so long, goodbye, be well, i love you

hey gang! i am going to keep this short, sweet and to the point. this whole site is selfish, but lets be honest most sites that are run by normal joes/janes are selfish as shit. this is not a bad thing at all, cause we all want to push the music we love and want people to hear. i honestly, dont know where i am going with this, but i am going to try. i started this site almost 10 years ago. we moved to atlanta, my son mac was born, and needed an outlet. i was no longer seeing shows on a weekly basis, and needed a connection to the outside musical world. i never, ever thought it would grow into anything other than some jackass, me, talking stupidly about music. if you have spent any time here, you know i can barely string two cohesive sentences together that make sense. still, it found a little niche in the music blog-o-sphere. i would like to think i was part of the music blogger crew that started it all. sure, there were folks before me, and maybe i am thinking to highly of myself, but whatever. in all reality none of that shit matters, the blog-o-sphere really matters. what matters is that i met, made friends with folks that i would never have imagined doing so. those friendships are what really matter to me, honestly. sure 99% are online friends but a lot of those folks, including a lot of you who were there for me during shitty times. i only hope that my musical postings helped at least 1% of people cause otherwise this all would have been for naught.

those who have donated in the past, i cannot, i repeat cannot, express my deepest gratitude. even if you never donated, but made comment that meant the world to me, you dont even know. i really dont know what to say, at this point, cause im getting a little bit teary eyed. if you know anything about me, you will know that i am a complete sap. thank you all, so so so so much, i love you all. well, at least most of you. goodnight folks, i wish you all nothing but the best. this will all go dark in two weeks, so grab what you can now.

xoxoxoxoxo me

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smug brothers “meet a changing world”


i love smug brothers even though i havent written about them as much as i should have. i apologize for that. they have a new record out woodpecker paradise and its phenomenal. they’re from dayton, ohio, don trasher is in the band – ex-gbv, but kyle melton wrote all the songs. see where i am going with this? just listen to the damn song, enjoy, and buy their records. they got a bunch, but i would say this is their best one so far. definitely top 15 record status.

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drunken ramblings: american aquarium’s wolves


i have never been a road weary musician longing for the comfort of my own bed, familiar surroundings and having a constant support system of family and friends. only part of that is true, i have never been a road weary musician. i moved away from my home twelve years ago, leaving behind comfort, family, friends and a place i called home. on the surface there may not seem much of a correlation tween say the men of american aquarium and myself, but they have lived life, and i so have i. we have taken roads, we have made decisions, some or maybe a lot regrettable, some i/they wouldnt take back the world. since my days of leaving home, i have grown, had kids, started paying bills on time, etc… there’s only so long you can go acting like an asshole before it catches up to you. take a listen to wolves, and the themes are the same. although mine are much much less sexy….

if burn.flicker.die was supposed to be american aquariums swan song, then wolves is the sound of band taking that swan out back, fucking it up royally, and burying it in the ground. wolves is about growing up, but not giving in to what is maybe expected of you. i have no idea where im going with all of this, but wolves is their masterpiece. not taking anything away from their other records, but this is their “thinking mans” record, whatever the fuck that means? they’ve replaced anthems, with introspective songs about what life is really all about. “family problems” right down there, is probably the best song they’ve put to tape. those freakin horns, love em! and then the wilco-esque white noise lead out, i mean c’mon! in all seriousness, record is incredible, recommend even if you have never liked an american aquarium record before, for some fucking reason.

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rick valentin (poster children) “new day”

photo by gilman chatsworth

top of the saturday to you all! one of my favorite bands in my 20s was the poster children and their brand of high energy power pop mixed with a whole bunch of other styles. admittedly, its been a few years since i popped a poster kids record into my ear drums, but look back on them very very fondly. maybe, the release of rick’s moniker thoughts detecting machines release work the circuits, due out on march 16, will jumpstart getting back into em? definitely looking forward to giving this a spin. if you’ve never checked out the poster kids, and use spotify, theres a few of my favorite records down there or pick something up via amazon

joe pug “if i still cant be found” – new song


man, i cannot wait for this, this being joe pug’s new record windfall which is due out on march 10. im as excited about this as i am about the new american aquarium… the great despiser, his last record, was one of my favorite records from 2012? actually i think burn.flicker.die just beat out the great despiser that year. i cannot recommend his entire catalogue enough…

still one of my favorite videos on the youtubes!

dr. john live at ultrasonic studios, 11.6.73

top of the saturday to all you jerkballs! hope everyone is enjoying their day. i, on the other hand, am laying on the couch debating on whether having a beer or two will help cure this goddamn hangover im currently cursing! office xmas party aftermath. until later… i had a request for a repost of this.

here is lovely recording of a fm broadcast of dr john performing from ultrasonic studios in hempstead, new york on 11.6.73.

1. loup garou
2. walk on gilded splinters
3. danse kalinda da boom
4. stagger lee
5. hard judgment
6. traveling mood
7. life
8. put a little love in your heart
9. tipitina
10. mess around
11. interview Continue reading “dr. john live at ultrasonic studios, 11.6.73”

captains dead’s favorite records of 2014, 2-10, part 2 of 3

2. hiss golden messenger – lateness of dancers

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3. strand of oaks – heal

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4. sturgill simpsonmetamodern sounds in country music

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5. anders parker – theres a bluebird in my heart

buy anders stuff via amazon and varnaline stuff via amazon or via his site, i think he has a sale going on right now

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6. centro-matictake pride in your long odds

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7. caleb caudle – paint another layer on my heart

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8. hail mary mallon – bestiary

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9. fire mountain – all dies down

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10. michael rank and stag – deadstock

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centro-matic “after all this time” – new song


well, the end is near, dear people. good night, good luck and godspeed my friends, centro-matic, one of the greatest bands to ever grace this planet. if youre lucky to see them on their farewell tour, i am jealous, but i dont need to hear about it, cause im a dick.