)
6. come on down (’75)
7. deja vu
8. dig we must
9. eric
10. jive walk
11. losing horns
12. main theme
13. phaser
14. ralph
15. robert
16. rye bread 2
17. sam
18. second thoughts
19. showcase 1
20. showcase 2
21. splendido
22. spring waltz
23. starcrossed
24. tachlen
25. the bean stalker
26. the big banana
27. the cats (64)

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eliza gilkyson's beauty way

Posted by gregor on Thursday, August 20th, 2009


every 6 months or so i get addicted to this song, and right now my addiction is in full swing. the song in question is eliza gilkyson’s “beauty way” but not the version that can be found on her hardtimes in babylon, but a demo that was given to me on a mix cd a few years back – thanks tallulah! the album version pales in comparison to the raw emotion that is found on this version. the released track is much too slick and produced and takes away from overall sense and feeling of desperation.

the beauty way (34)

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wu-tang: the demos

Posted by gregor on Thursday, July 30th, 2009


sup, fools? this morning is a lovely collection of wu-tang demos that really aren’t all that lovely, in fact they are kinda rough, but they are demos. we’ll see ya a little later today…

1. enter the wu-tang
2. wu-tang master
3. cuttin headz
4. problemz
5. its all about me
6. after the laughter
7. bring da ruckus
8. the wu comin thru (31)

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Captains Dead Blog

    • oasis acoustic compilation
      April 16, 2014

      oh happy day, peoples! what we got here is an oasis acoustic compilation. for some reason have found myself listening to the first few oasis records the past few days, and figured i would post this. there is more to this compilation but those tracks have been removed cause they were commercially released. track info […]

    • centro-matic “salty disciple”
      April 15, 2014

      y’all know i think centro-matic is pretty much the greatest band on the planet, so i wont get into too much. this here song is off their upcoming record take pride in your long odds which is due out on 6.3… that is all for now. love this, if you couldnt probably have guessed. centro-matic […]

    • strand of oaks “goshen ’97″ – official video

      my man timothy showalter and his strand of oaks is back, and ive missed him so… he’s signed with dead oceans and his new record, heal, is due out 6.24. if you arent familiar with tim/strand of oaks, i cannot speak more highly of his work and in fact all three of his previous record, […]

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